Barometer & Altimeter Pro

Barometer & Altimeter Pro

Barometer & Altimeter Pro

By Steffen Bauereiss

  • Category: Weather
  • Release Date: 2014-11-11
  • Current Version: 4.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 20.03 MB
  • Developer: Steffen Bauereiss
  • Compatibility: iOS 13.2+
Score: 3.9
From 161 Ratings


This app uses the barometric pressure sensor found in all the newer iPhone iPad and Apple Watch Models sold after 2016 with few exceptions. You need one of these newer devices to use this App. See below which older iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch without this sensor are not supported! This App features a Barometer for weather, an Altimeter for outdoor activities, a barometric Trend and a Notification Center Widget. Even without the optional In-App-Purchase this is a fully functional Barometer with absolutely no draw-backs and all important features accessible. Always without ads! (See "Pro Features" at the end). No internet connection required, no data transmitted - runs on your device only! Keep an eye on the barometric pressure and be your own weather forecast! This little app uses only GPS (optional) and the new barometric pressure sensor to calculate the barometric pressure used in weather forecasts. The new iPhones have a barometric pressure sensor built in so this app works completely without internet. The handy marker helps you keep track of changes in the barometric pressure and let's you predict weather changes! Please realize, that a single barometric pressure reading is not enough to tell the current weather situation but the barometric pressure and its change over time is a very good indicator for weather changes! Now you can also see the trend in barometric pressure with graph charts displaying the measurements taken during the last 30 days! (6h, 12h, 24h, 3d, 7d, 14d, 30d) The Altimeter helps you track your altitude changes based on the change of pressure. Just set your reference pressure and altitude in order to use the Altimeter for checking how high up the mountain you have climbed (works for other activities too). The App does not use GPS for the Altimeter. Please Note that on older devices such as the 4S, 5, 5S and 5C as well as on any iPod Touch and iPad Models older than iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4 as well as the Apple Watch 1 and 2, this app will not be able to read barometric pressure values and not display any useful information. The first generation 4-inch iPhone SE prior to 2020 is not supported - the new one is! All basic features, the Barometer, the Altimeter, the Trend and the Widget are completely free to use for everyone and are fully functional at maximum accuracy available. No ads! The only features with restricted access via In-App-Purchase are listed at the end under "Pro Features". Those are nice to have features for power users or those that want to show their support for the App! Features (free for everyone) - Barometer for weather - Altimeter for outdoor activities - Today-View Widget (Barometer) - Watch App - Up to 30d trend visualised with graphs - Interactive timeline on the trend graphs - No internet connection required since the sensor is built into the new iPhones and iPads - Supports 6 different pressure units - Support for 2 different altitude units - Analog Barometer with support for all 6 units - Configurable "displayed accuracy" / number of decimals - Supports setting a custom marker so you can track changes in barometric pressure - Manual altitude setting or automatic altitude updates based on GPS for the Barometer. - GPS Correction. In case your GPS seems to always be 'off' a little you can now fix this easily. - Portrait and Landscape support - No ads! No data collection beyond your device (history and settings). No web communication at all. Pro Features (one time In-App Purchase required) - Change the Barometer Face - Fishing Barometer - Two scales on the Barometer - Data export in CSV Format


Barometer & Altimeter Pro ScreenshotBarometer & Altimeter Pro ScreenshotBarometer & Altimeter Pro ScreenshotBarometer & Altimeter Pro Screenshot



Haven’t used this app in weeks. I wake up this morning and something is using my location. I go to the settings to see what it is and it’s the barometer app. Why would this app be using my location at 6am? I have the settings set up to only use my location while running the app. The app was not open in the background either. Hopefully they have an explanation for this.
By Buttnakkedwonda

Excellent app!

If you have need to track the barometric pressure, perhaps for arthritis our outdoor sports, this has proven to be an accurate and simple app to use. The ‘Trend’ view is great for looking at a graph for 3 day and longer. The Pro version is a super buy!
By agallia

Love this app

I have chronic migraines and this app is spot on. If I get a headache all I have to do is look at this and I know pressure has dropped. It is spot on for me.
By Brandyls76

New update

Do Not like the update 5/12/2020 was ok till today. Glad I only use the free app.
By Me o daddy

Great, But...

I don’t like the new update with the white background. This app, though, helps me understand weird things that occur due to barometric changes. Thanks!
By 1 Reviewer

Bill- A young, old timer

This is one of my faves. I have been using it for years as a confirmation of my physical/mental condition. I am late 70s (age) but still very active in golf, tennis, pickelball etc. On the days that I am not at my best (fatigue, focus etc.) I check this Barometer app and it INVARIABLY shows a significant change in pressure is concurrent. I have been telling my fellow competitors this for years and they used to laugh. I began showing them the app readings and they are now “believers”. Interestingly my wife gets a headache about 2-3 hours before a significant change begins showing just how sensitive the human body is and how dramatically we are affected. All my fisherman friends tell me how fish are affected by the barometer, so it should not be a surprise that all creatures on land be at least that affected if not more.
By Licity Split

Great barometer app & excellent support!

I downloaded this a week ago, and immediately bought the pro features. There’s one little kink in the pro settings where I’m unable to unlock the dynamic Y-axis on the graph. I emailed the developer, and he replied immediately. He thinks it is a bug with iOS, and said he would try to fix it in the next update. That’s what I call service!
By 448adam

Love this app

I have been using this App for many years. Whenever my joints hurt I check the pressure. There is a strong relationship. I would love to see videos on YouTube that explain all the features .
By treasure chest warehouse

Very useful

Barometer is the most basic instrument used in weather forecasting - I always wanted one that I could hang on the wall to monitor weather; now I have one in my pocket with this app on iPhone. The app even plots pressure changes over time. The Pro version allows export of this trend data to CSV file; that makes this app a serious tool for more sophisticated work. Very useful.
By AnjanT

Best barometer app I’ve found... but I wish for additional features

I’m a sailor. Like many others, I use a barometer as an aid to weather forecasting. Both long term and short term variations in barometric pressure provide advance warning of changes in weather conditions, in particular arrival of winds due to approaching fronts or storms, or local thunderstorms. As a frequent solo sailor, I need all the advance warning I can get... This app has all the functionality you could want from a barometer app -display of current pressure in a pleasing and informative way, ability to set a marker at current pressure to quickly track changes over time, and a trend record. I haven’t found anything better. For macro scale weather changes, it is perfect. What I would like to see is (1) a shorter trend timescale, when watching for squalls from localized weather events e.g. thunderstorm activity; and (2) more detailed (frequent) recording of pressure when not using the app, for display later in the trend. Rate of change is a critical parameter when monitoring barometric pressure, and this cannot be determined unless a detailed history is available. Ideally, notification of high rates of change of pressure (even, or perhaps especially, when not using the app) would be fantastic. I would happily pay for this enhanced functionality... other stand alone devices with these features are available, and useful, but expensive. I appreciate, and recommend, the app as it stands... but I’d love that little bit extra functionality.
By DelicutKaffee


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