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Highrise - Virtual World

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Highrise is way more than just a social network. It's the easiest way to create your avatar identity, make new best friends, stay in the loop, and explore a magical virtual world - all on your phone. • Create an avatar with our avatar creator and pick from 1000s of outfits and items • Share your #mood and follow others in the Highrise News Feed • Choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups • Meet new friends and characters with similar interests in the app store's largest sim game • Design an infinite number of rooms for play, chat or just plain fun • Enjoy weekly content updates with new art and events There's always room in Highrise. See you soon. :) P.S. Follow us on Instagram and Tumblr @highrise.


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Needs enprovement

I really want to know how to get the unicorn stuff but in the shop there us nothing everything i want is to experience and cost 2000 coin which you have to buy and I don’t have money im 9 years old this game is nice and stuff but not a lot of stuff to do ether
By MjgHeart

i love this game but it does have some things to be fixed

i love this game and i play it all the time but just like everyone else is saying..it’s hard to get gold. i’ve spent lots of money on this game for gold and i really think that there should be like a daily spin wheel to earn gold. also people charge stuff for HUGE prices. people will charge a rare item for like 1k and epics for like 7k. it’s hard to get that type of money. i get it some of the items are from like a year ago and hard to get but if you don’t want it then sell it for cheap. but honestly i really love this game but the gold needs to be fixed!♥️
By CoolBeans1624

Fun I guess

It is fun but people are not kind and I likes asking for money a lot but it also has lots of problems with bullies and offenders so if you are under 13 it is a no no for you
By yesmar alel

Terrible game

They banned me from the game even tho I wasn’t doin anything Please unban me Bc I love this ganeu
By treyzad

Used to be good not anymore.

I would play Highrise and have fun and had drama but now I realize you need gold to get clothes and that was really hard for me and not everyone is going to be able to get gold because some parents don’t trust online games with there credit cards and then I decided to delete Highrise because what is the use of playing this game when you just want money, if you want money so badly how about you get up from your beds and go to work, you just making a game and getting money is bad for you because you will keep getting money and asking for more and I wonder if you would teach your child like this if this is a boy/girl but this is not right and I think it would be better if we get things without gold or make a spinning wheel for us to use everyday to get gold because that would be helpful, if you are reading this I hope you understand that you need to stop making everything for money and do without money anyway thank you for your time and sorry for writing too much but I had to share my opinion.
By vanessagirl1234

Honestly I’m addicted

As is most everyone that joins Highrise. It’s an amazing game for making legit friends. Also the events are super fun. Purchasing gold helps but it’s definitely not everything and not completely necessary. You can have an amazing time without purchasing anything.
By BrielleLeCrux


First, 2 people asked me nudes for gold, that NEEDS to be stopped put at least censoring and a report area because this is just unacceptable I’m sorry but this is just awful
By marliegh

I don’t like elites

People are so mean they ignore u this game is rude I won’t ask u to play it it’s fun but people don’t donate and they ignore u if ur a noob
By 🎀🌞🌍

Still needs help

I’m a user back from when pico social world was up and I love this game, bring back old memories. There is a constant issue though, the game is solely based on fashion and to even compete with other players you have to buy gold which there is free methods of getting gold and ways to buy real items and still get gold through free gold offers, which pico used to have “hackers” that did the same thing so i know how to work that but not everyone else does. And not all offers are personally safe either. I did give this app a 5 star rating only bc of nostalgia but I have always known there is problems with this format. If I could give an addition to this game it would be for the artists! There’s tons on there and it would be wikid if ameba created an app compatible with high rise to get a basic avatar dumby to draw on to design ur own clothes to sell for gold. That way there’s a way for players to make gold with out having to blow $20 just to get one fancy item every one wants. The game has great potential if they could cut down on the money they ask for. I would imagine it would bring them more money if they have more players. But also there comes in an affect of copy cats. There should be an extra fee to make sure no1 copies ur clothing designs a gold fee to make each individual clothes and having fancy colors vip members could have access to to make better clothes. That way they are still making profit along with bringing in more players and having the “too pricey” of gold issue fixed. Plus designing ur own clothes is more fun than buying over priced clothes you have to buy with real money that you may not even like. Just suggestions, but if I saw a new drawing app connected to high rise I would be so excited! More players=more money. Keepem happy 💖
By italktomyfood

Highrise 🏨

Highrise is Amazing.There’s so many things to do and you can make rooms chat and go to other rooms.You can join clubs etc.You could make your own avatar too.By the way you can post stuff .In my opinion I think Highrise is five star. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
By Mariana the panda


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Highrise - Virtual World

Highrise - Virtual World

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