TanTan - Asian Dating App

TanTan - Asian Dating App

By Tantan Cultural Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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With the largest Asian singles community in the world, Tantan is the #1 network to meet, chat, and date Asians or Asian Americans. If you can't meet someone you like because of the busy work and limited social circle, just use Tantan to explore. The most trendy way to meet new friends instantly. Find the ones you like quickly! If you both like each other, you will match instantly to start an instant chat to get to know each other. If you don't get a match right away, don't be discouraged, there are plenty of beautiful and interesting single Asian on Tantan waiting to match with you. Your special someone is just one step away! [Product Features] Well matched. No harassment. The choice is yours. - Live chat. Efficient match. Instant reply from the ones you like. - On Tantan, your matched lover is just one swipe away, or maybe your destined soulmate! [VIP Membership Service Description] Purchase VIP Membership and enjoy a better swiping and matching experience: 1. User name highlight & exclusive badge to help you stand out from the rest! 2. 5 Super Likes per day, dramatically increase your match rate by 5 times! 3. Unlimited Rewinds. Accidentally swiped left on that special someone? Go back as far as you like so you never miss your chance again! 4. Location Change. Curious what's out there? Explore on single Asians around the world! 5. Unlimited Likes. Find your match and get hit on as many people as you like every day! These 5 privileges will bring you a much better dating app experience while dramatically improving your match rate! If you choose to purchase VIP membership, the subscription fee would be paid via iTunes account. The system would renew the subscription and deduct the corresponding fee automatically by the subscription type in the 24-hour window before the subscription expires. If you want to turn off the automatic renewal after purchase, please go to iTunes Settings to turn it off. Currently, the price of VIP membership starts from $1.99 USD / 1 month. Pricing may differ in different regions. If you do not purchase VIP membership, you can still use Tantan for free. Tantan VIP Membership Service Agreement http://lp.tantanapp.com/ios_play/?id=13 Tantan VIP Membership Automatic Renewal Service Agreement http://lp.tantanapp.com/ios_play/?id=13 All personal data is handled under the terms and conditions of Tantan's privacy policy. More details can be found here: http://lp.tantanapp.com/ios_play/?id=12 http://lp.tantanapp.com/ios_play/?id=17 For any questions, please feel free to contact us at E-mail: intl-support@hellogroup.com Follow Us Facebook: @tantanapp Instagram: @tantanapp


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Banned for no reason. Not worth the time

Lots of scammer trying to ask you to invest in crypto, which I have expected. But instead of banning them, I was banned without reasons. Appeal button didn’t work, emailed requesting for appeal and reasons, instead just sent me a generic policy and reasons could be banned. Asking for follow up again but no avail. A waste of time to deal with scammer + the app admin.
By mkrvw

Worst dating app on the planet

Terrible experience. Full of bots, who can even report you if you don’t add their QQ and other scamming apps. Purpose is to match and meet in real life. This app doesn’t serve this purpose. It never leads anywhere. Complete waste of time and money.
By Roys11111

This app is full of scammers and fake people…

When I first got on this app, I was super happy because I would finally be able to find an Asian girlfriend to what I like to call my Wasian Soft Daddy, but was quickly shocked by how many sexual extortionists there are on this app. I work in the field of cyber security, so I took on a few myself but it truly is ridiculous the amount of them is absurd. Pretty much every pretty Asian girl you see on this app that is somewhat pretty, is fake. The verification should be mandatory, however, I don’t even think they really care about that because I attempted to verify myself 3x and was failed every time. There is also a huge problem with people being on this app for crypto mining related things and investment banking… It’s all they talk about, and it gets very obnoxious very fast. I was hoping for this to be a good app to transition to from Tinder since I was banned for “breaking tos” even though I double checked on that and I passed. To this day I still don’t know why I’m banned. But if you are in the same boat and looking for an Asian girl or guy, look somewhere else. This is a dangerous place, and I seriously mean that…
By Wasian Soft Daddy

I had high hopes

Love the idea of this app as I thought it would a great way to connect with Asians. I am a paid member and after using the app I have yet to connected with a REAL person. So many fake accounts makes it really frustrating. I’m probably going to deleted my account early.
By 320guy


By Weijunlin

Fake! AVOID!

I have made 72 matches in 2 days. Every single one is fake. This doesn’t include the HUNDREDS of profiles I swiped left/reported upon seeing. They follow such and obvious and pathetic pattern, that I have come to believe it isn’t a matter of the app neglecting to monitor profiles; rather, I believe the app must be using pathetically predictable methods of mass-producing fake profiles with distinct characteristics. This app is an absolute waste of time. I have tried to give it a chance, but there isn’t a chance for anything to come of it. (Notice the developers only copy/paste the same 3 responses to EVERYTHING. It’s disgusting, dismissive, and disastrously negligent. Let’s see which of the 3 responses I will get— if any.)
By Read The Recent Reviews!!

No more Voice Chat Rooms

Tantan was a great app with the ability to use voice chat rooms with people all over the world. Now it is no longer on my page so I have no idea how to access voice chat rooms anymore. Will change to 5 star once issue is fixed
By guy who wants loaded oages

Fake profiles,Bots,Scammers,Crypto sellers

99% of the people are computer generated profiles to look as if there many users to match with. The load of people that will match with are bots designed to sell you crypto,ask for your WhatsApp info to sell for marketing,trying to get you to buy premium features. The few real people 1% of the entire app honestly are just looking for a sugar daddy or validation with no intent to meet or date at all, just waste your time with small talk questions.
By Empty fear poop


Most of the people on this app are scammer that they fake id and location and trying to scam you.
By ZzzZ__1830

Worst dating app if your looking for love

The worst dating app with fake profile pictures from all over Asia. Constantly con artists that wants do involve you in crypto schemes.
By dhkhewthvd

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TanTan - Asian Dating App

TanTan - Asian Dating App

By Tantan Cultural Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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