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Hi, we're Jonas and Trevor, the crew behind Hello Weather. There are a million weather apps out there, and they're all overloaded with ugly ads, confusing interfaces, and stupid gimmicks. We think that stinks, so we made the antidote—a straightforward, no-nonsense app that’s a joy to use. Five reasons why you’ll love planning your day with Hello Weather... 1. All the info you need is right in your face. Our gorgeous, information-rich design shows you everything that matters in one simple screen. You’ll see the current conditions and future forecast in an instant. 2. You won’t waste time looking at useless stuff. Hello Weather intelligently adapts to changing conditions. When it's stormy, you’ll see all the relevant details right upfront. When conditions improve, it’s all tucked neatly out of the way again. 3. You’ll get predictions you can trust. Hello Weather is more than a pretty face. It’s powered by the world’s best data sources: Dark Sky, AccuWeather, ClimaCell, The Weather Company, Foreca, and AerisWeather. Pick the provider that's best in your area, or switch back and forth to compare. (Upgrade required.) 4. You don’t need to be a weather expert. What does barometric pressure mean? Is the dewpoint good or bad? We translated those esoteric stats into human words, so you’ll know how it really feels outside. 5. It’ll make you smile. We filled the app with tons of thoughtful little touches to brighten your day. You’ll love the beautiful color themes, automatic night mode, and sweet secret extras. And that's not all… • Radar’s built right in. When the storm's a-brewin', we've got your back! Our powerful radar tab shows you exactly what's headed your way. (Available in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Australia—or upgrade for Global coverage.) • The finest weather widgets on Earth. Our main app is only the tip of the iceberg—we’ve got excellent customizable Home Screen widgets for quick access to all the forecast info you need. • An excellent Apple Watch app too! The same great Hello Weather, but teensy enough for your wrist. • Made with care by a tiny indie company. We pour a lot of love into our app, and we take great care of our customers. We're always just an email or tweet away. Here's what the experts say: "An easy, straightforward weather app that shows you just what you need to know." — AppAdvice "Hello Weather strips it down to the essence." — Macworld "Very smart, with a clean layout and readable graphs. It eschews complexity without limiting information." — TechRadar "Well designed and clearly made with love, with lots of delightful little details throughout. — Tools and Toys" --- Hello Weather's FREE forever, and it's even better if you upgrade for the Pro stuff. Free features: • No ads or gimmicks! • Simple and easy to read forecasts. • Automatic color themes (cold, warm, hot) and dark mode. • Unlimited saved locations. • Powered by Dark Sky. • Weather units customization, including simultaneous Fahrenheit & Celsius mode. • Real-time precipitation estimates. • Home screen widgets. • Basic radar. Upgrade for our pro features and you'll get: • Advanced Radar (animations, map layers, and global coverage.) • Apple Watch app and complications • More data sources: Dark Sky, Accuweather, AerisWeather, ClimaCell, Foreca, or The Weather Company • Air quality and Pollen info (only available with certain data sources, pollen is US only.) • Forecast customization and smart bonus info, with extra details for hourly precipitation rate, wind, UV, visibility, and Feels Like temperatures. • Theme controls • Custom home screen icons • Other secret stuff! ONE MORE THING! We're proud to have the strongest and most transparent privacy policy we can muster. We'll never track you, sell ads, collect data, or do anything like that. For full info, check out our detailed privacy info and terms of service: https://helloweather.com/terms Thanks so much for trying Hello Weather! We hope you like it.


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Nicely organized

After one look at this I had to subscribe. It has most features I want. The best feature for me is having both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures to display! Only improvements I can think of is longer forecast date predictions, lightening tracker, and ability to add individual watch complications for the different items displayed in app.
By Spinner_65

Most accurate Weather app

This application is the best most accurate weather app I’ve found on IOS! 9/10 will recommend to others
By Tyler546b

Best weather app!

My favorite weather app, I love the user interface and widget options, I think paying the subscription fee is worth it as I enjoy the app daily.
By The Panda Eating Child

I Love This App!!!

What a cheerful way to greeted by an app! And it’s JUST weather! First thing in the morning, weather is what I check, and Hello is my go-to weather app. Succinct, friendly, good-humored, focused, I am delighted to pay for this. A friendly neighbor on my wrist and phone and tablet. I’d make this my watch face if I could. (can I?) I’m a farmer...you know weather is my favorite subject, good or bad. Hello (I really love this name!) told me the weather today in my area is “delightful” before I even looked outside this morning! Started my day off with a happy outlook!
By EDunc

Works Beautifully + Fantastic Privacy

Accurate weather. Great privacy protection. Worth paying for.
By Cham_Eli

No notifications = obsolescence

I held out as long as I could, but I’ve decided to cancel my yearly subscription since the developers have yet to implement notifications. I’ve moved onto tier 3 Carrot Weather and not looking back.
By mtbush

A lot of design issues

The developers are not very responsive to feedback. A lot of missing data, especially hourly. The NOW, TODAY, THIS WEEK layout is nice but the data they show in each section is not comprehensive. NOW shows good info. But TODAY just shows hi/low, even with a premium subscription, you just get wind data but even that’s poorly laid out. Speaking of design, the “bars” used to show hi/low are waste of useful space. It’s pleasing as first but then you realize it’s just dead space they could’ve used to show more data. And the widgets are useless. They’re static and never update, even though the developers keep claiming the bugs are fixed. They’re not. Overall it has lots of potential but the lack of data and poor design choices, even with a subscription, makes it not very useful. I do like that they have a 1-time purchase option instead of a subscription, unlike Carrot weather.
By appleproha

Love the app

First off the widgets don’t seem to update very frequent compared the stock app, maybe I’m wrong but It would be nice if it was updated more frequently. The only other thing is it would be nice to see even more widget styles in the future. Also the icons for the widgets are slightly jaggy on the edges, would be nice if that could be cleaned up.
By Chriis_M

Best weather app!!

Love love this app. Bought the lifetime version. My *only* request - I have multiple saved locations since I travel a lot and I would love for the widget to support multiple locations. Like maybe swiping in the widget or being able to have several Hello Weather widgets in a stack where I can set each one to a different location. Please incorporate some way to do this. Thanks!
By Ordinary User 77

iOS 14 widget failure

You are still not correct.. white background stays white with match system settings and black stays black it never changes until you turn on your iphone dark mode (which I don’t use) Anyway.. seems like you want to stick with your 45 mins refresh time which is useless for me.. thanks for your time.. I will switch to weather channel or carrot where they refresh every 5-10 mins. Updated after developers response*** No sir most weather widgets do not refresh after 45 mins iPhone weather widget (from the weather channel) refreshes now every exact 5 mins Accuweather widget refreshes every time you come back to widget screen which could be every minute The weather channel itself refreshes every 5-10 mins and carrot weather (when you pay for tier 3) widget refreshes every 10 mins.. when it’s raining, snowing or temperature falling quickly this 45 mins refresh rate is definitely not enough and make this beautiful widget almost useless.. And lastly I know I can change widget color.. what I meant to say was.. no option where it changes color itself with the weather conditions or day and night like all other widgets :) Not refreshing weather in the widget very often (refreshes almost every 40-45 mins) where other apps widgets refresh every 5-10 mins.. there are many layouts of the iOS 14 widget but couldn’t find one mid size banner where I can get simple temperature, feels like, wind and next 5-6 hours. No option of the widget color which changes with the conditions automatically.. total disappointing.
By itskashifkhan


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