Virtual Sandtray

Virtual Sandtray

Virtual Sandtray

By Chris Ewing

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2015-12-03
  • Current Version: 3.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 3.10 GB
  • Developer: Chris Ewing
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.1+
Score: 4.67
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The Sandtray is a tried and true process used by many Play Therapists with clients of any age. The Sandtray process is ‘elementally therapeutic by promoting play and relationship’ (Homeyer and Sweeney, 2011). However, difficulties of the traditional office Sandtray set up can include cost, portability, storage and display of the tray, sand and miniatures. The Virtual Sandtray App is a revolutionary tool for therapists to utilize in multiple settings where these concerns prohibit traditional Sandtray use. With the Virtual Sandtray App, a qualified therapist can work with clients in settings such as hospitals, crisis intervention sites, practicum and internship sites. Basically, any settings where traveling with traditional Sandtray setup is cumbersome or impossible. In addition, the virtual elements allow for the expansion and use of items and concepts which are impractical in traditional Sandtray. These elements include saving of environments for later use, screenshots of environments, backgrounds, rotation of the tray, weather elements, fire, limited animation and resizing items. Expansion packs can be purchased in addition to the basic sandtray pack and a fabulous collection can travel with the therapist anywhere.


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Incredibly powerful immersive sand tray experience

I adopted the virtual Sandtray app, which now allows the client to build their tray remotely, when Covid forced me to work remotely. I’ve used it successfully with kids from 5 to adults. It offers some things that traditional sandtrays don’t, including a more animated gaming-like experience that is VERY appealing to tweens, teens, and many adults. It is emotionally powerful. You really feel like you are IN the world. While gaming isn’t my thing, I will continue offering it as a therapeutic alternative to traditional sand tray work even when I’m working face to face again because it is so appealing to many and such an amazing therapeutic tool. I’ll be honest. It is such a powerful program that there is a learning curve in getting comfortable with it, but the developers offer live support (free) and kids seem to grasp it immediately. It’s worth the little bit of effort to master it because it is such a powerful therapeutic tool. I’m an “old fart”. I think people that have grown up more in the digital world will find it pretty intuitive.
By Blorma


Fabulous tool for the therapy office - but the addition of the remote feature (allowing therapist to witness the client creating the tray during tele-health sessions) makes this an important addition to virtual play therapy work. Amazing to be able to connect to clients using this platform during this time we can’t physically share the same space.
By jodilcsw

Amazing and engaging

Virtual Sandtray App has allowed my clients to delve into sand tray the way they really like to work. There are so many options and their trays are alive with healing properties. I believe it is most satisfying to clients when they are able to see the figures animate. This combination of fun and therapeutic healing follows along with the true Therapeutic Powers of Play.
By virtual fan for life

Game changer

The app was and continues to be a game changer in my ability tO provide quality Telehealth and in person services! As a therapist I was very sad to think that I would not be able to use Sandtray in my practice due to Covid-19. The Virtual Sandtray App and team has not disappointed! The customer service is second to none and there could not have been more thought put into the app to keep it true to tenets of Sandtray and confidentiality!
By playgeek76

Perfect transition for telehealth and more

Love this app! I love sand tray work and was missing it so much with switching to telehealth. I had heard of VSA but digital play therapy hasn’t been my thing. So glad I challenged myself so that my clients, family and I can work on sand trays to process situations and feelings!
By Gmowz31

Awesome tool

This app is a game changer for therapists looking to engage our clients virtually. My clients adore it. Absolutely worth every penny.
By Bean-machine2011

Amazing Tool

As someone who loves traditional sandtray but is limited by portability issues in traveling to multiple schools, this is an incredible resource. It hooks in the tech/gamer kids in a format that they are comfortable with but also appeals to the non-gamers as well. A lot of thought was put into the design of this to really create a virtual experience in a meaningful way. Definitely recommend this to any mental health professional who uses sandtray as a therapeutic tool.
By Dickinson saw

Excellent addition to the office!

Includes many important therapeutic features. Clients love the options available that you can't find in a regular tray like fire and flying objects. Well done!
By Jasbas25


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Virtual Sandtray

Virtual Sandtray

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