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Pure Flix is your home for quality faith and family-friendly entertainment, with new exclusive movies and shows every week. Stream clean and discover the difference. Only on Pure Flix can you watch inspirational, family-friendly content that will nurture the spirit and fill the hearts of your family. From exclusive shows and movies to original, binge-worthy series - there’s no shortage of options.


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Needs work on features

Needs “resume watching” category. Fast forward/rewind feature is missing. These 2 items would make it so much more user friendly. Then add in a “skip intro” feature…
By Jd75665890

Zoom in and out update

Pureflix has good movies and stuff but can you add a feature where you can zoom in and out like Netflix and others apple please


Bug fixes
By sonic2341

Great content, terrible app

We love having great content and kids shows. The TV app is super frustrating. Super laggy and not user friendly. The search option doesn’t work well either. Please update the OS to make it a better experience.
By User Number 0001

Absolutely love!

Way better than Netflix in my opinion. Tons of great movies and even kid friendly movies and shows. Entertaining, honest, historically accurate. Could use some improvement but overall the best streaming service.
By MoroniJones

Needs a revamp, not user friendly

I like that the content is family friendly and Christian based. However the app itself needs a lot of work. If you don’t finish a movie, the next time you go to watch you have to start from the beginning. There needs a continue watching option to pick up where you left off. Also needs to be able to skip or back up by 10-15 seconds. Lately the shows don’t even load.
By Ta24mead


I loved the idea of this app it’s good to know that all the movies and shows are good and pure and one won’t have to worry about if the content you or your kids is watching isn’t good for them but the only thing is before I even download the app I looked up if there are movies in Spanish and if I can change it into Spanish or if there are many languages I can chose from just like Netflix and it told me that there are movies in Spanish. But turns out there there isn’t and now I was very unhappy because I was very excited to use it but the movies are all in English it needs to be more diverse in languages hopefully in the future that can be changed but for no I give it 1 star sorry but we should know more about the app and the benefits.
By jello hello good

Images won’t load

This app is extremely slow. The images for the videos won’t load on any of them regardless of removing and reinstalling the app. Been waiting for a year and still not resolved.
By hendogg02

All the bad reviews must be non-believers

By Georgeborowski

Love it Amen

So I found this service from family we go to church a lot and found this service so far I love the content that warms my heart I love that most of the content is family-friendly so I don’t have to worry about bad or inappropriate content being shown I would recommend it if you want to find faith in the lord and would share this with friends and family
By Brentman1

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