Boating Marine & Lakes

Boating Marine & Lakes


  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2014-01-02
  • Current Version: 17.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 141.50 MB
  • Developer: NAVIONICS S.R.L.
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.0+
Score: 3.17
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Let us be your guide. An indispensable app for cruising, fishing, sailing, diving and all your activities on the water. Get the same detailed marine and lake nautical charts and advanced features as on the best GPS plotters, and more. > TRY FOR FREE: Download the app and try all charts and features for a limited time. > SUBSCRIBE: Start your 1-year subscription to: - Download chart layers for offline use (permanent) - Access daily updates, chart overlays and advanced features (renewable) Use your subscription across your compatible smartphones and tablets by logging in to the Boating app with the same account. THE SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDES: > CHART LAYERS FOR OFFLINE USE - NAUTICAL CHART: A comprehensive cartography resource for lakes, rivers and marine areas. - SONARCHART™: An exclusive 1’ (0.5 meters) HD bathymetry map features extraordinary bottom contour detail enhanced by millions of sonar logs contributed by boaters. - COMMUNITY EDITS and ACTIVECAPTAIN® COMMUNITY: Crowd-sourced local information and points of interest shared by the Navionics® and Garmin ActiveCaptain boating communities. - U.S. GOVERNMENT CHARTS (NOAA): Available with the following coverage areas: U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Caribbean to Brazil, Pacific Islands, Asia and Africa. > DAILY CHART UPDATES: The latest charts are available via download, with up to 5,000 updates every day. > FEATURES - CHART OVERLAYS SONARCHART SHADING: A detailed rendering of the seafloor and lake bottoms in varying shades of blue offers a unique perspective of underwater topography at a glance. RELIEF SHADING: Highly detailed shading combines color and shadow to provide an easy-to-interpret, clearer view of bottom structure. SONAR IMAGERY: Shows bottom hardness in vivid color to easily identify transition areas. Available on select U.S. lakes. TERRAIN: Shows roads and useful points of interest on land. SATELLITE: Satellite images provided by a third party. - DOCK-TO-DOCK AUTOROUTING*: Start your trip with a suggested route based on chart data and navigation aids for advanced route planning that offers ETA, distance to arrival, heading to waypoint, fuel consumption and more. - CONNECTIONS: Stay in touch with friends and fellow boaters on and off the water. Share your profile, tracks, routes, markers and live location with your boating community. ADVANCED MAP OPTIONS: Customize your chart views to change chart-overlay combination, highlight shallow areas, target multiple fishing ranges and more. - WEATHER AND TIDES: Access real-time weather data, daily and hourly forecasts, as well as wind, weather buoys, tides and currents overlaid on your map. - GPX IMPORT/EXPORT: Easily handle your tracks, routes and markers. Share, store and display them on various apps, plotters and other compatible devices. - AIS: Connect the app to a compatible AIS receiver with Wi-Fi® connectivity to see nearby marine traffic overlaid on the map in real time. No internet connection needed. -PLOTTER SYNC: Transfer routes and markers, update charts and more to compatible plotters. -TIMELINE: Enjoy looking back at your trips in the track timeline. RENEW SUBSCRIPTION After 1 year, you can renew your subscription or keep using your maps with free features. FREE FEATURES -SONARCHART™ LIVE: Create your own 1’ (0.5 meters) HD bathymetry maps that display in real time while navigating. Connect the Boating app wirelessly to a compatible sonar/plotter. You can also automatically share your sonar logs, which helps us improve charts. -Includes track, route, markers, share location and more. NOTES: Updates are available with iOS 12.0 or higher. An iPad® device with Wi-Fi connectivity locates your approximate position if it is connected to Wi-Fi. An iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model operates similarly to an iPhone device with GPS. *Autorouting is for planning purposes only and does not replace safe navigation operations. Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.


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One feature that would make this app amazing is the ability to save a track as a route! You can currently save a track but there is not any way to follow it once it is saved for a future trip!?
By Robert Redfish

Horrible app if you need dependability.

I’ve had multiple iPads and iPhones and you cannot do a crossing of any significant distance without this app glitching out on you many times. When it does, it doesn’t save your tracks. Only buy this app if you’re okay with it freezing up on you randomly. ***WOULD NOT REPURCHASE*** I am a full-time live aboard sailor. Just finished a 750 mile trek and this app ruined many memories I thought would auto save.
By K8vrz

Needs some attention. Please fix it.

Several years ago this was the best. Now it does not stack up. It has not improved in 3 years. My biggest complaint is that I cannot use it on the intracoastal waterway on a leg of more than 20 miles. That makes it useless as a planning tool. It constantly throws a “too many points” error message on a leg of any length. I have a slow sailboat, but I still can make 40-60 miles in a day. This needs to be fixed or I will not renew. I received a relatively lame response and was send to a web address to learn than a route is limited to 200 points. I was told to break my day into multiple legs. That is not “dock to dock routing.” That is a pill. If you have ever seen their routes you can see that a route should be 2000 points, not 200. This should not be a difficult change for Navionics.
By JimLinVA

Not accurate for Minnesota lakes

These maps look like they were copied from old DNR maps and many high def maps are highly inaccurate. They only have sonar imagery for 5 lakes in MN and it looks wrong or off in many areas, as well as streaky. If I’m paying for the information I want it to be legit. Stick with Humminbird and Lakemaster if you’re in MN.
By AtomOfThe North

Midwest Lakes

This app is the best money I’ve spent on fishing outside of livescope. It updates constantly the contours are extremely accurate in my opinion. I love the depth shading aspect. The brush pile markers will get you close enough to find on side imager. Thank you Navionics for making an awesome user friendly product!
By Levia89

App has log in issue

My app on both iPad and iPhone failed to update maps since July. Now I can not log in from the Apps first page on both iPad and iPhone after last log out. It repeated says “Connection failed”
By terenecehe

Screen rotation for Course Up

App works great except for one thing. When I’m running Course Up, the words don’t rotate with the screen. So when I’m heading south, everything is upside down which is really distracting and frustrating. Yeh, I can read it, but I’d like to not have to think about it. It works fine on Android. What am I missing?
By Mars424

Would be perfect is orientation fixed

Honestly, this is a near perfect app! With one fix, it would be invaluable for safe boating! My family and I deeply appreciate the way it shows water depth accurately with many ways to personalize the system (examples: preferred units of measure and color coding). It has impressive features, including a way to have it adjust for when the water level is down any number of feet. There is only one problem: the default orientation is “North Up.” It causes major frustration and increases potential danger as it requires boat drivers to spend extra time staring at the app. We’ve tried unsuccessfully to set it for “Heads Up” orientation (so it matches the left/right of the boat’s reality). In Settings, we select “Heads Up” display, but it quickly returns to “North Up.” It’s a serious frustration and big disappointment. They should fix it to lock in the display orientation we select and/or change the default to the user-friendly “Heads Up.” Please!
By revuew1

Worst app

Worst app charged me 30$ and I deleted it
By jodeerta

Navionics People-You Blew It

Had been a loyal purchaser of Navionics. When the requirement that “I must create an account” arrived, I didn’t want to share my personal info with yet another company who will likely spam me. Now the app I paid for with real money and promoted to friends and clients stops working but I’m welcome to “buy it again”??? CROOKS
By ***Not a Happy Camper***


Boating Marine & Lakes

Boating Marine & Lakes


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