Pro Camera by Moment

Pro Camera by Moment

Pro Camera by Moment

By Moment Inc.

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2014-11-18
  • Current Version: 4.3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 137.74 MB
  • Developer: Moment Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 13.0+
Score: 4.6
From 6,362 Ratings


We are @moment and Pro Camera is the app we’ve always wanted. Manual controls, better video, long exposure and quick access to the settings we need. It gives us the features of a DSLR but in a fast, easy to use camera app. For Filmmakers - the features you need, not the ones you don’t. Color profiles, bitrates, dual-channel audio meters, real-time waveforms, and fast access to frame rates. For Photographers - easier than shooting on your DSLR. Shoot in RAW (even in BURST), split focus / exposure, and manually control everything (exposure, iso, shutter speed, white balance and focus). For Everyone Else - inspired by the pro’s we made the interface simple, fast, and easy to use. We provide getting started tips, video tutorials, and full time customer service to get you setup. We love hearing from you. If you have any features, ideas, or feedback please email us at or DM us on Instagram @moment. ## Premium Features + NEW Timelapse mode - capture stunning time-lapse videos. + Slow Shutter mode - long exposure shots with motion blur and light trails. ## Photography Features + Focus peaking - the green edges will help you dial in your focus. + Zebra stripes - We overlay stripes onto the over and underexposed areas in the viewfinder. + RAW and TIFF - Shoot photos in RAW format for better editing, or TIFF for high-quality printing. + Split Focus and Exposure - Take control of tricky lighting scenarios. + Full Manual - Control shutter speed, iso, exposure, focus, and white balance with easy to use sliders and double taps to reset. + Burst mode - Capture burst shots in RAW format. This is big as now you can capture action with burst but at the uncompressed quality pros want with RAW. + HEIF and HEVC - Seamless support for the latest Apple file formats across photos and videos. ## Filmmaker Features + Focus peaking - the yellow edge glow will help you find dial in the focus. + Zebra stripes - We overlay stripes onto the over and underexposed areas in the viewfinder. + Color Profiles - Select from default, flat, or log color profiles to get the most out of your files in post-processing. + Video Bitrates - Get precise control over video quality with standard, medium, and high bitrates to choose from. + RGB Histogram: Dial in your video color, balance, and exposure with a live RGB histogram. + Waveform monitor - Evaluate video brightness and exposure across your image in real time. + Audio meters - Get just the right sound levels with real-time, precise, dual-channel (when available) audio levels. + Live Histogram - Get your exposure right every time. + Video Stabilization - Make your videos buttery smooth. + Precise Video - Change your resolution and frame rate on screen, without digging into a settings menu. + Anamorphic - Use the Moment Anamorphic lens to shoot amazing, letterbox style photos and videos. ## Works With + Triple/Dual Lens Control - Manually control which side of the triple/dual lens you want to shoot with so you can use Moment lenses over either one. + Moment Lens - select which lens you are shooting with. + Moment Battery Case - Works with the DSLR-like shutter button on our photography cases for half-press and full-press capture. Take better photos, faster. + Apple Watch - Use your watch as a remote to shoot photos or record videos. + Siri Shortcuts - Quick access to capture a photo or start a video RAW and 3D shutter require an iPhone 6S or later (6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, SE)


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never downloaded this plz, go eat with ur 6$
By Alialaali077

Recording keeps turning off!

I use the moment app on my iPhone and for some reason when I’m filming, the app decides to stop completely and shut off. This is very frustrating as a performer when I do good takes and the video just stops out of nowhere. Please fix this or am I doing something wrong?!! I really like this app otherwise. Film and photo settings are easy to adjust if only it would continue to film until I press stop.
By Babyjfrizzncurl

The greatest 2-star review ever

Out the gate I want to say that I am a big Moment supporter and really like the content that their team produces around the use of their products. I actually just picked up their Gold Flare Anamorphic lens and it’s sooooo dope! I use an iPhone 11 Pro Max and have the latest iOS (14.4) installed. So here’s a list of some pain points of mine when using this app: 1. It crashes, a lot. Whether I am in airplane mode or not; or using my DJI Osmo 3 gimble...this app crashes during the some very in opportunistic moments (pun intended). I use to think that it had something to do with my iOS version but I spent the last couple weeks with the newest version and the crashes continue. 2. The exporting function/feature is clunky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Whether it’s a 500 or 1700 frame time lapse, it takes forever or just freezes. After waiting 20 minutes for a 500 frame time lapse to process, I just assume it’s not going to work. Am I wrong? 3. When I switch between portrait and landscape modes (often via the gimbal), some of the feature features fall out of the wireframe. 4. There are basically three photo/video apps that I use; Filmic Pro, DJI Mimo and Moment. Moment has been my 3rd option for many months. I really like Moment’s design and workflow the most out of the three but it just fails more than it delivers. I’ve actually been out shooting recently >>>I live in the PNW/Seattle so I’m always out shooting<<< and I find myself getting frustrated with this app often, outwardly blurting out a trendy “This app is so trash!” after it crashes in the middle of a time lapse. Sure, only the trees and rivers are listening; and I don’t really think it’s trash 🗑 but the mood is definitely there haha. That’s the long way of saying, this is a not a free app and there’s even additional in-app features that also have costs; yet this app behaves like free app with a bunch of annoying ads. There are a few other quirks & bugs but I’ve spent about as much time griping about an (any) app as I want to on a Saturday. I’m sure they’re hard at work trying to fix the bugs. I hope they do it soon before I uninstall this app for good. FYI - Every time this app kills my creative spirit I uninstall it for a few days but ultimately re-install it because it’s so purdy and again, I’m a fan. In closing, get ya sh*t together y’all, there’s content to create 🤓
By SuperTova


It doesn’t even open anymore. I’m running the latest iOS and latest app version, but it doesn’t even get past the loading screen before closing itself. Absolutely worthless now despite the fact that I paid for it...
By cmriker

Crashes & bug

Ur app always crash and bug when I use it to shoot.
By Abderrahman ben


Crashed as soon as I open.
By zhuhai

Rather buggy

I am new to this app and just started trying to learn and use it. It offers so much promising features but when I actually tried to start using it, I ran into issue after issue. My first real time lapse it never could export. I took about 2600 frames and when I try to export I tried every combination of formats other than raw and it would get somewhere between half and 3/4 the way and then stop. I never got an export. I then tried taking pictures with the camera with 3sec timer and for some reason it thinks I’m in bracketing mode even though I’m not. Every picture I tried to take it would take three at the same exposure and settings. I made sure bracketing was off but it still would do it so I tried turning bracketing on and then double tapping on the KT on the screen to make sure it was off there and now it takes nine photos three like before times three for the bracketing. I don’t have time to waste trying to figure out why this isn’t working. The app also keeps locking up on me. It gets to a point where I can’t get anything I touch on the screen to work and I have to quit out of the app to get it unfrozen when I come back in. This feels like a very buggy app and I don’t understand why it gets such rave reviews. I will raise my star rating when I get a release that’s usable.
By The Teaman

Manual mode & stabilization?

So, can you not set exposure, iso, shutter speed independently of each other? It seems like I can set 2 out of 3, but not all. Also, it seems the stabilization is disabled while using the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s main camera. Will Apple not let 3rd party use the stabilization in their apps?
By zyxwvuts

Great addition for the on the go street photographer

Much better than your camera’s native lens...
By Rah Lo

Great app but it crashes all the time

I purchased the slow shutter speed and time lapse features on my Iphone 7, but I could never used them because whenever I switch to the features, it crashes. I really wanted to love this app, but the crashing made the experience terrible.
By bang0212


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