Stratus Insight EFB

Stratus Insight EFB

Stratus Insight EFB

By Aerovie, LLC

  • Category: Weather
  • Release Date: 2014-02-27
  • Current Version: 5.17.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 215.60 MB
  • Developer: Aerovie, LLC
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.4+
Score: 3.85
From 73 Ratings


Stratus Insight is a full electronic flight bag (EFB) suite for pilots that includes AHRS with synthetic vision, TAWS, VFR sectional maps, IFR low/high charts, and geo-referenced approach plates. More than an EFB, Stratus Insight also offers: Radio Transcription & Playback Stratus Insight boasts a custom-built speech recognition system inside the app. When paired with a Stratus Audio Cable, the ATC Radio Transcription feature works similar to visual voicemail. ATC communications are converted into text, providing a helpful visual assist for referencing previous audio clips. This enables pilots to receive a clearance, ATIS, or other important ATC communications without needing to write them down Vertical Weather Profile The Vertical Weather Profile previews your route in the vertical slice from departure to destination, up to eight days out, so you can see the conditions you’ll encounter based on your departure time, aircraft speed, and each intermediate airport. Smart Flight Plan If a TFR or changes in weather force you to take an alternate route, the Smart Flight Plan tool considers things like fuel stops and day/night currency. Radar Forecast Radar Forecast provides long-term weather radar simulations up to three days out, and you can fast forward your weather radar in one-hour increments. Stratus Audio Cable The Stratus Audio Cable (available to purchase for $49.99 from the Appareo web store) is needed to enable the radio transcription and playback feature. Seamless Integration with Stratus The app supports all generations of Stratus receivers, and the user experience is seamless. Stratus receivers provide WAAS GPS, AHRS, in-flight weather, and ADS-B traffic. Apple Watch Uses HealthKit to detect hypoxia-like symptoms for pilot health monitoring including nearby airport weather watch faces and weather radar on watch.


Stratus Insight EFB ScreenshotStratus Insight EFB ScreenshotStratus Insight EFB ScreenshotStratus Insight EFB ScreenshotStratus Insight EFB ScreenshotStratus Insight EFB Screenshot


No thanks

Not paying $9.99 per month
By Jim_St

No support for Stratux

It used to support Stratux, now it does not!!!
By pilot0990

Best Value

I’ve used every EFB out there. It is coded tightly, isn’t designed by committee and the dev is responsive to feature requests and bug fixes.
By Wolfala1


Beware If you download this app, they will charge you for an ongoing subscription without you realizing it. There’s no way to cancel this automatic renewal! A real scam! Don’t dare download the “free” trial!
By Reddoch

Nice features, but freezes up

Stratus Insight is really slick and offers some incredible features for the money. However, in my limited experience utilizing the app, it seems very glitchy- freezing up as I tried to move between different screens. I run ForeFlight on the exact same iPad and have never experience these types of delays. Overall it is a terrific app, but I would not move away from ForeFlight until I’m confident that the app won’t freeze in flight. I’ll give it another try next year.
By Cherokee Six

Favorites lacking, storage hog

I’ve tried quite a few flight apps, most called EFBs despite the fact that most are far from an “EFB”. I like this one but it is a compromise because it lacks the ability to edit the favorites list or a method to save for a long term, a plan that one uses frequently. It is also not possible to edit a temporarily saved “favorite”, you have to name it something else. The favorites list as is, has little to no value to me. More than 20 gig, yes, more than 20 gig of storage, how can that be? Another problem I encountered is that after creating an IFR flight plan, if you try to edit airways after the fact, it draws airway lines all over the place which the only way to fix is to start over. I found myself going back to skyvector to create and file my flight plans because I know they will be correct that way. Documentation is really poor, and that is a problem in itself. I really like the price as it is reasonable, but improvements need to be made. I’m going to continue using this app as I watch for these changes. Hopefully I can edit this review as changes are made. I uninstalled this app because it is not working for me, before the trial ended, yet I was still charge the annual fee. I would like refund.
By rodcopter

Long way to go yet

It’s written as a hybrid app with no real thought to design or user experience. It feels like a bad Android app. This isn’t something I would use in the simulator let alone as an efb. I might use the weather for flight planning purposes if it was separated, but there are better apps out there for that as well.
By InThePattern

OK but needs improvement to compete w FF and GP

Overall very pleased with the product but needs some improvements. Been using for 2 weeks now and I have active FF and GP to compare to. Some comments : 1) The deal breaker — Synthetic vision screen severely lacks overlay options and is extremely glitchy. It’s hard to call this a feature when there is zero fluidness to the screen. Before you judge, I use apple mini 5 and I’ve also tried on Ipaad air - both have this major issue. 2) Needs graphical Leidos brief like FF does. Why is it that FF has full graphics like 800brief but no other product offers this? Something isn’t right with that. 3) Although you can add the approach plate, you don’t get option to add fixes to the flight plan - ie loading approaching. This is a must and needs attention to be competitive with FF/GP 4) Too many layers of menus. Menus at the top match FF (but why since imo this is the worst part of FF interface). On the lower screen there’s another menu. The lower one should be configurable, then completely delete the top one which is impossible to touch accurately on a bumpy flight. My preference is the menu method GP uses. Rich in color and highly visible in flight. 5) It would be nice to have Heading overlay arc on the plan view - the way aera796 does this (which I also own) would be amazing. No other iOS app does this and would be game changer for situational awareness. Btw the round compass rose approach is not a good solution as it clutters the screen. 6) Add HITS for full FP + loaded approach - There is no reason why any paying app should be without this feature. This coupled with approaches would be the best solution for 99% of pilots. I don’t like the auto glide slope as it does not match approach glide slope and can be very misleading. It should match the approach only when loaded. 7) Split screen similar to FF was the wrong decision. IMO the method GP uses is the best, offering small button to configure the secondary window that we want to activate. No one else comes close. 8)Vertical planning mode w weather is a valuable tool especially for icing and cloud layers.
By AdamPTK

Status Insight great for VFR flights

The main reason I purchased the one month subscription of $9.95 (1 year/$100) was to try the ATC transcription service. Mainly to help with clearance delivery read backs and general read back ATC instructions. You do need the special wire adapter that you use with your existing headset for it to work. The EFB is an added bonus to the transcription service. Transcription service: The verbal to written transcription service is overall pretty good, it does a very good job with numbers, which is probably the most important. It does have some difficulty with some terms. Accuracy is about 80%-90% Overall. It does do a good job of organizing the verbal transmissions, so if the text transcription does not make sense, you can always listen again to the original verbal message. It is like having a copilot next to you, where u can turn to him/her and ask “what did ATC say?” It is also nice to be able to multi task in the cockpit, when there is a long 2-3 minute ATIS that talks about every NOTAM over the last 6 months, and you miss the most important part, the winds and barometric pressure, active runway and what letter designation is current (e.g. bravo) , it is nice not having to repeat and listen to it. The strongest part of the EFB is actually the weather planning aspect of the Stratus Insight program. It can almost be a stand alone program by itself, it is overall all a pretty good weather planning tool. Using the program for VFR flying and weather planning, is where the program is at its strongest. The AHRS is also very good, especially when used with the Stratus, which would be expected. The program is a little weak in my opinion for IFR flying, as compared to ForeFlight, which is much more polished, but more expensive. For example, It is difficult to choose an IFR plate, while flying, if you have not loaded the plates already. Also the wind data is not incorporated with the active runway (no active head wind and cross wind data based on current conditions) In conclusion, I think when used with ForeFlight ( or Garmin) it is a good adjunct program, especially for IFR flights. By using the transcription service, I am much more likely to file an IFR flight plan, mainly by helping me read back my clearance delivery without getting flustered during the read back. I use the middle cost FF plan, $199 per year. I do not think the $299 FF plan is worth the extra ($100) cost, compared to what you get. But I do think, putting the extra $100 per year toward the Stratus Insight EFB makes more sense, especially with the forward looking weather planning data. If you fly VFR, I think Stratus Insight is worth it as a stand alone EFB, it has everything you need, and the weather part of the program is perfect for helping plan a more safe VFR only flight. There is also a flight log book, that keeps track of currency and airplane check lists also as part of the Stratus Insights EFB program. If you do not want to spend the money on a Complete EFB like ForeFlight or Garmin, it is worth is as an inexpensive option, you can download the program and play around with it to get a feel of the program, but you do not get complete access to the whole program unless you sign up for the free month.
By Hypnozz

One month free trial

I am just playing with this app for first time. There is a free one month trial. looks good so far
By SJI22


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Stratus Insight EFB

Stratus Insight EFB

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