Christian Mingle: Dating App

Christian Mingle: Dating App

Christian Mingle: Dating App

By Spark Networks, Inc.

Score: 3.71
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Christian Mingle is one of the leading dating sites for Christian singles looking for a God-centered relationship. What sets Christian Mingle apart from other dating apps is our success in bringing singles together: our ability to make meaningful connections has made hundreds of thousands of relationships possible for over 15 years! Download the most successful Christian dating app today and start chatting with likeminded singles that share your beliefs. Online dating has never been easier - with thousands of Christians online, we can help you find that special someone in no time! Not only is Christian Mingle one of the best free and well-known Christian dating apps on the market, but it also provides an easy-to-use communication tool to help Christian singles match and meet. Our user-friendly Christian Mingle app is here to help you anywhere, anytime. Download it today and find your Christian soulmate! ***Christian Mingle Features:*** **Browse profiles of local Christian singles Our smart, intuitive Christian Mingle app makes it easier than ever to find Christian singles near you and jumpstart your dating life! **Find members that match your interest Browse online users and meet other single Christian men and women based on your interests! **Send a “Smile” to your crush Found someone who caught your eye? Send a quick “Smile” and find out if the interest is mutual! **Upload photos quickly and easily Use the app to upload photos from your phone or Facebook! **View all profile activity at a glance Our all-new Activity feed offers improved alerts, activity and chat management, all in a simple interface. ***Get even more with a Christian Mingle Subscription*** As a Christian Mingle subscriber you can access even more features to make better connections: - Send and receive messages — Connect and communicate with other Christian singles. - Messaging+TM — Send messages that can be read and replied to by anyone on Christian Mingle. - Messaging+ Badge – Make your profile stand out for those who see it. - Enhanced Privacy Control — Browse anonymously, hide your status and your profile from searches. - Read Receipts — See if your messages were read. - Share Photos — Send other members photos of yourself. Download Christian Mingle and find your Christian soulmate today! Have questions or want to contact us? Visit Terms of Service:


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Trouble logging

I am
By 58cij

Horrible Scam

Extremely expensive Scam website and app. At least 90% of profiles are fake with no pictures trying to lure you to email offline. Accounts are constantly being removed for Scams. The few accounts that are real either expired months ago or don’t have pictures. Incredibly frustrating knowing you are wasting your time chatting w robots from Nigeria that only want to scam you. Oh and plan on spending 10 minutes in Verification HELL clicking on cars and buses trying to login in every time
By Smithsailing

What a terrible dating site and as a Christian I’m embarrassed it shares the name of Christ!

Always network problems. A lot of fake profiles that I have reported. Nothing gets done. Most “matches” haven’t been online in a month or more. Small selection too.
By Rockeigh

Too expensive for the service provided

Firstly, $50/month is way too expensive to have someone pay when they’re new to the app. And the 6 month subscription although cheaper ($25/month) HAS TO BE PREPAID! And if I'm a new user and don’t know if I will even like the app and pay the $100+ for the 6month subscription cuz I wanted a cheaper monthly rate but ended up hating it, I’d be losing so much money for nothing! Or if I find someone I actually want to date in that one month and then I still have to pay for 5more months of subscription? For what? They should offer a lower per month subscription rate that doesn’t have to be paid ahead otherwise this service isn’t worth the price. That is just unreasonable. If the monthly rate (at least for new users) was cheaper I would consider subscribing, but $50 per month is just ridiculous. Secondly, the app broke. It signed me out after I logged in on my computer and I cannot re-sign in. When I attempt to sign in (using fb because that is how I created my account) it makes me create a whole new account, so now I can’t even use the app which is pretty messed up if I had actually paid the $50 subscription fee. If the service was less expensive for per month rate I can see myself giving it more stars even with the broken app, but at the moment the price does not reflect services rendered.
By Alesya94

Horribly programmed app

I want to like this app, but I can’t. I’m sure it works great, when it actually works. I can’t even login because my keyboard won’t go away and blocks the whole screen, when I’m trying to “verify I’m a human” after signing it. It’s so frustrating and just due to bad programming. Countless other bugs and issues I’ve encountered as well; I’ve pretty much just resorted to using the website at this point. Please fix the numerous bugs.
By walani4414

Poor functionality on iOS

App frequently breaks. Try resetting your password.... on an iPhone. Can’t even submit the captcha because the keyboard doesn’t go away. Obviously wasn’t QA tested. Crappy app... Limited selection of singles... Subscription rates are expensive. Two thumbs down! 👎🏻 👎🏻
By A mad user!!!

Very disappointed in the app/website itself

Not being able to message anyone without having a membership was disappointing but I was optimistic and payed $50 for a 1 month membership. Then I realized that over half of the profiles have not been online in months. It seems to me that there are only a few hundred women actively using this website... in the world... so be prepared for a long distance relationship if you do not live in a large area like Florida, Texas or CA. But all of this was not really an issue. I’ve still found meaningful conversations since there are so many people that share similar beliefs. My issue is that I payed $50 for a service that is very glitchy and at this point in time my app won’t even let me log in (I’ve deleted the app and re downloaded it several times) so I have to log in through the browser on my phone. When the app was working, if you are viewing a message thread and someone sends you a message in that thread the app crashes and you have to open it back up. This is not convenient for chatting with someone and very annoying. All together I love that there are so many like minded people in one place but simple economics tells us that if CM would charge less for a better quality app then more people would join and stick with it & they would make more money. But it seems like they would rather gouge their members and not invest money back into the app/website. (The website has issues with the messanger as well) I’ve tried deleting my account but it will not let me delete until my membership expires. Which again seems like they are trying to hold onto “active” accounts as people delete their accounts in droves. I only give 2 stars because I had a few decent conversations. Most are in other countries or more than a days drive away but still good to chat with like minded singles. If I could go back I would not have payed for the membership.
By 13223432

Software bites

The software on this app is completely screwed up. It’s an exercise in frustration!!
By Theophan21

Bug: code variables on screen, cannot navigate

Currently the app displays code variables on screen, hindering my ability to login. The app does not show expected content, but instead code variable names such as “splash_registration_title_short”, “splash_registration_subtext”, and more on the main page. I could figure out which button is the Facebook button, but after connecting to my Facebook account, I am returned to the app and asked for more information to continue. I cannot complete this because the bug still occurs, and the code variable names do not make it clear what I am supposed to do. I cannot login with this bug, so I have not been able to get into the app. Please address this bug. It seems to be a newer issue as I recall using the app over a month ago and it worked just fine, which is partly why I put 2 stars instead of 1. Whenever I can properly enter the app like I did a few months ago, I plan on updating this review.
By Jakayus


Seems as though the app has bugs. Does not work on my iPhone.
By Frudan


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