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I love it, but...

I love it, but whenever I use it it makes me iPad hot to the touch. I make sure it’s the only window I have open, and I never use it when it’s plugged in, but it still gets super hot. I thought this was just a problem with my iPad, but on my android phone it gets super hot too. It makes it hard to scroll without burning my fingers. Again this might just be a personal thing with my tech, but it’s only this app that makes it hot. I doubt they’ll be able to fix this, so I’m giving 4 stars, but still. I just wanna read webtoons without burning my fingies off D:
By FloweryDonut

Daily Pass...

Like a bunch of your fans on here, whom you don’t seem to be listening to since this daily pass has been a thing for about a year now, I absolutely hate it. I don’t see the point in it. It’s only used for series that are completed, and have been completed for a long time. Why make us purchase a daily pass, by the way, if it’s only good for two weeks? It’s especially inconvenient for Webtoons that have hundreds of episodes to read. It’s very inefficient and I sincerely hope that you will fix this and make it the WEBTOON that it was before. Thank you.
By TheLittleDragon23

Truly awful support

I spent money on coin and one day it just disappeared with all my history. I wrote to support about a dozen times and each time their reply is something like “did you use the right email?” “Log out and log in again.” Or “That should happen.” How is this helpful at all??? Then they ask you to reply if it still doesn’t work. The problem is that YOU CAN’T REPLY to their email so you have to resent another support message and start over and the help goes absolutely nowhere. So I’m out 100 coins and not a single support email was handled. The entire team seems incompetent.
By dimsumd

Stop being a pain to creators.

I’ve had this app for years and I love the stories I’ve gotten to read and am in the process of reading but I’m beyond disappointed by the number of creators that don’t feel as though the can continue their stories because of contracts or restrictions put on them by you. Fans want them to come back and stories are left hanging. While there’s about 3 series that I’m reading rn that still update there’s probably 10+ that just stopped updating because of problems with you. It’s sad and honestly a slap in the face to the creators and readers that have used you for so long. I don’t know details of the contracts you have with creators but you need to figure something else out because I’m surprised you still have as many readers as you do utilizing this app after having so many amazing comics taken away. As soon as the ones I’m reading now end or feel like they can’t update anymore I’ll pretty much be leaving with them and I’ll be shocked if thousands/millions of others don’t also.
By ads>playing

Great app but

Daily passes are extremely frustrating. I wanted to go back and read old classics and just to read it all I’m going to have to wait months just to re-read it fully. I’ve been using the app for 4 years now and they have been getting greedy lately so yeah. Otherwise enjoy and you might need to explore the 7 seas if you want to read something with daily passes.
By Linus Tech Tip

pretty nice

i’ve had the app for years and it has a good selection of stories in terms of genres, drawn styles, etc. lots of stories add new chapters each week so there’s always new stuff to read. they also have really popular comics lots of people talk about/like like lore olympus.
By sakurathefleur

Idk if it’s just me

I think this is some sort of bug or maybe it’s just for me, but whenever I go down to the comments section of the comics if there is a Twitter Ad I automatically go to the Twitter App in my App Store. It’s like I clicked on it and wanted to see it, but I actually didn’t. The first time it happened I was like “oh that’s fine I just clicked on it by accident”... but now it’s been many times this has happened😐
By CupQuake105


I woke up at 3 am to see my account had been logged out, so I logged in and saw all the stories I was reading were unsubscribed and checked my coins I have been saving from the month stamp events, (and the April event I had 2 stamps already) and they we’re gone and I am very frustrated. Can you bring back my items and fix this, so maybe it can stop logging me out now!!!!!!!!! AND I HOPE ITS FIXED BY MORNING BECAUSE I LOVE THIS APP AND I WOULD GET MAD AND DELETED IT OUT OF FRUSTRATION AND TELL MY FRIEND NOT TO GET IT SO PLEASE FIX THIS :)
By Plant5tt

Daily. Pass. Why

webtoon was absolutely amazing to me and literally the greatest way to spend my free time just reading the most amazing stories. until this daily pass became a thing.. are you kidding me? it was enough having to wait a couple or pay for the fast pass episodes but now a daily pass?. come on webtoon...
By DarkKnight47k


It forces you to go to another tab to such as the App Store to download some type of app or go to some type of ad. It really does not make me want to read from WEBTOON.
By #1_Whatever