Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes

Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes

By Cooper Bold Interactive

Score: 4.67
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Finally — an app that shows you all the tasty drinks you can make from the stuff you've got. Cocktail Party is sexy, simple, and chock-full of balanced, delicious cocktails anyone can make at home. Check off ingredients you have, and Cocktail Party will show you all the drinks you can make right now. It’s that easy - no shopping trip required! Cocktail Party is jam-packed with the best recipes – everything from hundred-year-old classics to modern masterpieces from up-and-coming new mixologists. Have brandy but not cognac? Rye, but no bourbon? Cocktail Party is smart enough to use appropriate substitutions from the ingredients you already have. Cocktail Party works wherever you are. Choose from imperial or metric measurements, and search for ingredients by their regional names. We’re constantly adding new drinks and ingredients from all over the world. What you won’t find in Cocktail Party: * No sour mix! * No obnoxiously specific B®and-name™ re©ipes * Did we mention no ads? No pushy popups, either. * No in-app purchases - you buy it once, you get updates and new drinks forever.


Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes ScreenshotCocktail Party: Drink Recipes ScreenshotCocktail Party: Drink Recipes ScreenshotCocktail Party: Drink Recipes ScreenshotCocktail Party: Drink Recipes ScreenshotCocktail Party: Drink Recipes ScreenshotCocktail Party: Drink Recipes ScreenshotCocktail Party: Drink Recipes Screenshot


Incredible app, but wish the UI was modernized

This app is a must-have and worth every penny for a cocktail lover. My only complaint is that I wish the UI was modernized and fit modern iPhone screen better. I have some clipping on the tops and bottoms and the overall styling is a bit dated. But, nothing a refresh at some point can’t fix. All in all, great app, great drinks, and a life saver when you have a changing inventory to work with
By Nuno987654321

Love the variety, mocktails would be a great addition

I know there’s a low-proof section but with the uptick in popularity of mocktails (with or without no-proof alcohols) would be a really great addition.
By Kelmn07


love the one time purchase over a dumb monthly subscription to look at even less cocktails that this app has. such a great inventive library
By taddy mason

Good Resource!

I purchased this app based on recommendations from a work colleague and it is very helpful for catalog and recipe finding, but I still found myself going to the internet for recipes too. What would make it even better for me personally is if I could just scan the barcodes on the bottles and add other items so I don’t have to thumb through everything. Good app though!
By GrlTorq

Clearly a work of love

This is built for the app developers, then you. And they appear to truly love cocktails
By gooper

Impressive app!

I had high expectations when I purchased th Cocktail Party app, and it did not disappoint. It is filled with great recipes and a lengthy categorized ingredient list. It’s interface is intuitive and enjoyable. On top of all that, the support team is very responsive, helpful, and excited about their app. I look forward to further exploring their website and more recipes.
By sjmsue

Bait and switch - UPDATED REVIEW

You search on the web for a cocktail and you get their website. On the site they prompt you to buy the app. You do, only to find out that the app doesn’t contain half of the cocktails you’re looking for - including the very one you searched for that brought to their site to begin with! UPDATE: Sent message to support and actually got a very quick response. Turns out it was from the app developer herself! She was extraordinarily helpful. Seems that there are some glitches in the search feature, and you need to update the library. There are lots of cocktails to be found if you poke around in the library. Evidently they are trying to improve the search/find feature. Anxious to see the update.
By Not a good gamer

Decent, but needs work

Good resource for basic cocktails, but could use more recipes (or a way for users to submit suggestions/additions) and to add or update ingredients. For instance there’s no standard Fernet Branca as an ingredient, just the less commonly used branca menta, which seems odd.

App is not full screen

The Cocktail Party app loads differently on different phones. My wife’s phone has this app too, and it loads in full screen mode, however my phone loads it in the smaller legacy iPhone format. i’ve looked in the settings and cannot find anything to load this differently. Also, my wife and I never changed any settings from the initial time we loaded this app. Wife and I both have the exact same phones, iPhone 13 Pro’s. I opened a support ticket with the vendor through the app about two weeks ago, and the company hasn’t responded. If I could get this working correctly, I will raise this review to a higher star but in the meantime, I’m using this app and in a restricted format.
By foochacho


Amazing app, great recipes
By Schlomdawg

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Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes

Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes

By Cooper Bold Interactive

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