Highrise - Virtual World

Highrise - Virtual World

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Highrise is way more than just a social network. It's the easiest way to create your avatar identity, make new best friends, stay in the loop, and explore a magical virtual world - all on your phone. • Create an avatar with our avatar creator and pick from 1000s of outfits and items • Share your #mood and follow others in the Highrise News Feed • Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups • Meet new friends and characters with similar interests in the app store's largest sim game • Design an infinite number of rooms for play, chat or just plain fun • Enjoy weekly content updates with new art and events There's always room in Highrise. See you soon. :) P.S. Follow us on Instagram and Tumblr @highrise.


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Can I make a guy character or what, I ain’t tryna be a female lol
By pinkky780

Password? Help me!

My Player ID Is Devinl2 Please find my password for me I’m trying to log into beta Contact this number about the Password:979-267-9617
By dopelord72

Good game

It is really fun game but you have to work really hard for money but overall great game.
By AlsoRandomName


I’m upset that every time you guys show between winning a Pokémon and winning gold. You guys give me something totally different, when I watch the videos sometimes and it shows a Pokémon as one of the choices and after the video is over it goes black. I could have gotten a Pikachu if the screen wouldn’t of went black. I see everyone else with a Pikachu and it’s giving me a hard time just to get one. It isn’t fair, I know maybe some of them got it through trading. But it is hard getting one through watching the videos because they rip me off. I want my Pikachu please.
By Ashleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyf

Please make it avail for galaxy phones

I have been playing this game for years and LOVE it, but recently I changed to a galaxy and no longer have an iPhone. Please make it compatible to androids/galaxy’s.. I have a lot of history in this game 😣
By forgetfull0099

Please Read. I noticed Highrise isn’t what it was meant to be.

Hi, I am a returning user and I loved highrise in 2016. I love the connect 4 games and the old Clair. I miss all of that and other users do too. I thought highrise was more than just social media. But i was wrong. All people care about is chatting and highrise just seems boring. I miss the old days and I was wondering if you could look into it and bring it all back. I miss fishing:). I miss the old events really bad.
By gjgftyjh

It's amazing only issue is...

Its an amazing game believe me I've been here for 1 year the only issue is the stalkers here they will ask you stuff like "send pics" or "wanna mess around on insta" and I don't like that not recommend for 12yrs more like 17+
By helloooooaoaoaoaoaooiioioioi


I spent a lot of money on this app, and I keep getting banned with no explanation as to why; unacceptable, if I’m a paying customer, I at least deserve to know why I’m getting so I can stop whatever it is that is so wrong that I am doing.
By Number1pimp

Bad service & support

They dont give many options to help you with a case you have like if you got banned or you were scammed they just do it without further or do ✍🏻
By nick - a - name

Stop it don’t download it!!!

I downloaded this about a month and ago and I was fine with all of the money stuff because I just wanted to makes friends. Sure I’ve made some great friends but then come the boys 🤦🏻‍♀️. Omg I hate it! This is a freaking dating app people and I don’t want to online date. And dm(ing) saying that you’re hot or I want to see a pic of you is just like a stalker of hacker in my opinion! Don’t let your kids play because if horrible! I don’t know why you have “buy” bulks. Also if you are a new comer like I was it was so frustrating when I wanted to trade with someone! Like this one time I just wanted some Pom Pom earring and she said that they were 1kg! Like those earrings weren’t even rare and I truly think that you should put a cost limitation on these items like how can a new comer by that crap! And blocking people I don’t would make a difference with boys trying to hit on you.. I personally believe you should ban them for at least 2 days or something! *smh* disappointing and I deleted the game.
By Evienne Till


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Highrise - Virtual World

Highrise - Virtual World

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