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Protect your home and family from offensive content in movies and shows. VidAngel lets you filter profanity, nudity, violence, and more. Have you ever sat down to watch a show, only for an unexpected sex scene or barrage of foul language to send you scrambling for the remote control? Over a million people have used VidAngel to skip the stuff they don’t want to see or hear in thousands of streaming movies and TV shows. With VidAngel, you set customizable filters for content such as profanity, blasphemy, nudity, adult content, graphic violence and more, putting you in complete control of the entertainment in your home. How does VidAngel work? • Sign up for a VidAngel account. We offer monthly subscriptions and you can cancel at any time (see our subscription and other end-user terms of service at • Connect your existing streaming services–VidAngel works with Netflix®, Prime Video®, Apple TV+® and a number of Amazon® premium channels, including Paramount+®, STARZ®, AMC+®, Showtime®, PBS Masterpiece® and Britbox®. • VidAngel also offers a ton of original content from Angel Studios, including The Chosen and Dry Bar Comedy, all included with your VidAngel subscription. • Set default filters for the stuff you never want to see or hear. You can also fine tune your filters each time you watch. • Pop some popcorn. • Hit play and enjoy the show on your iOS device, without the stuff that used to make you squirm. Start binging with less cringing today, with VidAngel.


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Last update ruins casting with Airplay

With most recent update, the Vidangel app has to be running in the foreground with the screen ON AT ALL TIMES, or Airplay will disconnect. This is not an issue if Airplay casting from any other source to the TV, and the Vidangel app clearly just updated—the fonts and icons have changed. It’s pretty obvious that something was altered in the way the app communicates with Airplay. This change in functionality is a complete bummer. I can no longer use my phone for anything else while casting, and it’s overheating because the screen has to stay on. I don’t know why they messed with something that was working well.
By hunterjen

Subtitles suddenly don’t work

Latest update broke subtitles. Every update makes this app worse.
By wouda thought that

Would be great if worked

Works great when it actually plays a show or movie but it is very hard to justify paying when your app is in this terrible of a working condition
By coty1233

Very buggy - years old problems

This app doesn’t work at all. I cannot understand how VidAngel still hasn’t sorted out user experience issues that are long-standing. This will be the third time I’m cancelling.
By BigShift17!

Wanted to love it

It seemed like every show or movie my husband and I wanted to watch was R rated so when I heard about this app I was so excited to try it. After many attempts to use it however I was so frustrated that I cancelled my subscription. It would play two soundtracks at the same time, and there was no way to end it without closing down the app. Casting to my Samsung TV was little wonky but I managed to get one show on there but again there is no way to stop it. I could stop the video but the sound kept running, even if I tried to watch something else. I hope they will fix all their glitches soon and let me know so I can try again.
By SC foxfan

Very Glitchy!

The idea and filters are AWESOME, but the app is very glitchy. It will continue to play the sound of the movie outside of the app but does not support PIP. When you go back into the app and restart the movie, the sound that was still playing in the background will play alongside the current audio of where you initially had left off on the movie when you left the app. I’d love to give this a 5-star review but the app has many bugs!
By Andrew Miner

Love hate relationship.

We love the editing power to watch some great movie. What I hate is the difficultly it is to stream. If you could work that out it would definitely be 5 star rating 👍🏼
By cpcoco1

No tech support

Wouldn’t work with an Amazon movie I purchased and the tech bot couldn’t help, they scheduled a tech support call for 4pm the next day, never called.
By jpatchouls

No Roku App

The app just became useless. Since there’s no Roku app I have to stream to the tv through this app. After the last update you can’t do anything else on your phone while it’s streaming. If you get a call, kicked out of the video and it’ll start over when you go back in. Terrible. Canceled my account.
By GMoyes

Very thankful for this app BUT

The latest update is AWFUL! I have used VidAngel for years.. truly grateful for it BUT in streaming it from my phone to Apple TV ITS TERRIBLE NOW. You can’t do anything else on your phone while it’s playing, phone can’t even go in sleep mode. Please fix this.
By gailmin

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