Weather Line – Themed Widgets

Weather Line – Themed Widgets

Weather Line – Themed Widgets

By Off Coast LLC

  • Category: Weather
  • Release Date: 2013-10-17
  • Current Version: 2.6.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 74.11 MB
  • Developer: Off Coast LLC
  • Compatibility: iOS 13.1+
Score: 4.52
From 4,271 Ratings


World’s best weather data like you’ve never seen it before. Intuitive visual reports in a strikingly simple design, because your brain processes images 60,000x faster than text. ▶ iOS 14 WIDGETS • Guide through your day – see what weather is coming and get smart warnings for high AQI, incoming rain, sunrise/sunset, high/low, and tomorrow's forecast • Themes – pick from 20 colorful themes to match your homescreen style. Including custom themes for light/dark mode. ▶ SUPER FORECAST Our industry-first hybrid forecast combines all the best providers into one. We combine the world's #1 forecasting data + #1 rain data + #1 radar to create a super forecast with no weaknesses. ▶ 20 THEMES • 4 different dark modes • customize your light/dark themes • fun options like emoji, millennial pink, and dracula • Over 50 matching app icons ▶ RADAR + DARK SKY • looping & scrollable HD Radar • minutely rain graph • customizable options (Dark Sky it not going away soon, that's in 2022 for apps like us. And we already have a plan.) ▶ NO CREEPY STUFF ⊘ No creepy tracking ⊘ No location-based ads ⊘ No selling of your data ▶ TRAVEL ASSIST – INDUSTRY FIRST Automatically combine duplicate locations. No more Current Location, and your home address, and your home city. We fix that. ▶ SUPER DETAILED • 10 day forecast • 108 hour forecast • AQI • UV • Sunrise & sunset • Severe weather warnings • Precipitation chance and amount • Moon phases • Dew point • Humidity • Wind speed (and gusts) • Cloud Cover • Pressure (and trend) ▶ MONTHLY AVERAGES • Historical monthly average temps - great for travel planning • Average high, low, rain, snow, UV, hours of sun, humidity, cloud cover, and sunny days ▶ FREE • Standard data provider • All widgets • All weather data • 7 day and 24 hour forecasts • Travel Assist • Dark mode • 10 locations • Monthly averages ▶ SUPERCHARGE (PRO) • Super Forecast - Dark Sky + AccuWeather + WDT • Themes (app and widgets) • Custom App Icons • 10x more frequent widget refresh • 10 day and 108 hour forecasts • Animated HD Radar • Minutely rain • Moon phases LIFETIME • We offer a lifetime unlock for those who hate subscriptions. Email with questions.


Weather Line – Themed Widgets ScreenshotWeather Line – Themed Widgets ScreenshotWeather Line – Themed Widgets ScreenshotWeather Line – Themed Widgets ScreenshotWeather Line – Themed Widgets ScreenshotWeather Line – Themed Widgets ScreenshotWeather Line – Themed Widgets ScreenshotWeather Line – Themed Widgets ScreenshotWeather Line – Themed Widgets ScreenshotWeather Line – Themed Widgets Screenshot


Wonderful. Private. Strong recommend.

Yea, I paid for the lifetime upgrade. Yes, it wasn’t cheap. But it’s worth it. This is one of the very few weather apps that doesn’t share any of your information with anyone. And it’s got excellent data, excellent display of that data, and frequent updates. Strong recommend on this app. Try it. Pay for the upgrade for a month (or a year) and you won’t look back.
By Fellow Flyer

Best Of the best

I’ve purchased so many weather apps, weatherpro, accuweather, carrot and more.. I have subs in weatherpro and carrot also.. I’ve just purchased the life time one time paid of your excellent app but I’ll be glad if you add a widget based on hourly wind like weatherpro.. I’m sure you will do it better.. Best regards
By Tariq25

Best widget weather app

I’ve used every weather app out there. This is by far the best. The smart weather widget gives u a simple view and changes to current weather situation. Thank you
By febman1960


Excellent update to my my favorite weather app. I don't care about radar and a bunch of visual junk -- just show me the temperature and precipitation trends. This app delivers! Great new Today widget, too.
By AnsonJab

Tremendo porque pegan bien el clima

Esta aplicación esta tremenda te dice todo re buen y es muy precisa. También es gratis o sea tiene dos modos uno pago y otro no. Yo uso el gratis y esta tremendo.
By atrpanchi

Looks so good but unfortunately is unbearably inaccurate.

Edit: upgrading this review from 2 stars to 4 following the developer’s response. Weather Line looks fantastic and I’d love to purchase a premium version. However, it consistently shows a solid 10-15°F higher temps than what the more reliable Weather Channel shows. If Weather Line shows 81° in an hour when it’s actually forecasted to be 68, the app is useless other than looking pretty. Also $3.99/mo is absolutely absurd for an app like this. I’d gladly pay $4.99 or so for a lifetime premium subscription (if it showed the actual, accurate weather), but charging what is almost an entire Hulu subscription for a weather widget is preposterous.
By Beware of this

Useless. Current temp way off

Useless! The current temperature in widget is always wrong. Right now it is 50F and it is showing 31F. If I open the app itself, it shows the correct temp.
By guilleshop

New widget a HUGE improvement

Previously I had criticized the slow and janky widget. However I have to say the new widget has completely changed the game. It shows exactly what I want, it’s speedy, and I love the dynamic changes that occur based on time of day or conditions (shows sunset time near sunset, shows AQI when poor, shows rain meter when rain is likely). It’s a little spendy for something that iOS includes for free (albeit with a less useful and less polished UI), and I still feel like some accommodation should have been made for paying users of the previous version, but the completely overhauled widget convinced me to subscribe. Previous review: Don’t mind paying a subscription for the new app if the price is reasonable, but this version is a step down in functionality. The widget takes at least 4-5 seconds to refresh every time I view it and is often blank while doing so. In the old version at least I could look at the slightly out of date weather data while it refreshed. And honestly adding the loading indicator on the widget makes it feel like it takes longer (I know it’s just psychology but removing it would make the widget feel snappy again as long as you fix the issue where it blanks out when loading new data). Another issue is that in collapsed mode the weather line is cut off so you basically have to use the expanded mode, and the expanded mode layout has tons of useless empty space. It also wish it would show both the real and feels like temp in the widget. All that said, I do feel the subscription prices are a little high. $5/year is reasonable especially since the original app was priced at the same point. $10 /year is too much. I would be fine with just having the dark sky data at that price point, and make the TWC data an additional purchase. And yes as many have said, some accommodation should have been made for people who purchased the original app. Either limited features but without ads, or full features with ads, or something.
By Brandon Siegel

Not yet

No watch complications
By Ipdog

Reducing clarity

I’ve been using Weather Line as my main weather app for years. While I still like it a lot, I feel like the simplicity and clarity that were the hallmark of the earlier versions - the design restraint that made it do great - has been slipping. This last major version updated Weather Line with cards, which sounds great, but in practice it now takes longer to get to what I want, and there’s more distraction and visual clutter always - there’s no view that is as simple and clear as the previous versions’ single view was. Now everyone’s going nuts for widgets. Weather Line has a “smart” widget that changes through the day - another way to say that is that it’s impossible to go to one place and get reliable information, because it might not be there right now; maybe the widget thinks I’m suddenly interested in the rest of the week. (Hint: if I want to see the week view, I’ll add the week view widget. Leave the long hour view alone!) Adding features without introducing complexity is a very difficult art form. I dearly hope the folks at Weather Line find a path back to their earlier design restraint and clarity, in their modern design. (PREVIOUS REVIEW) I use Weather Line as my daily weather app, and I'm really happy with it. Can’t wait for the iPhone X version! Super accurate, easy to digest. So of course I want more 😉 - iPad version (I run it on my iPad anyway, and it looks terrible stretched out like that, but I still need weather no matter which device I pick up). - Better “rain summary icon” algorithm (if it's 0% precipitation all day and 50% at 11pm, that should not warrant a "rainy" icon in the week forecast, and other "technically accurate yet not actually useful" summary results). - Longer optional forecast (I know it gets exponentially less accurate, but sometimes when I'm packing for a 15 day trip, I could use even an educated WAG over my own un-educated one. Not to replace weekly, but to maybe add a "well, better than total guesswork here" tab?). - Option to show C° as well as F° simultaneously (like we get mph and kph on speedometers). How are we Americans ever going to learn Celsius without exposure?


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