Kurbo by WW (Weight Watchers)

Kurbo by WW (Weight Watchers)

Kurbo by WW (Weight Watchers)

By WW International, Inc.

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2014-04-23
  • Current Version: 3.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 231.50 MB
  • Developer: WW International, Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 4.05
From 2,532 Ratings


Reach a healthy weight—we make it simple! Kurbo is a fun and easy-to-use mobile app designed for kids, teens, and families who want to improve nutrition habits and lose weight. Derived from Stanford University’s Weight Control Program, Kurbo helps empower everyone to live healthier through a scientifically-proven program and virtual coaching for nutrition and activity. Kurbo is exclusively mobile, giving personalized advice to achieve lifelong healthy eating and physical activity habits. “Unique Health Program Appeals to Digital Kids” – LA Parent KURBO WORKS ------------------------- Unlike many diet tracker & calorie counter apps, Kurbo does not ask you to track calories. Here’s how it helps you reach your goals: *Traffic Light system of green, yellow, and red foods helps you make healthier food choices and build healthy habits, day by day. *A team of experts supports you through daily in-app messages, emails, and texts that make it easier to reach your weight goals *Coaching based on your personality (premium plan purchase required) helps keep you motivated through weekly video check-ins, nutrition tips and goal-setting. We’ll pair you with the perfect Kurbo coach who shares your interests and really gets you! *Tasty, healthy food suggestions and inspiring advice helps you stay on track and informed about healthy living *Fun games, videos and weekly challenges make it more fun to learn about nutrition and exercise NEW FEATURES ------------------------- * Coached users can now chat with their coach directly through in-app chat. * All users will receive tips, hints, and reminders through their chat window. To take advantage of these messages, make sure to enable Notifications when prompted in the app. * You can pay for a coaching plan directly in the app. Data shows that kids and teens are much more likely to reach their goals when they work closely with a coach. KEY FEATURES ------------------------- * Food & Exercise Diary – Easily track habits in a food and activity journal * Progress Tracker – See when and how you’re reaching a healthy weight over time * Virtual Coaching Sessions – In-app messages, texts, and notifications provide personalized feedback, motivation, and recommendations * Fun Games & Weekly Challenges—Keep learning about nutrition and stay on track in a fun, exciting way * Budgeting Tool – Enjoy flexible eating and plan your food choices around special events * Helpful Videos – Watch videos to help you learn the Traffic Light system quickly and easily * Plus, set reminders and goals, pick your own coaching avatar, keep a journal, and more. WHAT KURBO KIDS ARE SAYING ------------------------- "I lost 10 pounds in 3 months. I feel a lot healthier!” - Riya, age 11 “I use what I have learned from Kurbo everyday. It has really changed my life.” - Tyler, age 14 "I was excited because it seemed like something I could do all by myself" - Sophie, 12 “I feel lighter both mentally and physically” - Julianna, 15 “I feel better about myself and people have noticed my new attitude.” - Talia, 17 “I’m trying new foods and starting to eat more veggies.” - Vanessa, 8 “My coach made me feel comfortable. I could be honest about what I was tracking.” - Isabella, 14 "I learned I can eat healthy foods, enjoy them, and live a healthy life." - Jared, 17 “When you have the motivation and a goal, you can lose weight. I’m now the healthiest person in the house!” - Manny, 15 WHAT KURBO PARENTS ARE SAYING ------------------------- “Since Sarah has Coach Bita, she has become accountable for her own food choices. I’m no longer the ‘bad guy’.” - Melissa, mom of 13-year-old Sarah “I was surprised that Peter started happily eating vegetables right away." - Karen, mom of 8-year-old Peter


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As an overweight 13 year old, i approve.

Kurbo has helped me manage my weight and i've gotten a lot healthier! don't believe the false reports! this app is amazing!
By vxghostyyy

Love the app

I love the app so very much
By Saysay1415

Already off to a great start!

We got Kurbo to help my oldest daughter (8) learn healthier eating habits without being preached to by us. And to attain a healthier weight. After 3 days, she looks up everything and is so much more thoughtful about what she is eating. My youngest daughter (6) is also joining the fun and looking up “lights”, too. I’m so relieved and excited to have found Kurbo!
By doublevmama


Really helping me focus on weight loss
By snndhdhdueuw

I love Kurbo so so so much!!!!!

It is a great way to figure out what is red yellow and green and soon you will be able to look back and see how many reds you HAVEN’T ate !!!! If someone offered me a red light normally before kurbo I would take it but not I am turning a lot of it down! I feel so much more confident about n myself and so much happier. It woks almost instantly! It is amazing I am in 5th grade by the way and I used to cry because I hated myself but now I love myself and it is my job to cherish it while I am here on this earth.
By ⛹🏼⛹️‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤸🤸‍♀️

Such a negative app!!

Trying to get my child to eat healthier and everything listed has a red color assigned to it. So... candy is the same as peanut butter, crackers, cheese, ham and pasta...?? The only “green” foods are vegetables and some fruits. Teaching kids that foods are “good” and “bad” is setting them up for unhealthy eating habits and eating disorders. We’re switching to a paper chart of fruits and veggies and using portion control.
By travelinswede

Great app

Good app I lost 200 pounds now I am 150 pounds
By bouyyyyyyyyy

It’s a great app, almost making it’s way to five stars!

I like the process this app uses of lights. Lights are a simple and effective way for children to stay healthy. I am a teen that uses this app to stay on track with health. I see many comments warning parents the app causes children to develop eating orders and starve, which I believe is not true. I am an extremely active child that works out for 50 minutes a day and using this app I do not feel hungry. I feel that the people who claim this app is a bad influence have abused the institutions placed on the app. The app allows you to have four reds (or if you don’t use the app “red” is a cheat food) a day. The reds are sometimes aggressively placed being two slices of white bread is a red, but most of the time they are fair. An Italian white-bread footling without cheese at subway is red. Since you can have four reds a day, you can eat four foot longs and still be in healthy eating range. This app is very simplistic and leaves a lot of wiggle room. Milk is regarded as a yellow and that’s seems to upset many people writing reviews. Milk is a good source of calcium, but milk is also very fatty. People seem to bypass the fact that that non-fat milk and skim milk is a green (“green” is a food that the developer encourages to eat.) The developers of this app encourage people to drink milk, but not the fatty milk that most people drink. The part that is a little mudded on the app is the yellows. The app doesn’t specify how many yellows the person should consume daily. The yellows are foods that are somewhat healthy for you, but need to be eaten in moderation. For example, boneless skinless chicken breast is a good source of protein, but is regarded as a yellow because you have to check the portion size. Yellow is what needs to be eaten in portions and not eaten without thinking. It took me a while to understand if the yellows were healthy, so the developers need to fix the confusion. I see many people in the reviews saying that the app encourages children to not eat healthy meats, and the confusion is understandable. I have found that 7 yellows a day is about the right amount for me, but it varies for each person. I am average weight, so I am sure if you are a little above or below the yellows will differ. The app not calculating how many yellows are needed daily is the only thing that makes the app fall short of a five star rating.
By I_dont_usually_write

Took me some time to appreciate it but WOW!

This app makes me be accountable for anything I put in my mouth. It also coaxes me to choose healthier habits. I find on the days that I Take the time to chart what I ate I do a little better with my habits.
By dawnbartole

Could be better but it’s still VERY helpful

I really like the app and it’s really helped me to watch what I eat and lose weight. One thing I wish the app had, was that instead of searching what you ate to track it, you can scan a barcode of what you ate. Because sometimes Kurbo doesn’t have some foods or treats
By Avery Accinelli


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Kurbo by WW (Weight Watchers)

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