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Chefs, culinary schools, restaurants, home cooks, and foodservice companies have trusted the MasterCook products for over 27 years. Let MasterCook organize your recipes and shopping lists in your private online account. A FREE 30-day trial allows you to store up to 25 recipes in your online account with full functionality of features. A paid subscription allows you to store up to 100,000 recipes in your online account until your subscription expires. Here’s what you can do with the MasterCook App: • Download recipes online with just 1 click! View a recipe in a web browser and use the Share button to send it to your MasterCook app. • Organize recipes into custom cookbooks. • Scale a recipe to change its servings, and MasterCook will adjust the ingredient amounts automatically. • Add a recipe to a shopping list. • Search your recipes based on cookbook, category, and recipe title. • Create private group cookbooks to collaborate with friends and family. Use the MasterCook mobile app on its own or use it in conjunction with the MasterCook Windows product to access even more tools like adding recipes to menus and meal plans and performing nutritional and cost analysis of your recipes and menus and meal plans. Learn more at If you have any questions, contact MasterCook Support and receive a timely reply.


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What a waste

Can’t even register because you can’t see the font in the fields you are trying to populate. Then one field gives no direction and you can’t pass it because all fields must be filled in. This is a joke right? A successful version on a PC but can’t manage a semi decent app? Skip this and save the frustration. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT
By Pink0831

MasterCook 2020 and App

I have been a MasterCook user for a couple of years with MC 15 and recently moved to MC 2020. What a love/hate relationship. Love the PC App (Win 10). It is great for importing off Web and I have gotten very good at managing my recipes and cookbooks. It also syncs well down to my iOS devices. Hate the IOS app. Can’t change white fonts on white background for lists. (They are more visible with the new app vs invisible for older app). Online lists are black fonts. You cannot sync from IOS devices to online, you had better add your recipes on the PC and sync down. iPad users cannot use landscape, same app for iPhone and iPad. That was really not acceptable on MC 15, but a brand new app 20 years into the 21st Century...NOT. 4.5 stars for MasterCook 2020 PC/Online. 2 Stars for disappointing app.
By Skip Card This Game

Liked it better before the upgrade

In the last version you could search for recipes across all cookbooks but you could not search individuals cookbooks. Well now you can search individuals cookbooks but not across all cookbooks. I’d prefer both options but if I can only have one, it should be to search all cookbooks. The other huge disadvantage to the new version is it only displays in vertical (portrait) mode. Since I use my iPad with a keyboard accessory which also functions as a stand for the iPad I always use it in horizontal (landscape) mode. Are you working on changing these two features? And finally, the worst thing - this app freezes almost time I try to do anything on it, be it search for a recipe or even just open a cookbook. Please, please, please fix this! The app is almost useless on my iPad so I have to use my PC and print out a recipe every time I want to use one. BAH! Give me back the old version!
By selinson

As of 07/28/2020, cannot upload recipes!

The past two days I’ve been trying to save a few web recipes. None of them appear in my MasterCook. I ended up deleting the app from my iPhone, reinstalling, and retrying to save the recipes, to no avail. Please help!
By Scraphappy7

Search button?

What happened to the search button to allow you to search for recipes across cookbooks? Am I overlooking something?
By FranP12

Amazing Supporr

I had a corrupted file in my program and I wrote an email to Mastercook support. Pam from support emailed me right away with detailed instructions of uninstalling and files to check and reload and syncing information...she stayed right with me right to the end which made me so grateful for her help. My Mastercook program is up and running perfectly...all my cookbooks and recipes safely stored inside. Bravo Pam and Mastercook support team for a job well done!
By LLM12

Do not upgrade to this version

Have been a user for years. Upgraded last week, now app will not open. I can’t go back to older version. I cannot access
By Capt AJ

Great program!

I have had MasterCook for years and LOVE it! I am not computer savvy but this does all the work. It is easy to add a recipe from Facebook, etc. This is the best cooking app ever! Support is easily available and very knowledgeable with quick responses to your questions.
By Coupon Queen

I have been using MasterCook for 10 + years now

And I was extremely excited to find out that they have updated the app. WOW! It looked great yesterday! 😫 Then today they updated it again? Now it would even open up! So sad 😭! I have a IPhone 6s. Yesterday it had some small glitches but NOW this one is a BIG ONE! Please fix! Thank you
By mars148

Pretty useless

I use the app for work. At this point only the dates are visible and not the titles of cookbooks, so I can’t actually use it. Without access to my work computer, this app was going be incredibly helpful during this pandemic, but that was wishful thinking. It’s terrible and we might need to look into something new for our students.
By Nicoleslaw02


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