Migraine Buddy

Migraine Buddy

Migraine Buddy

By Healint

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2015-03-27
  • Current Version: 34.3.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 178.87 MB
  • Developer: Healint
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0+
Score: 4.75
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Rated the #1 Migraine and Headache App. Join the 2.3 million users who are taking control of their headaches and migraine. Migraine Buddy is just the best to: - Track and find patterns faster than ever - Obtain the most from your consultation with reports designed by the best specialists - Help and be helped, with crowdsourced learnings and optional chats - [Premium] Predict your risks and anticipate attacks, and find the best reliefs to get back on track faster - [Premium] Benefit from coaching plans designed by specialists to get results at your speed What you get with Migraine Buddy 48 Hour Pressure Forecast How does it help you? Is pressure variation triggering your attack? You can not change the weather but you can plan ahead. Be aware of upcoming pressure changes and adapt to hopefully avoid the attack. Automatic Sleep Recording How does it help you? Identify a relationship between your sleeping routine and the onset of attacks. Customizable Attack Recording How does it help you? Gives you insights on largely spread triggers, symptoms, medications and relief methods and enables you to add your very own migraine characteristics. Exports for doctors - Diary export, the best structured export to go deep in the understanding of your headache and migraines, usually for lower frequency cases, and needed for diagnostics. - MIR export, the best high export to work on reducing your migraine and headache frequencies with your neurologist and headache specialists. Migraine Insights & News An in-app newsflow with regular posts related to migraine. How does it help you? Learn about migraine, know more about the app and be aware of the latest migraine news. Answer questionnaires and learn about the other users. Where to find it? In the Insight section of your app An Active Community A welcoming community with 2.3 million users actively participating in support and share experiences or advice. How does it help you? Migraine is an isolating disease. Receiving support from other users who understand is important. Also each person’s experience with migraine is different, share experiences provides new insights to your migraine journey Need more? Get MBplus, the premium Migraine Buddy. Supporting your migraine journey with the world's best migraine management tools at your fingertips. With MBplus, you’ll get : - Advanced Features - Advanced Reports - Actionable Programs *Migraine Buddy optionally integrates with the Health app This software is intended for use only for general wellbeing purposes, and is not intended to be used for any medical purpose (such as the detection, diagnosis, monitoring, management or treatment of any medical condition or disease). Any health-related information provided by this device or software should not be treated as medical advice. Please consult a physician for any medical advice required. Migraine Buddy Terms of Use: https://migrainebuddy.com/terms-of-use


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Great app!

I have suffered from migraines for years and tracking all this information is extremely helpful for me and my neurologist! This app is easy to use and I really enjoy it.
By Nickname829560381718494918486

Fix the time input, please

Overall, this app does what I need it to. But there is one thing about this app that sends me up the wall, and so it gets 3 stars. When inputting start and end times for an attack, the app starts checking that the times aren’t in conflict after every change of each dial (hr, min, am/pm). Sometimes it lines up such that I get a warning no matter which dial I try to adjust. I switch the hour, and get a warning because the end time is now before the start time (I know, I needed to change am to pm). The dial resets. I switch am to pm, and get a warning because the end time is now in the future (I know, I need to change the hour). The dial resets. It’s like some mind bending puzzle where I have to move each dial in exactly the right order, except I’m still in pain and/or experiencing brain fog, and I just want to get this attack recorded before I forget. Please, for the love of our poor migraine brains, make it so the check happens when you try to confirm/save the time, and not with every turn of the dials.
By AndriaJones

To much Information

I liked it in the beginning when I got it however in the last few months there are so many words and insights and ads for there plus option. I’d love it if there were an ability to just track them and nothing else. But overall it has lots of information and I like it fine.
By Pacific Justiss

Great app!

Great app for tracking your migraines, learning about personal migraine triggers, and about migraines in general! It has space to record all relevant info regarding your migraines that you can even generate unto a report for your doctor. The personal coaches are wonderfully helpful and so are the articles. I highly recommend it!
By Healing Every Day

Very detailed but missing one

I love how detailed logs and reports are. It has taken a lot of stress out of the paper logs I was doing for my 7yr olds migraines. I was recommended the app by my sons Nerologist with specific instruction to keep and eye on food and weather triggers. Unfortunately weather tracking is difficult without paying 9.99 a month, a cost I can’t afford. I would love to see more weather trigger related features in the future, so I can look backwards and see if weather was a factor. Overall this is one of the best apps I have gotten in a log time. Thank you
By Melsaccount

Great Free App

I can appreciate all the features available in the free version. I do wish we could track food & water intake & exercise without having to record a migraine/headache. It’s a fantastic app otherwise.
By ToshaS81

Incredibly helpful app!

I’ve had migraines since I was a teenager...decades worth of migraines. I didn’t realize how many I was having per month until I tried this app. Way more than I thought! It spurred me on to make an appointment with a neurologist to see if we could figure out a solution. Now I’m on the path to more actively treating my migraines. So grateful for the app and all of its wonderful features. My only critique...would love to have an iPad version that uses horizontal format. Vertical is fine for my phone but I tend to use my iPad in landscape mode with a keyboard. Would make an excellent app even more excellent if it could go landscape.
By VibrantGinger


I’ve had chronic migraines forever. Going to Neuro, PT and everything in between. This app is wonderful to track it all. Thank you!!!
By Quiz art halo


love the app and i really appreciate that it’s free. i have an idea though, i think you guys should make a widget or easy way to record pain fluctuations because my migraines fluctuate in pain levels and that could be cool to see. Thank you for all you do ❤️
By briannamarkes

Great Tool

I am so happy this helps me record my migraine episodes.
By Aqeelamaru


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Migraine Buddy

Migraine Buddy