JB4 Mobile

JB4 Mobile

By Dmac Mobile Developments, LLC

Score: 4.1
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Note that this app requires a custom Bluetooth Low Energy module and an iOS device that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (iPhone 4S and newer) to operate. Info on the module can be found here: http://www.n54tech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21742 JB4 Mobile is a mobile data logger and display for use with the JB4 tuner from Burger Motorsports. JB4 Mobile allows you to monitor multiple parameters of your JB4 equipped car at once. Parameters such as boost psi, rpm, fuel trims, air/fuel ratios, ignition advance, fuel pressure and much more are all available. Features: Data Monitoring Data logging Graphing of logged data Email saved logs Read/Delete codes Modify boost/fuel mapping Modify nitrous/methanol settings Download and update JB4 firmware Multiple gauge designs G-Force Meter GPS Speedometer Demo Mode is available in the settings menu. JB4 Mobile is not affiliated with Burger Motorsports.


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It works most of the time.

I’ve been using this app for about 3 weeks now and have had to delete it and download it again twice because the text on the goes inverse for no reason and won’t switch back. Other than that it does what it’s suppose to do.
By white g80

Great support

The owner emailed me to help me with my problem that blew me away.
By nate5000stang

Wont let me create an account to connect

Please help? On iOS !
By biddaddyfthisapp124

Limited gauges

As JB4 uses odb2 and clear codes I would think I could get temperature gauges another OB2 readings for the price
By jpiparo


The app keep going backwards can y’all update that is does it to me every time
By 10456867

Thank you

I’m so glad you guys updated this app !!

Worth the buy

You might think it’s a lot at first but when you actually use the app and see it’s capabilities it’s all worth it.
By Jaksta3000

Oil temp font

Great app, as always, but the font size for oil temp on the bar graph is too small and does not match the other gauges. In case this matters, car is e82 with N55 engine.
By drwillb1

Water temp and oil and trans read in F only

Hi Thanks for the update But i notice that JB4 app version 2.5.1 Water temp and trans temp still showing in F instead of C Even when units conversion option is selected Only one that goes to C is the IAT Will this be fixed soon? , please fix
By Ferocious8855

Great app but I would love a CarPlay app

Idk if Apple will allow it but a CarPlay JB4 app would be worth another 20$ from me.
By SamSStinger2018

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