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Protect your home and family from offensive content in movies and shows. VidAngel lets you filter profanity, nudity, violence, and more. Have you ever sat down to watch a show, only for an unexpected sex scene or barrage of foul language to send you scrambling for the remote control? Over a million people have used VidAngel to skip the stuff they don’t want to see or hear in thousands of streaming movies and TV shows. With VidAngel, you set customizable filters for content such as profanity, blasphemy, nudity, adult content, graphic violence and more, putting you in complete control of the entertainment in your home. How does VidAngel work? • Sign up for a VidAngel account. We offer monthly subscriptions and you can cancel at any time. • Connect your existing streaming services–VidAngel works with Netflix®, Prime Video®, Apple TV+® and a number of Amazon® premium channels, including Paramount+®, STARZ®, AMC+®, Showtime®, PBS Masterpiece® and Britbox®. • VidAngel also offers a ton of original content from Angel Studios, including The Chosen and Dry Bar Comedy, all included with your VidAngel subscription. • Set default filters for the stuff you never want to see or hear. You can also fine tune your filters each time you watch. • Pop some popcorn. • Hit play and enjoy the show on your iOS device, without the stuff that used to make you squirm. Start binging with less cringing today, with VidAngel.


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Crashes every few minutes

This app is useless. It only stays open for about a minute or 2 max and then it just closes.
By . . . . .... . . .

Glitchy and lacking basic features

It’s very glitchy at times. I don’t like that I have to have Paramount + through Amazon Prime in order for it to work. I also think closed captions should be available within the VidAngel interface. It’s very promising service but still needs a lot of work.
By chichonsalsa

Awesome Service… with some improvements needed

This service has allowed us to get so much more out of our streaming services. Works great. Could use some small improvements with UI, settings, and video quality, but they are small complaints. I recommend to everyone.
By Rtone 55

Prime Video

I cancelled your app today. Virtually impossible to solve the technical issues with linking Prime video with VidAngel. Too bad, great idea.
By covohuhuhm


What good is a service if you can’t use it? I can’t use it on my Roku anymore. Can’t install it on my Smart TV. Can’t connect it to any app that has my purchased digital movies (we own some movies that we would love to filter for our kids and their friends movie nights). Love the concept, but I had to cancel the service. I’m not paying a monthly subscription for something completely unusable.
By TD8071


I am a Christian living in the U.S. and it seems TV and movies contain more profanity, nudity, sex and gore now. I do believe this influences society. I love watching TV and movies but the bad stuff hurts my soul. I stumbled upon this app just looking for a profanity filter. I was able to use airplay from my iPhone to my Roku connected to my TV. It worked great. I wish there was a bit more content but I’m thankful that it has options from Netflix and AppleTV (I don’t subscribe to Amazon or AMC).
By zrbv9876

9.99 a month plus your tv provider subscription

9.99 a month apart from the tv subscription that you pay for. Not free as they say in ads
By Talí

I want my money back

It doesn’t work
By Crae123

My favorite purchase

I just can’t say enough good things about this app. My husband and I are huge Chris Pratt fans but couldn’t watch “The Terminal List” because of all the language. Vidangel made it possible! All of the good storyline and none of the shmuck. There have been countless stories I’ve been able to participate in since then that wouldn’t have been possible without this app. It integrates seamlessly with Amazon Prime and Netflix.
By IcannotFindANameThatsNotTaken

Doesn’t work

App doesn’t work. I can’t even use the subscription because the app won’t let me login to my Amazon prime account so that I can stream the movie! It keep saying “success” and then brings me right back to the Amazon prime login. Great idea but the money is a waste because it doesn’t work.
By Abadillo Tribe

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