Navionics® Boating

Navionics® Boating

By Garmin Italy Technologies S.R.L.

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Get up-to-date, detailed charts you can use offline plus a boatload of features on your mobile device, so they’re on hand wherever you go. The Boating app is a must-have for cruising, fishing, sailing, diving and all your activities on the water. Try it free for a limited time. To continue using the charts and features, purchase a one-year renewable subscription. A COMPLETE PACKAGE • INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED NAVIONICS® CHARTS: Use them offline along with multiple overlays, so you can be more aware of what’s above and below the water. - NAUTICAL CHART: Use this premier marine reference to study port plans, anchorages and safety depth contours, locate navaids, marine services and more. - SONARCHART™ HD BATHYMETRY MAPS: Extraordinary 1’ (0.5 meter) HD bottom contour detail is the ideal tool for locating new fishing areas. - U.S. GOVERNMENT CHARTS (NOAA): These are available within the following coverages: U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Caribbean to Brazil. - OVERLAYS: The relief shading overlay allows you to have a better understanding of bottom topography for improved fishing and diving. Sonar imagery reveals bottom hardness clearly and in vivid color on select U.S. lakes. Want more? Display satellite imagery on land and water. - MAP OPTIONS: Change chart-overlay combinations to customize chart views, highlight shallow areas, target multiple fishing ranges and more. - DAILY UPDATES: Benefit from up to 5,000 daily updates worldwide. • TOOLS FOR PLANNING AND ENJOYING YOUR DAY - AUTO GUIDANCE+TM TECHNOLOGY*: Easily plan your trip with a suggested dock-to-dock path based on chart data and navigation aids. Get ETA, distance to arrival, heading to waypoint, fuel consumption and more. - WEATHER AND TIDES: Knowing conditions before heading out is crucial. Access real-time weather data, daily and hourly forecasts as well as wind, weather buoys, tides and currents. - MARKERS, TRACKS, DISTANCE**: Place a marker on a good anchorage spot or where you reeled in a big fish. Record your track, take photos and videos within the app, and look back at your day anytime. Easily check distance among two points. • AN ACTIVE AND HELPFUL COMMUNITY - COMMUNITY EDITS and the ACTIVECAPTAIN® COMMUNITY: Obtain and contribute useful local knowledge along with thousands of fellow boaters, such as points of interest, navigation aids and valuable recommendations from people with firsthand experience of the local environment. - CONNECTIONS: Stay in touch with your friends and fellow boaters by sharing your live location, tracks, routes and markers to easily meet on the water or let them check out your adventures. - GPX IMPORT/EXPORT: Share your saved data outside the app or transfer it to your chartplotter. - SHARE MAP OBJECTS**: Share a marina, repair shop or any other location outside the app. • EXTERNAL DEVICE-FRIENDLY FOR MORE FEATURES - PLOTTER SYNC: If you own a compatible chartplotter, sync it with the app to transfer routes and markers, activate, update or renew your Navionics chartplotter card subscription. - SONARCHART LIVE MAPPING FEATURE**: Connect with a compatible sonar/plotter, and create your own maps in real time while navigating. - AIS: Connect to a compatible AIS receiver with Wi-Fi® connectivity to see nearby marine traffic. Set a safe range, and receive visual and aural alerts to signal potential collisions. NOTES: *Auto Guidance+ is for planning purposes only and does not replace safe navigation operations **Free features Updates are available with iOS 13.0 or higher. A tablet device with Wi-Fi connectivity locates your approximate position if it is connected to Wi-Fi. A tablet Wi-Fi + 3G model operates similarly to a phone device with GPS. Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. iOS is a trademark licensed to Apple, Inc.


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What is the renewal price? Please forward to me , I would like to know what you are going to charge.
By Analytical fisherman

App crashes immediately

App used to work great. I paid for a subscription last year. Now the app crashes every time I open in. I’ve tired everything recommended: closed all other apps to free up memory, checked storage, open in airplane mode, restart the phone. Nothing works. I paid money for this app and it doesn’t work.
By App reviewer 78A

Won’t stay open

IOS for some reason the developer does not have an option for keeping the app awake, no other boating GPS I’ve tried has this issue, no settings to enable it to remain open. No I don’t want to have to toggle the phone itself to have to stay on all the time in the main settings. The app should be able to remain awake
By Foamandtape

Love it, but fails on some iPads at low speeds

Navionics is my primary chart plotter on my sailboat. I absolutely love it except for one bug. On some iPads it does not work below 5 knots. I need to use my android phone when going slowly while leaving and entering harbors. This is also when it is most critical. I use it minor percent of the time when at speed. Route planning is absolutely amazing. it is nearly a matter of clicking on the start and end points on the chart. Maybe add an interesting point or two if you have specific route changes that you like. In 30 seconds, I can now plan what used to make me hours with paper.
By Chris Paul 2

Distracting and unsafe

The inability to lock the map view in the course up or heads up mode is absolutely unacceptable and dangerous. Every time you pan or zoom the map, the map view resets. In order to get a desired map view back, you need to touch a very small icon twice while on a fast moving vessel. This app behavior is extremely distracting, frustrating and unsafe! Furthermore, the map doesn't pan automatically as the vessel moves; you have to pan it manually, which results in the map view being reset repeatedly. I recommend the folks designing this app to try to actually use it on a fast moving vessel as that would help them understand how dysfunctional this app actually is.
By Dušan80

Great app but needs location update fix

So fantastic must have app but sometimes with latest version when opening or switching back to app it will show a stale boat location with no indicator that it’s stale and it just doesn’t update until u force kill and re launch. You CANNOT show stale location especially with no indicator that it’s old. Can be dangerous. Get this fixed ASAP please.
By Frag222

Straight line

This is the third summer I have used this app. It has been great for getting to know a large lake. This summer it has started showing just a straight line from where I start to where I go. It has me going over land! Not sure what has happened! I would post a screenshot but I don’t see a way to do that.
By bavdjeyaowvs wbeyciahs dh

Would have been 5 stars but…

This will not sync my trip planning to my Garmin 8612, it also won’t sync to a Garmin 1243. This would be a great planning tool if that feature worked. It’s pretty much useless without that for me. I didn’t spend 10k on chart plotters to still use my phone for navigation. I followed all the instruction with no success.
By Asra83

Not usable

Installed and trying to use for a trip today. Registered and account and trial. Will not open. Immediately crashes and closes.
By Tuumi

Does not work in airplane mode anymore

Doesn’t work without internet connection anymore. Which makes it mostly useless. On iPhone 11 and on iPad 7. The app either dies, or complains “can’t check map updates” and becomes unresponsive. The latest app versions on both devices. iOS 16.5.1
By PavelUg

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Navionics® Boating

Navionics® Boating

By Garmin Italy Technologies S.R.L.

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