Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

By Neybox Digital Ltd.

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Sleep trouble? Sleep better with Pillow, your smart sleep assistant. Pillow can analyze your sleep cycles automatically using your Apple Watch, or you can use Pillow without an Apple Watch by placing your iPhone or iPad on the mattress near your pillow. Use Pillow as a smart alarm clock to wake up at the lightest possible sleep stage and start your day refreshed and relaxed. Record important audio events such as snoring, sleep apnea, and sleep talking. Explore trends about your sleep and compare your sleep quality with many Apple Health metrics that affect sleep. As seen on: The New York Times, Forbes, The Guardian, BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, TechCrunch, MacStories, Daily Mail, and many more. Rated as one of the best sleep tracking apps for the Apple Watch and iPhone. Join the millions that have discovered the life-changing benefits of great sleep! TRACK YOUR SLEEP AUTOMATICALLY - Simply wear your Apple Watch during sleep. Pillow will automatically detect and analyze your sleep. - View last night's report right on your Apple Watch, along with the heart rate analysis for the night. - Switch between manual and automatic mode anytime. SLEEP CYCLE & HEART RATE ANALYSIS - Advanced sleep cycle analysis algorithm based on the latest scientific findings in sleep research. - Detailed heart rate analysis - Detailed sleep stage diagram (Awake, REM, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep) and sleep score. - Pillow updates Apple Health's Sleep category - iOS 14 Widgets to view your sleep report AUDIO RECORDINGS* - Snoring, sleep apnea, sleep talking - Play, export, or delete audio recordings. *Not available in automatic sleep tracking mode. OPTIMAL BEDTIME - Analyze your sleep cycles and find the best time to fall asleep. PERSONALISED INSIGHTS & SLEEP TIPS - Discover your sleep profile - Regularly updated sleep tips SLEEP TRENDS - Explore your sleep history with Week, Month, Year, and All Time overviews. - Compare your sleep quality with many Apple Health categories that affect sleep. BACKUP & SYNCHRONIZE - Synchronize and backup your sleep data and audio recordings between your devices. ALARM PRESETS & NAPS - Powernap, recovery, and full-cycle nap - Customisable alarm presets MOOD & NOTES - Track your mood when you wake up - Discover how your notes affect your sleep quality SLEEP AID MELODIES AND WAKE UP SOUNDS - Wake up sounds - Use a track from Apple Music or iTunes as an alarm. - Sleep aid music, soundscapes, stories, meditations. - Siri Wind Down support PREMIUM FEATURES: - Unlimited sleep history & analysis - Sleep trends - Sleep notes - Heart rate analysis - Sound recordings - Nap modes & Customisable presets - Full access to all Sleep aid content - Access all wake-up melodies - Sleep tips & Personalised insights - Compare your sleep quality with Apple Health metrics - Wake-up melodies from your iTunes library or Apple Music - Data export in CSV format Learn more at https://pillow.app SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase. If you start a free trial, you will be charged automatically at the end of the trial period unless you cancel 24 hours before the expiration period. Your subscription will renew automatically unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The renewal cost will be charged to your account within 24 hours before the end of the current period. When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the existing subscription will not be refunded. If offered, any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription. Terms & Privacy Policy: https://pillow.app/pillow-privacy-policy-en


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Customer service can’t fix it.

I’ve been in daily contact with the help messaging system for over a month and they still can’t figure out what is wrong. I payed for a year of premium and a month has gone by with it not working at all. They also tell me I can’t be reimbursed for the wasted month. Update: NEYBOX is still unable to get their product working and are extremely dismissive throughout the help desk.
By Copper_unicorn

Every update destroys lived features

Seems that every time this app is updated, it loses features that were great. For example, the sounds I chose to play for going to sleep used to be able to be set for a specified amount of time. No longer....haven't been able ti fugute out what makes it turn off, but it is a long time before I actually start drifting off. Another key feature was the nap settings. There were three different types of naps that could be set...now, not even one. Even though this app has a lot going for it, I will be searching for a new sleep and alarm app.
By Rosymomma

Insufficient Sleep Data

It’s an okay app (not the most user friendly), but almost half of the time the app simply doesn’t record sleep data. This happens frequently. I go to sleep wearing my watch hoping to be aware of how I’ve slept when I wake up. But then when I awake I find that the app didn’t record my sleep. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It happens far too often for something I pay money for. Not to mention it isn’t the most comfortable thing to sleep in my Apple Watch. This week for 6 days in a row the Pillow app didn’t record my sleep. I finally cancelled my subscription. I’ve had the app for about 10 months and I’m fairly disappointed in it.
By Butl3rTSU

records nothing every 3rd or 4th nite!!!

Horrible and frustrating! I have to delete app and re-install every other night. I of course realize it will be impossible to get a refund. I Will try another company. Need a call. My number is 920-660-3391

Sooo confusing

Let’s have a “How To” conversation? The instructions state to turn off automatic detection in order to use mic features, when doing so I hit the ‘Start’ button and no sleep was detected. My advice is make a YouTube video. Let’s fix the misunderstanding/issue immediately as I spent $30 and will be reposting weekly about the fun you this app.
By nastnate

Not working since update

I have had the premium package for several years now and I really like everything about the app until an update or something a couple weeks ago. Everything looks different, it freezes constantly while trying to set, and the alarm doesn’t go off ever (LOTS of crazy mornings because of that) nor can I press to turn it off. I have to remove it from the foreground. It says the alarm is going off but there is no noise or snooze option and nothing works. When it worked it was great, not so much now.
By Country mom of 3

Review Update

I had previously given this app a one star rating because it only worked once and I couldn’t figure out how to make it work again. I no longer have that problem. I discovered that the Pillow App has to be given permissions within the Apple Health App to work correctly. Since I solved that minor problem, the app works like a charm. It automatically detects when I fall asleep every night. It now provides me the information regarding my sleep that I wanted.
By The1truequeen

Doesn’t record awake time in middle of night

I am disappointed that this doesn’t record my awake time at night. I have a small baby and wake up multiple times. It just records the awake time as REM even though I am fully awake and also using my phone. I had an off brand Chinese watch cheap watch which records sleep better than Apple Watch and this app.
By manuhehar

Less Accurate Since Update - Premium User

I’ve used this app for a few years and always found it to be very accurate, especially after I got an Apple Watch. Unfortunately the updated version often doesn’t detect my sleep for at least an hour after I’ve laid down. I could understand this if it took me a while to go to sleep, but typically I’m also very shortly after laying down. Hopefully this is something that a common issue, and is being worked on.
By Cd andrews

Bad memory

I didn’t use it for one month and it deleted my whole memory
By moeatt


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