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Chefs, culinary schools, restaurants, home cooks, and foodservice companies have trusted the MasterCook products for over 27 years. Let MasterCook organize your recipes and shopping lists in your private online account. A FREE 30-day trial allows you to store up to 25 recipes in your online account with full functionality of features. A paid subscription allows you to store up to 100,000 recipes in your online account until your subscription expires. Here’s what you can do with the MasterCook App: • Download recipes online with just 1 click! View a recipe in a web browser and use the Share button to send it to your MasterCook app. • Organize recipes into custom cookbooks. • Scale a recipe to change its servings, and MasterCook will adjust the ingredient amounts automatically. • Add a recipe to a shopping list. • Search your recipes based on cookbook, category, and recipe title. • Create private group cookbooks to collaborate with friends and family. Use the MasterCook mobile app on its own or use it in conjunction with the MasterCook Windows product to access even more tools like adding recipes to menus and meal plans and performing nutritional and cost analysis of your recipes and menus and meal plans. Learn more at If you have any questions, contact MasterCook Support and receive a timely reply.


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Using MasterCook v14 on windows 11

I had to get a new computer with windows 11. My old MasterCook 11. Version was incompatible with v11. I contacted support regarding this issue. I was sad that my old version would not work but support was so helpful and not only told me about v14 that I could download and exactly how to do that as well as get my 371 recipes from my previous version downloaded to the new version. I have had MasterCook for many years and love it and the support I received felt very personal. Pam really wanted me to be successful in continuing to use MasterCook!! Thank you again Pam for your diligent support!!!
By Cooke 747


I have tried several times to register . The boxes show nothing and I have not been able to register. I have used the computer program for years and love it. Any ideas>>
By xycc43

Unable to register

The fields to register/create a new account are not populated so one can enter their info. I have downloaded and deleted the app several times hoping the issue would correct its self upon re download.
By chrissySIU

Great App

I use this app every day. I use it both on my iPad and my iPhone. I have never had any issues with the app on either device. Love it.
By jkevin444

Customer Support Beyond Compare

I have been using a version of Mastercook since 1998 and have saved over 5600 recipes in my cookbook - they are precious to me. I recently upgraded to the MC 2022 version and had a problem with the installation on my computer and sync to the website, both of which were my fault. I was freaking out. HOWEVER, throughout the entire process and many emails at all hours of the day, Pam was patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable. Her care and service were exceptional. Because of her, I now have a better program on my PC and all of my recipes available on my phone. My recipes are now safe. CMCI also love that I can share my recipes more easily with friends and family using the app. Thank you MasterCook for years of partnership in the kitchen and beyond.
By Julia Child's Child

Much Improved

MasterCook 22 has significantly improved their desktop and mobile apps. The mobile app makes the recipes more accessible. If you encounter any problems, MasterCook Support is as responsive and excellent as in the past. Well worth the price if you value your recipes.
By yzx works

Shopping List is ehh

This app is sorta clunky but the best recipe manager for my needs at the moment. I would really love if every time I checked or unchecked an item off of my shopping list, it didn’t pop up a little window saying the list has been updated and then I have to click okay every time to get rid of that window. It drives me insane. Please just let me check an item off without the app self-congratulating itself on checking things off my list. I know the item got checked off, I’m the one who did it!
By misterpaige


Warning: Have paid for this many times over the years. Now they are telling me if I don’t pay again I will lose all of my recipes.
By Recipe lover


I have just recently subscribed to master cook and the app for the phone, after using living cookbook for years, but they are no longer supported. This program runs differently, so I've had to ask quite a few questions, but the email support Pam gives is invaluable! It was very worthwhile to pay for the extra help to get my recipes imported to this program. And to be able to access them on my phone is awesome!!!
By not skinny cook

MasterCook 2020

I reviewed this app a year ago and only gave it one star because the app could not be used in Landscape mode. Shortly after my review this issue was fixed along with some syncing issues so it deserves a new review. I love MasterCook for PCs and have been using it since since the first version decades ago. Adding the app and the ability to sync across all devices is priceless - no more printing out recipes every day. Now if only you could fix the ingredient bugs. For some reason after the last upgrade most of the ingredients on my recipes are no longer recognized when I try to look at the nutritional information. In order to fix this I need to delete the ingredient from the recipe and then reenter it. I have over 1000 recipes to fix so I hope this bug will be fixed. It’s the only reason I can’t give five stars.
By selinson

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