Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times

Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times

Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times

By Tier 9 Digital

  • Category: Weather
  • Release Date: 2015-06-24
  • Current Version: 6.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 61.43 MB
  • Developer: Tier 9 Digital
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 4.71
From 2,675 Ratings


Sundial displays the sun and moon's rise/set cycle in a 24-hour ring. You can create alerts for solar/lunar events and see times for a different date or location. No Internet is required to compute rise/set and other times: everything is calculated on your iPhone and iPad. Times for dawn, sunrise, solar noon (sun peak), sunset, and dusk are displayed, along with daylight length. Moonrise, lunar noon (moon peak), and moonset are shown, along with lunar illumination and graphical moon phase. Unlike most apps, moon tilt is customized to your time and location. Create iOS notifications for 24 solar and lunar events: - Sunrise, solar mid-morning, solar noon, solar mid-afternoon, sunset, and solar midnight - Civil twilight (dawn/dusk), nautical twilight, and astronomical twilight - Moonrise, lunar noon, moonset, and lunar midnight - Moon phases: full moon, new moon, first quarter moon, and last quarter moon - Astronomical seasons: March equinox, June solstice, September equinox, and December solstice There are many customization options for alerts, such as configuring a notification to be delivered minutes, hours, or even days before or after one of the event types above. For example, be notified one hour before sunrise. A 3 day trial of unlimited alerts is included. Purchase Sundial Premium via one-time in app purchase to continue receiving alerts after your trial has ended. You can view rise/set times and moon phase for any date using time travel: jump to a specific date or use gestures to move forward and backwards in time. Free is limited to +- 7 days from today. With in-app purchase, you can view solar and lunar times for any location. You can search by place name, any portion of an address, or geographic coordinates. Locations can be favorited for easy reference. Sundial Premium also unlocks reporting of solar/lunar altitude and azimuth (direction). Sundial is great for runners, hikers, campers, walkers, boaters, sailors, pilots, gardeners, farmers, photographers, film/tv production crew, astronomers, astrophotographers, and travelers of all kinds. Parents, want a reminder that twilight is over and you need to get the kids inside? This app is for you. Like to take your dog on a walk 30 minutes for dusk? Sundial has you covered. Want to be notified the evening of a full moon? Piece of cake! Religious and yoga followers use Sundial to observe special requirements. For example, Ashtanga yoga practitioners do not practice near the new or full moon. With Sundial’s powerful moon phase alerts, you can be notified a few days before the new and full moon to take rest. The app has full voice over support for all features. Note: reported times switch between AM/PM and 12/24 notation based on your system settings. Sundial Premium is a one-time in-app purchase that unlocks: - Unlimited alerts (free is limited to a 3 day trial); alerts can be backed up to iCloud and synchronized to your other devices - Unlimited time travel (free is limited to ±7 days from today) - Jump to another location. Recent and favorite locations can be backed up to iCloud and synchronized to your other devices. - Turn off screen lock (use Sundial as a clock at your desk) - Customize the dial - Many additional settings related to location - Remove the coin jar button on the home screen and occasional Sundial Premium reminders


Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times ScreenshotSundial - Solar & Lunar Times ScreenshotSundial - Solar & Lunar Times ScreenshotSundial - Solar & Lunar Times ScreenshotSundial - Solar & Lunar Times ScreenshotSundial - Solar & Lunar Times Screenshot


Great app with nice alarms

Would be nice to have a widget with this app. I don’t know if it will work with watch but that should be included too. I give this app 5 stars as I think it beats all others!
By Not-hood-winked

One thing well

I love when an app just does one thing and does it really well. The visualizations, data, and Apple Watch integration of this app are all smooth as silk. Very happy with it.
By antititus

Lost Apple Watch support after update to ios14

Lost Apple Watch app after update to ios14
By Kasai82

Perfect for astrophotography

As an amateur astrophotographer this app is perfect for me. The app shows me at a glance several things I need to know: 1. The time astronomical sundown occurs (I.e. when it is completely dark). 2. If the moon is up, creating too much light to photograph. 3. Or if the moon will rise during the night spoiling my photographic session. And being able to easily move the date ahead lets me know the days and times coming up when best to photograph.
By starguy48

It just works!

It does everything I need out of an app of this type.
By CEW58

Amazing app! For our hens and for us!!

I was looking for something that allowed me to put the hens to bed in the evening at sunset, get a good nights sleep, and wake up just before the hens started squawking that they wanted out into their day pen at sunrise (don’t know if the neighbors appreciate their vocals as much as I do lol). The fact that this app offers not one but all three twilights, a.m. as well as p.m., has me over the moon in love with it! I can let the hens out at morning civil twilight, put them to bed at evening civil twilight, and then set the last alarm for nautical twilight to get a wonderful night sleep, in tune with my body and the rotation of the earth :-) LOVE LOVE LOVE this app
By ZebraBus


By StephieJeanne

Useful and easy to use

I have been enjoying this app for awhile now. It has lots of nifty information, laid out comprehensibly. Originally I mostly just wanted to know the cycle of the moon, but have really liked being able to set alarms based on things like sunset. I have one set to remind me to walk my dog while it’s still light out! The graphic representation of the solar and lunar cycles of each day also feels really intuitive to me.
By JesG-L

Total losers

Don’t even bother with this app. The designers deleted the watch portion of this app from paid users and don’t care about the reviews for doing so. That is stooping pretty low in the programming world and yes I programmed for over 40 years. If they will do this for the watch portion of the app, what is next to go from paid users? Sound a lot like switch & bate from phone solicitors. Yes I am comparing them to this horrible phone callers (scam artists).
By TheTexasHunter

Excellent Info in a Beautiful, Clean Design

In my quest (I’m a librarian) for an app that would display daily and monthly solar and lunar phases, I did a little research and found this one was very well-rated over and over for its breadth of data, its friendly interface, and its features. Since this app kept floating to the top, I downloaded it and I have been a Basic user for a few months. I just love it, and I find myself using it often. It is deceptively simple, due to its clean design, but packed with information, which I enjoy browsing. Some practical uses: • I like to know when the full moon is coming up for viewing (and sometimes to confirm a string of bizarre behavior, although that seems to have ramped up to “daily” in 2020). • When we’re working in the yard, it’s great to see how much daylight we have left. • When we’re traveling and want to view a sunrise or a sunset, we can see the time for that, no matter where we are in the world. • I have a daily alert set for dusk, to remind me to bring in our suet and birdfeeders, before they are accosted by marauding raccoons from the woods. • The app is also a terrific learning tool, both for us, ourselves, and for us to use as we help introduce our 3-year-old granddaughter to these natural, ancient rhythms and phases. Very pleased - a great app. I plan on upgrading for more personal tinkering and preferences. Highly recommend!
By liv4godiva


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Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times

Sundial - Solar & Lunar Times

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