Breethe: Meditation & Sleep

Breethe: Meditation & Sleep

By OMG. I Can Meditate! Inc.

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Rather than making meditation and wellness more items on your to-do list, Breethe makes it easily fit into your everyday life — and we try to do it with a sense of humor. We want to be the best ‘peace’ of your day ;). WHAT YOU’LL GET: Our ever-growing library (over 1500 tracks!) of down-to-earth and effective content includes: ¥ ‍An A to Z of Ways to Zzz: Breethe gives you the most ways to tune out, wind down, and drop off, including meditations, hypnotherapy (we are the only ones who have this!), tapping, sleep stories, bedtime visualizations, music, and sounds. ¥ ‍Self-Care on Your Schedule: The app is organized to easily fit into your busy day with intuitive sections including Start Your Day, Take a Break, and Go to Sleep. We’re there for you with tons of easy and short (under 5 minutes!) tracks, whether you’re having an afternoon slump or a bout of late night worries. ¥ ‍Real Help for Your Life: The “My Life Kit” was designed to get to know you through a series of easy, naturally progressing questions and create a toolkit personalized for your specific needs. ¥ Insanely Relatable & Specific Meditations: Examples of our meditation include “My Boss is a Jerk”, “My Family Drives Me Nuts”, and “Tax Season—Adulting Is Hard.” ¥ Music for Every Mood: DJ your day or ease into sleep with playlists you create. ¥ ‍From Zero to Zen: Our 7-Day, 30-Day, and 90-Day learn to meditate programs introduce you to daily meditations that are easy-to-follow and soothing — most new meditators quickly find themselves hooked on the habit. ¥. World Renowned Experts, Here for You. Talks, series, and masterclasses from qualified professionals (including NY Times bestselling authors) to create the most effective and supportive experience. BREETHE IN THE NEWS: "Life-changing and so simple even my 7–year-old daughter uses it! ...Highly Recommend. " — INSTYLE MAGAZINE "Super-easy guided meditations that even the most spirituality-averse person can get into." — PEOPLE MAGAZINE "For those busiest amongst us, this is a great app for you." — HARPER’S BAZAAR "There are plenty of meditation apps out there, but this is one of our favorites." — GOOP "Without a doubt the best and most comprehensive meditation app available in the App Store." — APPPICKER.COM " A well thought-out app, fun but serious, playful and helpful.. and very appealing." — MINDFUL.ORG Selected Best New App by Apple in 95 countries. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: ¥ Mindfulness program for kids and teens ¥ Great practical tools such as setting morning alarms, saving favorites, creating reminders, and adjusting background music volume levels ¥ Available on your phone, tablet or computer. Your progress is synced across all devices ¥ Use the Free version as long as you want or unlock all content with a Premium Membership! ¥ Adds Mindful Minutes to your Apple Health app thanks to an integration with the Apple Health kit Monthly membership autorenews for USD $12.99 per month Yearly plan membership autorenews for USD $89.99 per year Lifetime membership . one time payment of USD $179.99. Prices in USD may vary due to exchange rates. NEED HELP ? Contact us at For more info, consult Copyright © 2015 OMG. I Can Meditate! Inc.


Breethe: Meditation & Sleep ScreenshotBreethe: Meditation & Sleep ScreenshotBreethe: Meditation & Sleep ScreenshotBreethe: Meditation & Sleep ScreenshotBreethe: Meditation & Sleep ScreenshotBreethe: Meditation & Sleep ScreenshotBreethe: Meditation & Sleep ScreenshotBreethe: Meditation & Sleep ScreenshotBreethe: Meditation & Sleep ScreenshotBreethe: Meditation & Sleep Screenshot


Unauthorized subscription and charges

This app subscribed me w/out my consent subscribing to it, blindly billed me automatically for annual fees twice w/out my consent & got my acct info w/out my authorization. All these w/ out me receiving a courtesy email ir advice , not even once!!!! Pls cancel the unauthorized subscription & refund me for the charges you made
By mommyguapa

Tricked into a subscription

I signed up for a free trial of this app over a year ago and canceled within the window to not be auto-renewed. Today I noticed that I’ve actually been charged $12.99 a month for over a year for a subscription I’ve never used. Apple will only refund me the last two months, so I’m out $170 on a subscription I didn’t want, use, or sign up for. Don’t get tricked like I did.
By Longsleevetee

Great content - take 15 seconds to load the homepage

App takes 15-20 seconds to load to home page on opening app each time. What’s going on. I really liked this app before but bugs are killing it
By Itsnikkip

Poorly considered

Avoid if you have tinnitus, options for background noise are randomly allowed on some tracks and not others. Quality of backend noise is terrible. Options for background noise do not include any color noises. Overall the worst experience I’ve had with a sleep or meditation app. Absolutely no consideration for a large demographic that could specifically benefit from it.
By Dmcguy

New awards system broke the app

When I opened t app today, I got an award. Cool. But I could not find a way to back out or close the award. So, I had to close the app. When I reopened, I received another award. Had to close the app. Reopen. Another award. Close. Reopen. Etc. This happened about a dozen times. My meditation app really stressed me out this morning. Not happy. Don’t cate about silly awards and now they have started my day out on a sour note.
By Clcphd

Waste of Time

I downloaded this app and was immediately barraged with screens trying to get me to pay $12.99. Talk about NOT CALMING. There is almost no free content. One of the only free things I was able to try was a breathing exercise video where the voice was so unpleasant that I turned it off immediately. I feel that this company needs to offer access to it’s contact for free for a short time, WITHOUT taking a credit card, to let users get a sense if they want to use it or not. On a side note, the positive reviews of this app are so clearly paid reviews. “I never wrote reviews, but I just had to because this app is so great!” Sigh.
By Beautiful Collection

Breve is a good option

Breathe is a good option because it can help you if you have 80 HD and it really works out for my kid
By yeet button yeet The cow


It’s still new to me but so far do good.
By Jeanish

WARNING! They will keep charging you!

I downloaded this app for the free trial, didn’t like it after 2 uses, and in spite of cancelling and deleting the app, and multiple requests they have S T I L L billed me twice! Last billing again Oct 17th in spite of repeated emails. DONT DO IT!! Phantom billing keeps you up at night. What a scam.
By kathlnene


Absolutely love it
By DSwangel

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Breethe: Meditation & Sleep

Breethe: Meditation & Sleep

By OMG. I Can Meditate! Inc.

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