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Hi, we're Jonas, Trevor, and Dan, the crew behind Hello Weather. There are a million weather apps out there, and they're all overloaded with ugly ads, confusing interfaces, and stupid gimmicks. We think that stinks, so we made the antidote—a straightforward, no-nonsense app that’s a joy to use. Five reasons why you’ll love planning your day with Hello Weather... 1. All the info you need is right in your face. Our gorgeous, information-rich design shows you everything that matters in one simple screen. You’ll see the current conditions and future forecast in an instant. 2. You won’t waste time looking at useless stuff. Hello Weather intelligently adapts to changing conditions. When it's stormy, you’ll see all the relevant details right upfront. When conditions improve, it’s all tucked neatly out of the way again. 3. You’ll get predictions you can trust. Hello Weather is more than a pretty face. It’s powered by the world’s best data sources: Dark Sky, AccuWeather, The Weather Company, and AerisWeather. Pick the provider that's best in your area, or switch back and forth to compare. (Upgrade required.) 4. You don’t need to be a weather expert. What does barometric pressure mean? Is the dewpoint good or bad? We translated those esoteric stats into human words, so you’ll know how it really feels outside. 5. It’ll make you smile. We filled the app with tons of thoughtful little touches to brighten your day. You’ll love the beautiful color themes, automatic night mode, and sweet secret extras. And that's not all… • Radar’s built right in. When a storm's a-brewin', we've got your back! Our powerful radar tab shows you exactly what's headed your way. (Available in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Australia.) • Apple Watch app, complications, and widgets too! See the same great forecasts at a quick glance on your wrist or Today screen. • Made with <3 by a tiny indie company. We pour a lot of love into our app, and we take great care of our customers. We're always just an email or tweet away! Here's what the experts say: "An easy, straightforward weather app that shows you just what you need to know." — AppAdvice "Hello Weather strips it down to the essence." — Macworld "Very smart, with a clean layout and readable graphs. It eschews complexity without limiting information." — TechRadar "Well designed and clearly made with love, with lots of delightful little details throughout. — Tools and Toys" --- Hello Weather's FREE forever and it’s only $6.99/year for the Pro stuff. Free features: • No ads or gimmicks! • Simple and easy to read forecasts. • Automatic color themes (cold, warm, hot) and dark mode. • Unlimited saved locations. • Powered by Dark Sky. • Weather Units customization. Join our Fan Club for $6.99/year and get: • Radar (US, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, & Australia only) • Apple Watch app and complications • Forecast data sources: Dark Sky, Accuweather, The Weather Company, or AerisWeather • Real-time precipitation estimates (US, UK, & Ireland only) • Theme controls • Custom Home Screen icons • Other secret stuff! If you decide to upgrade for extra features, you'll have 3 days to try the upgrades for free. After that, you'll be charged $6.99/year on a renewing basis unless you cancel. ONE MORE THING! We're proud to have the strongest and most transparent privacy policy we can muster: we'll never track you, sell ads, collect data, or do anything like that! For more info, check out: http://helloweatherapp.com/terms Thanks so much for trying Hello Weather! We hope you like it. <3


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Five Star App with no ability to purchase without paying forever

Making things simple is hard and you guys have done an amazing job. In fact, I would pay for the premium features but won’t sign up for a reoccurring charge. I’m sure I am like many people that would contribute for the additional features, but there are too many apps these days and I don’t want to keep up with which ones will be charging me monthly, annually, etc. If you decide on a one time fee, I would gladly get the premium version. Nice work!
By LCM 2

Great weather app

Very user friendly and the only one I ly for
By Eli'sComin'

Switch back to Google Maps

Love the app. But recently since you switched from Google Maps to your proprietary service most of the locations I have saved are not available. Until such time that you are able to provide the exact or better coverage than Google you should change back. Other than that love the app & keep up the good work.
By ChandiraG_2000

Housewife/ career person

LOVE this weather app❣️ I will get complete app when I get this dam iPhone under control w/o having to sell out the rest of my privacy!!! Looking forward to your total weather💛🙌🏼🏆
By blah,blah get.a.job

Great app it’s perfect and simple , worth the $6

Worth the money it’s everything a weather app should be not overly complex give you customization options etc. awesome app
By Ttyyttttt

Great update but..

Great update to a fine weather provider, just needs to add notifications to make it a 5 star app, well worth the cost, also a choice of weather icons would be great.
By RL1

Simple and beautiful

Accurate, easy to use, good design. I’ve been extremely happy with this app.
By @matthewwing


$6.99/year to access radar and other features. No thanks
By PlatinumKanikas


Great app! I not only like it's functionality, but it's also aesthetically appealing which makes the difference for me.
By Doring Macabuhay

nice but a tad awkward

simple and informative, but interaction can be a bit clunky. there are a lot of horizontal sections where you feel like you should be able to swipe to see more but instead you have to tap for some reason. otherwise it’s a very good app 🙂
By erc eld


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Hello Weather

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