Visited: My Travel World Map

Visited: My Travel World Map

By Arriving In High Heels

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2014-04-08
  • Current Version: 4.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 128.73 MB
  • Developer: Arriving In High Heels
  • Compatibility: iOS 13.0+
Score: 4.61
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Beat your own travel stats. Get inspired to visit exotic new destinations. Track your experiences around the world as you tick off your bucket list. MAP YOUR TRAVELS -Design your personal travel map by displaying countries, states / provinces / regions and cities of where you have been or want to visit. GET INSPIRED -Visualize your future travels by swiping through beautiful photos and adding them to your wishlist. TRAVEL BUCKET LIST -Keep up with your travel life goals by selecting all the countries of the world that you want to visit. -Add travel journal notes by country of your travel dates, points of interest or personal memories. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR TRAVEL JOURNEY -Share your personalized stats with others! You can share your travel ranking, percentage of the world seen and countries you’ve visited. -See your top 5 most frequently visited countries. -Create regional maps for over 20 countries, including United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Russia, France and others. TRAVEL EXPERIENCES -Want to see how many of the worlds’ capital cities you have been to? Or how about how many art museums you’ve visited? Using the list feature, check off places you have been to or want to visit by category. Lists include: African Safaris, Capitals of the World, Wonders of the World, Pyramids, Culinary Experiences, Ancient Sites, Churches, Greek & Roman Ruins, Cruise Ports, Beer Destinations, Palaces, US national parks, Ski Slops, World's Top Beaches, Shopping Destinations, LGBTQ+ Destinations, Popular Hiking Trails, Lakes, Bridges, Snorkelling/Diving Locations, Chocolate Destinations, Castles, Wine Regions, Kids Attractions, Temples, Mountain Ranges, Rock Climbing Locations, Monasteries, Opera Houses, Funicular Railways, Waterfalls, Volcanos, Mosques, US National Monuments, Hot Springs, Tunnels, US Memorial, Dance Shows, Deserts, Famous Prisons, Canal Cruises, Formula One Circuits, Top Surf Spots, Underground Cities, Whale Watching Spots, Synagogues, Caves, US National Historic Site, Tennis Destinations, Film Festivals, US National Battlefields and Scotch Distillery Regions. -Track your experiences by country such as where you’ve gone golfing, snorkelling/diving, skiing, wine tours and others. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE -Select different colors or design your own based on your travel type -Pick fully accessible, high contrast colors for your map. -Dark mode is supported to make the app easier to use while taking a red eye flight -Adjust the sovereignty for disputed territories SEE HOW YOU COMPARE TO OTHER TRAVELERS: - Compare your travel stats with other global travellers or friends - See the top 10 most popular countries to visit from your home city - Share your travel map, stats and bucket list with your family and friends Have you ever had a problem where you can’t actually remember all the countries you’ve been to? That’s why we created Visited – a simple and fun travel tracker. With Visited, you will be able to not only keep a log of all the countries, regions, and cities you’ve been to, but you’ll also be able to see your accomplishments beautifully rendered on a world map that you can share proudly. A digital scratch map if you will! You can also use Visited to plan your upcoming adventures by being inspired by breathtaking travel photos and building up your bucket list.


Visited: My Travel World Map ScreenshotVisited: My Travel World Map ScreenshotVisited: My Travel World Map ScreenshotVisited: My Travel World Map ScreenshotVisited: My Travel World Map ScreenshotVisited: My Travel World Map ScreenshotVisited: My Travel World Map ScreenshotVisited: My Travel World Map ScreenshotVisited: My Travel World Map ScreenshotVisited: My Travel World Map Screenshot


Can’t create an account without signing up for email list

Sorry, if I can’t even try the app without signing up for an email list, it is a non-starter. I should not be required to sign up for marketing junk mail before I even know if I like the app. If this gets fixed/changed then maybe I could give a better rating.
By icewolf08

Couldn’t even get logged in

I have been traveling a lot in recent years & decided I wanted to start logging locations. This was the 2nd app I decided to try, but I couldn’t even get past the set up because it required me to choose my home city off a list that didn’t contain my home city. It did not offer any way to manually enter my home city, and no way to bypass that selection. So, needless to say, I deleted the app.
By Madikam

family option

Recommend multiple family profiles so kids are encouraged to discover as much/more as their parents
By amerlok

Doesn’t load

The app doesn’t load
By Sadboi03


This app looks so cool, but when I try to sign up, there is an error that pops up on the screen. I used different emails too. I don’t know what’s wrong! EDIT: The app is super helpful. The customer support was amazing. Thank you!
By AwfullyWaffley

Won’t even work

Well I’d like to review this app for its features or literally anything but I can’t even use it. I try to make an account and it won’t get off the loading screen. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times.
By Banh mi temptress

Won’t load since the update

Loved this app. But won’t load since the update yesterday!
By TabbyMinn

Force Me to Agree to Marketing or Delete My Account?

I had been using this app and enjoyed it, but logged in today to a screen asking me to agree to a privacy policy. There was an additional checkbox asking permission for the app to send me promotional mail. I left it unchecked and submitted and was greeted with “Whoops! You must accept everything or delete your account. The two buttons to proceed were literally “ok” and “delete account”. I didn’t say ok. How insulting
By Nyarung

Land not visible

Buggy. I downloaded this app and after 15 minutes of trying to see the scratched countries, I gave up. All I could see was a yellow dot where I live. I changed the water color and the whole map changed to that color except for the yellow dot. Waste of time.
By Keith K H.

Great potential, horrible execution

Got this app to log the places I’ve traveled to and even bought the almost $10 packet which includes no ads, unlocks cities, regions etc., of where you’ve traveled. However, every time I wanted to save a city for example in Mexico, I wanted to log Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Tulum.. it would not save no matter how many times I pressed the BEEN button. Even restarted my phone to make sure the issue was not on my end. Please fix this!
By merlin1021

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Visited: My Travel World Map

Visited: My Travel World Map

By Arriving In High Heels

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