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GameBattles is the premier competitive gaming platform with more than 10 million registered players participating on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. The GameBattles app allows users to easily register for competitions, manage your teams and find matches across games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, Hearthstone and more! Your journey to greatness starts today. Will you wear the crown?


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Will not run on iPhone 11

Would love to use the app but everytime I try updating my account or try linking my Xbox account to this, it says unable to connect at this time. Very buggy app.
By BOS Trump

App doesnt show my edit profile settings and stuff

It doesnt show it on my account but my very first account i have that option for it.. idk wht but not my other one please fix
By Fuzzzzyy

Add More games again

They had some many games before like rainbow six siege and many others but now it’s basically just call of duty
By Yo mamma 10000000

2 thumbs down👎🏻👎🏻

I downloaded this app hoping to find some good competition to play against and maybe earn some cash, but this app makes it very difficult to succeed in either. For starters, once I have signed up for a tournament, it will not show anything in the “My Tournaments” page, it shows that I don’t have any at all. Secondly, both the tournaments I have entered so far they seem to forget to notify you multiple times that the match is starting causing people to be no shows constantly or you lose because you had no clue the match was ready. I contacted support about this issue and was told that it’s not their fault and they can’t fix anything. Honestly biggest waste of time.
By Chloe_Elizabeth02

Horrible app with the laziest moderators.

Easily the worst competitive platform out there. Players don’t show up to the match, report a win, and if you dispute it claiming no one showed up, the mods ask you to show proof they didn’t beat you without ever requiring the other team to show proof that they actually even played you. So basically how are you supposed to have proof they didn’t beat you if you never even played and how can they give the other team a victory in a dispute without proof of a win either? They can’t simply put a no contest since there was a dispute and they didn’t have proof they won? Lazy moderators turn what could be a potentially great app into utter garbage. This is from a highly active and competitive player - DO NOT USE GAMEBATTLES, GETTING LOSSES AND HAVING NO MODERATOR HELP WILL DRIVE YOU CRAZY
By libertaliaapn


Terrible customer support
By Franklyn G


Do not download this horrible app, I bought credits which are very expensive for the minimum, then I joined a tournament and it usually says “Submit Score” so i tried inviting the opponents but they never joined their then all of a sudden it says they WON the match... it didn’t even let us submit if we won or lost we never even played... I tried contacting support and NOBODY joined, one guy did but he never responded to what I said. Who ever is the developer of this app should honestly get sued

Worst app

I hate it because I did everything right to create an account and read all of the terms and won't let me create an account
By Tristan4756

Unfair advantage against new comers

It’s a good app but they put you against the most sweaty players that have experience and it’s unfair for new comers.
By CollinMLZ


Removed all games besides call of duty. Why
By hzmt hunt


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