GlassesOff: Read Without Glasses

GlassesOff: Read Without Glasses

GlassesOff: Read Without Glasses

By EYEKON E.R.D Limited

  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2013-12-07
  • Current Version: 2.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 86.70 MB
  • Developer: EYEKON E.R.D Limited
  • Compatibility: iOS 6.0+
Score: 2.5
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TRAIN YOUR VISION TO READ WITHOUT GLASSES The GlassesOff program is designed to eliminate dependency on reading glasses by enhancing your brain’s image processing function. PERSONALIZED & EASY 12 minutes per session 3 times a week In just 2 months you can feel the difference! WHO IS IT FOR - People experiencing the natural effects of near vision decline when reading including: blurred near vision, eye strain, fatigue and/or headaches. - People who anticipate vision deterioration in the near future and would like to delay the need for reading glasses. SCIENCE BEHIND GLASSESOFF Human vision is determined by the quality of the image captured by the eye and the quality of the image interpretation by the brain. GlassesOff works by strengthening the neural efficiency of the visual cortex to improve visual perception, enhancing the image processing function in your brain. GlassesOff was developed by a leading team of neuroscientists that specialize in pioneering solutions in the field of human vision. Our product uses patented methods that are based on years of scientific research and backed in numerous leading scientific journals. In a recent study published in UC Berkeley, CA, over 90% of subjects, were able to read standard newspaper font size without glasses after completing the GlassesOff program. GlassesOff offers the following subscriptions: 1 month: $9.99 3 months: $24.99 These prices are for USA customers and may vary according to your local market. Also, actual charges may be converted to your local currency. Your GlassesOff subscription provides you with access to your periodical training program. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term, and you will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings, but no refunds will be provided for an unused period. IN THE NEWS “It’s a paradigm shift.” - Fox News “Improvement will apply to a wide range of daily tasks.” - Wall Street Journal “One of the top emerging breakthroughs in science and technology.” – Reader’s Digest “Based on legitimate science, it’s sure to put smiles on more than a few faces” – CES Awards VISIT US: FOLLOW US: LIKE US:


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Pay first

You need to pay first with no whatsoever knowledge if it will help you. After completion of a test you can either subscribe (pay), or exit. Better go with a real doctor.
By dapi1

Cool but

It was cool the first 2 times but now it just crashes. Funny, as soon as I paid for the subscription it started crashing. Just spent 30 mins uninstall,reinstalling and all that stuff but still crashes. Save your money
By G😄🌺

Quit working

I was excited to use app on second day just quit working. Will not finish loading at all. I had a feeling would not work after I saw there had been no software updates in 3 years.
By Oldbrat

Snake Oil Designed to Steal Your Money

Licensed Optician here with 20 years of experience. Between the ages of 35-40 the lenses in your eyes begin to harden, making it more difficult for the muscles in your eyes to focus on things that are between 18-36 inches away. It’s a condition called presbyopia, which means “old eyes.” It is natural and inevitable. Near-sighted persons will notice it later, and may simply take their glasses off to read. Emmetropes (people who don’t need glasses for distance) and Far-sighted people (like me) notice it earlier, and have no choice but to wear corrective lenses. There is no exercise that will improve your eyesight. Visual conditions are caused by the shape of your cornea, whether your eye focuses light in front of or behind the retina, and age. LASIK, glasses and contacts are the only option. Do not fall for this app. The developer thinks you can be fooled into paying them $120 a year for discredited eye exercises. If there were any validity to this practice, doctors and scientists everywhere would recommend it to you.
By Ben Kenon

It Depends

It is important to understand that this app is not going to correct your vision. If the text of a novel is blurry without reading glasses, this app is not going to fix that. What it tries to do is train your brain to adapt to the blurry text so that you can read it. I’ve used it for four months and it did help me, but only up to a point. For example, I can read and write this review without reading glasses, but it is a bit of a struggle and I do have to bring down my glasses to have a look at the clear text from time to time. I could not have done this four months ago. Reading on an iPad (or other type of device) is great, because you can adjust the text size, but printed material is often still not readable without glasses unless I am in very strong light. The exercises in the app involve identifying a small blurry object that is flashed very quickly on the screen and is often extremely faded. The exercises were sort of interesting at first, but they do become tedious and frustrating after a while. Disciplining yourself to do them three times a week can be challenging. If you are able to do most of your reading on a device where you can increase the font size, this app may help you to be able to read without glasses. If you mostly read printed material, it may not allow you to comfortably read text that size without glasses. Just for reference, I am 59 and I use +1.75 reading glasses. If you can afford the $10 per month, it may be worth giving the app a try for three months to see if it helps. Just be aware that the results are probably not going to be miraculous and you will need to be motivated to do the exercises three times a week.
By The Keyman

No support

I’ve used this app and it was somewhat successful. I attempted to review after it had lapsed. It charged me but never linked the reveal fees to my account. I’ve emailed to the company link and no answer. It’s ridiculous
By mnpolk21

Can’t get thru “building personalized program” step 4

Ap just keeps spinning
By lbmac


The tutorial instructions require audio but i cannot hear anything. Eventually i figured out what to do and got going. The exercises are amusing at first but after a week they become a real chore. After 43 sessions, i was tested by the app: my vision did not improve one iota. Oh well.
By Izumo Eric

Simple to use

The app works well on the IPhone and is easy to use. I am using it now for a month and often it is fairly frustrating because for it goes most of the time too fast even though I already picked the lowest level. I do it because it is good for me not because it is any fun. It is also fairly expensive, $10 for a little app per month. I should see after 6 months if it has made any difference and comment again.
By Freundms


I am 76 years young and my eyesight til now has been good. But in the last few years my eyes seem to get tired easily and my distance sight suffers. Since I have been using this APP I have noticed a Hugh difference. I no longer use my reading glasses and my eyes don’t fatigue easily. Thank you GlassesOff!!
By Nitalc


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GlassesOff: Read Without Glasses

GlassesOff: Read Without Glasses

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