VPN by Private Internet Access

VPN by Private Internet Access

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Private Internet Access VPN Protect your privacy with Private Internet Access®, the world's leading VPN service for iOS users on iPhone and iPad. Private Internet Access®, or PIA, enables users to encrypt their network traffic and stay protected when surfing the web. Add privacy and security to private and public networks when you browse the Internet and use Wi-Fi, whether connected to a hotspot or at home. High speeds, unlimited bandwidth, connect with 10 devices simultaneously (smartphones, tablets, computers), no traffic logs, and 24/7 professional, native English speaking customer support. WHY USE VPN FROM PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS®? • Low price. $6.25 per month if you purchase a 1 year subscription ($74.99/year) or $9.99 on a monthly basis. • Reliable and trusted VPN provider since 2010 with a proven no log policy. • Privacy is our Policy. Here at PIA, we not only provide a great VPN service at a low price, but we also support organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, FightForTheFuture, Creative Commons, Open Rights Group, Index on Censorship, freenode, Wireguard, Arch Linux, and many others. We respect your privacy and anonymity. BY USING VPN FROM PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS®, YOU GET: • IP Cloaking. Your IP address will be changed to a Private Internet Access IP address to hide your identity and location. Hide your IP address to stop data trackers, snoopers, and hackers from tracking your browsing and search activity. • Data Encryption. Encrypt your internet traffic with our VPN proxy. Our trusted online privacy service creates several security layers which keep you anonymous and prevent access to your data. It’s time to change your WiFi habits. Don’t use WiFi without our secure VPN to proxy your internet traffic! • WiFi Security. With WPA and WPA2 now kracked, you need a VPN to protect your WiFi everywhere - not just in hotspots, coffee shops, cafes, hotels, and airports. If you use WiFi hotspots without encryption, your data can be seen, blocked, throttled, censored, or otherwise changed. • Content Blocker. The Safari Content Blocker blocks ads, trackers, and malware while browsing with Safari. WHAT DO OUR CUSTOMERS THINK? “Never had a problem. Has been my go to VPN for the past 2 years. Awesome service ever since” Major_Ursa “Firstly, the company is second to none in terms of support, troubleshooting, and individualized assistance. Their nodes and hubs are top speed. Their client is streamlined and has a tremendous ease of use.” JAYDLUV “This is my go to app for VPN. Been using Windows version for years and the iPad version is great.” Pkcarreon “No hiccups, no crashes or anything. It just works great. Bear in mind you have to subscribe to the service for this to work. I highly recommend it.” Scott Loflin “Simple and solid. No issues even when traveling.” Joe1134206 “Love it. Feel safer when browsing the internet.” Cachuco “Hard to find a nit with this app. (...) The iOS app allows a quicker toggle on/off than digging into settings, for VPN hostile iOS apps like Pandora and Netflix. I like PIA’s value for the money, and I have not had any trouble whatsoever with the iOS app. I recommend this app, and PIA, as one of your layers of online security.” DB Associates “I did my homework, reviewing many VPN services. PIA was among the most economical, plenty of simultaneous connections and more than enough servers and services. (...) The speed is more than I hoped for. I can stream all YouTube videos. HD quality is superb with no buffering. I am happy to have this extra security on all our devices. My wife could not tell the difference after I installed it on her PC. I think I paid $39.99/year. What a bargain!” Helmut GDPR compatibility This application only sends username and encrypted passwords to our servers as part of using this app. During signups, we also collect user's email. We do not collect and/or store any other user information.


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Driving me crazy

Ever since I installed this on my phones and IPad many apps that used the Internet will stop connecting after 5-10 minutes. Impossible to stream music or shows.
By DSaxon

PIA is great in PC's, but the really need to work on iOS development

The latest update has caused more disconnects in the back ground and not even alerting me that I'm unprotected, come on guys! Seeing constant disconnects over the last year of 2018-19, but I never see the app try reconnecting without me having to do it manually. You would hope a company as large as PIA would be able to have fixed the issue in under a year that multiple reviewers have mentioned -- but the issue persists without a word of acknowledgement it exists. At least admit there's an issue and a search for a fix is underway. 🙄 Update 2019: Unsure what changed in a recent update, but the disconnects have gotten worse and tend to last even longer. 😖😖😖 Give us some glimmer of hope guys.
By Kalirob99

Broken on XS

My iPhone XS will connect to WiFi, activate network management and connect to the VPN. However, the iPhones WiFi icon doesn't switch from LTE signal to a WiFi bars. While technically I am connected to the VPN, some apps like Pocket Casts says I’m on not using WiFi. Please fix! Will update my rating once fixed.
By Napkin Sketch

Works Really Well

Near flawless performance. All previous criticisms obsolete.
By heysailor53

Can’t stop it from connecting

I’ve had to delete and re-install this app so many times just to TURN IT OFF AND ON! This is such a bad redesign. Please go back to the toggle switch so I don’t have to keep doing this.
By Kstebbs

Latest app update is a regression

Please go back to the old design. The new design is worse in every way. Thanks. Getting the app to stop trying to connect in cases where you don’t want it to connect is maddeningly frustrating.
By Wizard4637

Good speed, drains battery life

I’ve used this company for several years based on good prices, Pretty good connectivity that has been excellent over the last couple of months, and pretty good app support. It would solely be a five star app, however, it seems to be a major battery drain on my phone since they’ve upgraded to the other wise better new generation of their app.
By California Teacher

RIP Battery Life

The VPN works but will wreck your battery real fast.
By MrMeeseeks123

App will trash your internet connection!

Don’t waste your money on this service! This app worked great up until the latest update, now it’s badly broken. When I switch between WiFi and LTE the vpn gets stuck trying to reconnect and my data connection no longer works. When I open the app to manually disconnect, the disconnect button doesn’t do anything. One of the only solutions to restore my data is to restart my phone. You shouldn’t have to restart your phone to get an app to work. I’ve contacted support and they keep telling me it’s a bad install and I need to delete the app and reinstall. But I’ve done that and it’s still broken, but they keep insisting that’s the problem. I suggest a different VPN provider
By Brandon098


One of the best VPNs around
By names don't work


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VPN by Private Internet Access

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