Pro Camera by Moment

Pro Camera by Moment

Pro Camera by Moment

By Moment Inc.

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2014-11-18
  • Current Version: 4.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 138.64 MB
  • Developer: Moment Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 13.0+
Score: 4.6
From 5,894 Ratings


We are @moment and Pro Camera is the app we’ve always wanted. Manual controls, better video, long exposure and quick access to the settings we need. It gives us the features of a DSLR but in a fast, easy to use camera app. For Filmmakers - the features you need, not the ones you don’t. Color profiles, bitrates, dual-channel audio meters, real-time waveforms, and fast access to frame rates. For Photographers - easier than shooting on your DSLR. Shoot in RAW (even in BURST), split focus / exposure, and manually control everything (exposure, iso, shutter speed, white balance and focus). For Everyone Else - inspired by the pro’s we made the interface simple, fast, and easy to use. We provide getting started tips, video tutorials, and full time customer service to get you setup. We love hearing from you. If you have any features, ideas, or feedback please email us at or DM us on Instagram @moment. ## Premium Features + NEW Timelapse mode ($3.99) - capture stunning time-lapse videos. + Slow Shutter mode ($3.99) - long exposure shots with motion blur and light trails. ## Photography Features + Focus peaking - the green edges will help you dial in your focus. + Zebra stripes - We overlay stripes onto the over and underexposed areas in the viewfinder. + RAW and TIFF - Shoot photos in RAW format for better editing, or TIFF for high-quality printing. + Split Focus and Exposure - Take control of tricky lighting scenarios. + Full Manual - Control shutter speed, iso, exposure, focus, and white balance with easy to use sliders and double taps to reset. + Burst mode - Capture burst shots in RAW format. This is big as now you can capture action with burst but at the uncompressed quality pros want with RAW. + HEIF and HEVC - Seamless support for the latest Apple file formats across photos and videos. ## Filmmaker Features + Focus peaking - the yellow edge glow will help you find dial in the focus. + Zebra stripes - We overlay stripes onto the over and underexposed areas in the viewfinder. + Color Profiles - Select from default, flat, or log color profiles to get the most out of your files in post-processing. + Video Bitrates - Get precise control over video quality with standard, medium, and high bitrates to choose from. + RGB Histogram: Dial in your video color, balance, and exposure with a live RGB histogram. + Waveform monitor - Evaluate video brightness and exposure across your image in real time. + Audio meters - Get just the right sound levels with real-time, precise, dual-channel (when available) audio levels. + Live Histogram - Get your exposure right every time. + Video Stabilization - Make your videos buttery smooth. + Precise Video - Change your resolution and frame rate on screen, without digging into a settings menu. + Anamorphic - Use the Moment Anamorphic lens to shoot amazing, letterbox style photos and videos. ## Works With + Triple/Dual Lens Control - Manually control which side of the triple/dual lens you want to shoot with so you can use Moment lenses over either one. + Moment Lens - select which lens you are shooting with. + Moment Battery Case - Works with the DSLR-like shutter button on our photography cases for half-press and full-press capture. Take better photos, faster. + Apple Watch - Use your watch as a remote to shoot photos or record videos. + Siri Shortcuts - Quick access to capture a photo or start a video RAW and 3D shutter require an iPhone 6S or later (6S, 7, 8, X, XS, XR, SE)


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App crashes

App no longer works on my device.
By Anurajguru

Volume control

Only bought this app because I had to in order to use the battery case. App constantly takes over my volume controls and turns it down. I know it is this app because it stops when I open the app and then force close it.
By theycallmeVU

Perfect for Moon Shooting

Not using a missile but my trusted iPhone X. For high contrast objects such as the moon, this app allows you to manually focus, zoom in, set ISO and shutter speed to capture a perfect moon image with details not blown out. Attach an external telescope to the phone’s telephoto lens, select 2x from the app, you’ll have double the optical magnification from the telescope. Telescope does not work on the telephoto lens on iPhone’s own camera app. Cons: Lacks aperture control. Customized Preset settings don’t work. Manually set shutter speed, ISO, EV, Focus etc will return to auto after fiddling with other settings/menu. Lock up impossible. EV adjustment yields unrealistic results.

Absolutely love this app!

Has worked great in all situations this far; kids games, recording a friends campaign video and selfies.
By dPitski

Inconsistencies since update

I have used the app for a year and loved it. However some of the latest versions havent been performing as well as expected. The watch app is not connecting with the phone. In addition it crashes when recording video with my Diji gimbal.
By PonyandaPayday

Time lapse export completely broken

I love filming long time lapse videos with this app and my iPhone 11 Pro - there’s really nothing out there that offers the flexibility and the options for iPhone that the Moment professional bundle offers. It’s great. ....except when you try to export your finished time lapse. Every single time I’ve filmed a time lapse over 1000 frames, it just does not export a stitched video, no matter what the resolution, frame rate, or quality is set to. It gets to 25%-50% complete and then it just grinds to a halt on export. After inquiring about how they even let this hit the App Store with such an egregious bug, I was told by their customer service “we’re a small team, we can’t find every bug”. Well, I’m a QA engineer on a small team and that’s literally YOUR JOB to find bugs. It’s not like this is a small bug, it’s literally preventing me from exporting hours of footage, using the features I paid for. Moment, fix your bugs or hire more QA to debug or both!!


So wait, I paid for this app over a year ago, I’ve updated many times -and already have adjustable shutter speeds and time laps. I’ve loved this app but now you’re telling me if I update to this new version I’ll lose the shutter speed and time lapse function I technically already paid for and have to buy it separately? No thanks, if that’s the case, that’s pretty shady. I’m not going to update and just use this version until I can’t anymore. That’s not a cool move Moment. UPDATE: I’ve upped my star rating to 5 because I love the app and get a lot of use out of it, but I apparently misunderstood what the new update included or excluded. The way I read it is that the update would cause features that I already had because I caught the app years ago would go away with this update and would now be a separate purchase. It turns out that is not the case and I finally updated the app and I still have all the features I originally paid for. Thanks for clearing that up for me Moment, sorry for the misunderstanding.
By SaltonSea18

Great functions but recording video is very harmful

Please fix this error.Vedic recording is very harmful .like photo camera mode .I love moment camera app.
By phyoyel

Very Frustrating

I really want to like this app, and I need it for the anamorphic lens. I works sort of ok, but is ridiculously buggy. 1: every time I open it, it opens to a blank & black view. I need to tap the iPhone lens select a couple of times to get a view. Sometimes it takes a photo when I’m doing this, even though I’m not touching the shutter. 2: it randomly takes photos for no reason, such as when I hit the case button, or the menu button, or just when it wants to. 3. It seems to be stuck in burst mode with no way out. I end up wasting a lot of time deleting anywhere from 2 to 5 duplicates. 4. The moment lens select changed with no notice so now the options are just small hard to see dots at the top instead of the drop down lists. 5. The app doesn’t let you know which dot is for the 15mm and which is for the 14mm. Moment may have rolled out a new version for the iPhone 12, but please fix the bugs which plague this app.
By tsukuboy

The New Update Is Good But Bad

i Like Some Of the Stuff that they added to this update 1.the widgets And Now Some Stuff that i dislike's glitchy and crashes sometimes 2.there's lots of bugs like one where it records or take pictures without me pressing the button and the only way to stop it is to delete the app 3. The Video Option Sometimes Shows a Black Screen this is the worst update and I regret updating it the only one that works properly is the iPad version there were no bugs or crashing or glitches I had with the iPad One But For my iPhone, I sadly have to quit moment and change to another app I hope all the glitches will be fix
By peridotcheese3


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