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  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2013-07-30
  • Current Version: 3.0.8
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Apparata AB
  • Compatibility: iOS 15.0+
Score: 3.64
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Keep track of countries and US states that you have visited, and if you wish, also when you visited. The app visualizes the visited countries both as a list, along with a ratio for each continent, and as a world map. The map can be shared on social networks, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, using the standard iOS sharing functionality. You can compare your map with friends that also have the app, by sharing your map with them. - If you miss the old look of the app, you can enable Classic Mode to get the old experience back. We hope you will like the new experience though, as we will continue to improve it. PREMIUM MODE There is a Premium Mode in the app that you can unlock, if you wish, by a single ONE-TIME In-App Purchase. It unlocks all features in the app. Features unlocked with Premium Mode: - In addition to states and regions in the US, with Premium, you can select regions in 25+ countries. - Select cities and airports. - More 3D globe filters. - More visualizers, such as a chronologic map. - Add local profiles, to allow for multiple maps and country selections. - More detailed comparisons with more information. - Share your timeline as a video. CONTACT US Feel free to give us feedback on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Our username on Instagram and Twitter is @been_app. On Facebook:


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Great Update!

The new update with the paid version is a huge improvement. I highly recommend getting it for anyone interested in more detail to their tracking of countries, airports, cities, and so on and so forth.
By Wildertrent

Update seems to have lost all my data

Checking in on the app mar 2023 and all my data seems to be gone. The many places I entered months ago now gone. I’ve got no confidence that entering it all in again won’t again cause it to be flushed. When there was data it was not properly categorized. I’d had entered many cities I’d lived in and visited. But the “my regions” report shows 0 entries? That is a problem. If one have to enter all of the data many times once for city, then again the region eg state explicitly ? And I’ll agree the classification is wrong. For example there is no way the various subdivisions of say American Samoa are the same as a single US state. Samoa as a whole would be on the same political subdivision as a US State. All of the US Virgin Islands would be at the same level as a US state. Individual districts or islands may be on the level of US counties within the states. This indeed makes the statistics mostly misleading and meaningless other than in the context of the app - ie pointless. Finally , why are all cities that exist in a map not storable as a visit in the app? Eg Chugwater Wyoming USA. Is are the cities actually manually curated in a table in the app? Not just loaded from a UN data file? And finally the visualization , while I had it. Unless I’m missing something , viewing countries as all or nothing is not helpful. So if one location in the USA was visited the entire USA is colored in on the map? The globe/map visualization should have a “detail” level one can turn on to specify which view of data to visualize. Eg Country Level (what we now get) , next lower (state / territory/region) , and maybe next lower (county, district , prefectures etc). This way someone looking to visit all of one country can get more meaningful visualization.
By Dkydkdhfxhc

Removed Antarctica

Why did you remove Antarctica from the map? I enjoyed seeing it when I looked at the map of countries I’ve been to :(. Otherwise I love the app, been using it for years. 5 stars except you took Antarctica off the map :(
By Spongeboblvr56

Great but currently broken

Can you guys please fix the US map so that Michigan isn’t just a giant blob? Will update review to 5 stars once you do
By BeachBoysAndrew

New version

The old version was so clean and simple now it isn’t user friendly
By jackpk123

Great update

Love the new look and functionality of the app. Really embraces the travel log elements in a way that Foursquare once did many years ago. My one note would be to see if the Timeline view can be extended to states/territories as well. For people traveling more domestically (in whatever country that may be), it’s a helpful view that tells a cool story for you and/or friends.
By jcassillo

Simple and awesome

I don’t know why people have bad reviews about this app! I think it’s amazing!
By tylirvin


The first airport I tried to load required premium upgrade.
By bug8074

Well done!

Great update
By Coyote 1992

LOVE IT!! But…

I loveee this app. But I’m wondering if there can be some connection between Apple devices? I have to update the same info from my phone to my iPad every time and I think seamless syncing through maybe your iCloud account would go so far! Love it though. Especially the new update. Even paid for the upgrade and I check it out all the time. I’m a perpetual backpacker so this is super helpful!
By Chelsea Estebanez

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