Pantry Check - Grocery List

Pantry Check - Grocery List

Pantry Check - Grocery List

By Sunroom Labs, LLC

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date: 2015-03-16
  • Current Version: 2.7.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 21.82 MB
  • Developer: Sunroom Labs, LLC
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.0+
Score: 4.52
From 790 Ratings


- The easiest household inventory system - The best barcode scanner - Real-time syncing and family sharing - Automatic expiration reminders - Smart shopping lists, based on usage and inventory - Organize by custom locations - Prices, running tally and estimated totals for lists - Current inventory & usage timeline - Submit own photos and product info - Crowd-sourced cloud database - Millions of products recognized - Track up to 200 items for free - Affordable storage subscriptions Pantry Check is the easiest way to manage the groceries you buy and use. With seamless cloud sync, multiple device login and intuitive UI, it's never been easier to plan meals, do your grocery shopping, track best by dates, avoid food waste and stay on top of your budget.


Pantry Check - Grocery List ScreenshotPantry Check - Grocery List ScreenshotPantry Check - Grocery List ScreenshotPantry Check - Grocery List ScreenshotPantry Check - Grocery List ScreenshotPantry Check - Grocery List ScreenshotPantry Check - Grocery List ScreenshotPantry Check - Grocery List ScreenshotPantry Check - Grocery List Screenshot


I found it!

I have been waiting for someone to make an app like this. This is so well done and easy to use. Scan items into your inventory - move to a shopping list - check out and it moves things you bought back to the inventory. It’s surprisingly accurate with prices and easy to edit when it’s off . Right now I’m on the free plan with about 100 items in the inventory but I plan to subscribe because I like supporting good work. This is going to lower my grocery bill no doubt and I’m sure I’ll waste less food as well. Kudos to the developers. Well done. Thank you!
By Goonky

It’s not perfect, but it works- hoping to see improvements soon!

I’ve been using this app for a few years now and I pay to have extra space for inventory. It really has helped me a ton and I have been saving a ton of money by looking at what I have expiring soon and finding ways to use my inventory before they go to waste. There is a few things I think they could do to improve the app, for example I wish that when you searched for an item in your inventory if the item is not there that it would give you an option to add it to your inventory right then and there instead of having to erase what you searched, select “done” then hit the plus sign to add and scan again. It seems tedious but would save me time. I also wish there was a way to sort all items by expiration date. It will show you what is expiring soon/what to use soon on one tab, but it only goes out so far. It also is frustrating that this app cannot be used on android. My significant other has an android and we are not normally home together because of work schedules so he has no way of adding things or removing things so he has to text me and leave receipts on the counter for me so I can find the food he buys to add to inventory. This may be out of their control though. I also wish that when adding multiple of the same item to inventory that it would allow you to have an option to have them all be the same expiration date or to use a different one for each item. There are ways to add the same item with different expiration date, it just takes more time. Lastly, this app is kinda confusing to use at first. There is not any clear instructions and I’m sure there’s perks in it that I’m not using because maybe I just don’t know about them. If they added a screen video showing how to navigate the app and all the ways you can use it I think more people would be less likely to give up after trying to use it.
By LilMonro3

Love love love this app BUT.....

This is a wonderfully done & oh SO needed app to control pantry items, without $$$ loss from expiration dates & food spoilage. PLEASE, pretty pretty please DEVELOPERS, allow same items to have more than one location!!! Many of us have a working pantry we need to track BUT also a bulk storage pantry. For example... we have baking supplies (flour) in everyday working pantry BUT store additional quantities of unopened flour in our bulk pantry, a separate location. Some may store batteries in different locations, due to their intended device usage, etc. These are just two examples, but I’m finding this to be a HUGE PROBLEM to “accurately” keep inventory. If you would PLEASE remedy this, & your app would be a 10⭐️. Your app has been a life changer SO I’m not opposed to begging... PLEASE oh PLEASE😬
By tntlegal

Simply amazing

What else is there to say!? This app is amazing! I have so many things that I have duplicates of because I live 30 minutes from a grocery store and if I’m at the store and not sure if I have an item or not, I buy it just in case. Now I can just look at this app and know if I have it and how many! It categorizes them too. And I believe you can even specify where something is (top shelf, middle shelf, fridge, etc) but I have t used that function yet.
By Pinkchicklette

The best

Gracias por hacer esta aplicación que me ayuda mucho dolores de cabeza
By no pierdo tiempo

Still Amazing!!!

This is a great buy. Reasonable subscription price with a great value. It’s been about a year since I started pandemic supply tracking. I can inventory non food items too so I can keep track of camping and gardening supplies. It exports well too. Nicely done!
By TashaSunnyST

Look no further, this app is tops!

I don’t write reviews, but felt I needed to pass along my review for this app. Our pantry does not have pull-out shelves, just shelves that are deep and good at accumulating food that you forget about. Once a year, I clean out our pantry, only to find items past the due date that we forgot we had. Yes, you’ll invest a few days to scan everything in your pantry, but the scanner is AWESOME, it works from any angle or upside down. It beeps/ vibrates, so you know it scanned it. Just scroll to enter the expiration date, month/yr is enough, and move on. Most of the time, the app sets the exp date very close anyway. I started with the free version and wanted to keep track of my whole pantry, so I spent the affordable amount for the year subscription. Now on Saturday morning, when I think of making ginger snap cookies, I can grab my phone and instantly see if we have the ingredients on hand and what shelf they’re on. You DO have to be disciplined to scan in/out items to preserve your hard work. But, I’m that kind of person. The search functionality, either by bar code or word/voice works excellent. The library of items in the app is VERY large. The pictures of the items are very helpful and you can track how much of each item you have, such as 50%. Buy this app, inventory your pantry and save money. :)
By SASsy programmer

I Know What I Have

I learned to stock up and shop ahead from my mother. I never stopped. The pandemic hit. We now have long reaching supply chain problems. Everything has changed. If you can your own food, you can use this. If you shop - if you eat - you can use this! Your Inventory is the key. You will never wonder if you are out of something when you get to the store again. You don’t waste because you didn’t need something but bought it because you didn’t know. You can track prices across stores so fast. Everyone in the house helps by keeping up on the app and it costs nothing extra for them to do it. This is such a comprehensive app! It does so much automatically. So impressive, I can hardly believe that men were involved in creating it! (Sorry, guys, but other than eating, groceries aren’t ordinarily your wheelhouse.) All jokes aside, it really is the best app I have, and the only one I would pay for. You will save time and money. EXCELLENT APP!
By K.Loveless

Need to add Apple Watch access for shopping list.

This app is great, however, adding access to the shopping list for Apple Watch would be a great update. In this age of wearing masks it just makes things easier.
By Stoopid Deal OTD


This app is literally the best! I’ve been using it for a couple years and omg I just found that I can make a grocery list on the app with a budget and it shows the prices of the items!! So convenient. I highly recommend this app
By Msndkdxk


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