Game of War - Fire Age

Game of War - Fire Age

By Machine Zone, Inc

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  • Release Date: 2013-07-25
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  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 267.31 MB
  • Developer: Machine Zone, Inc
  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0+
Score: 4
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Join the ULTIMATE battle for domination of the Kingdom in Game of War – Fire Age! PLAY FOR FREE in the most addicting, interactive Action Strategy MMO GAME! Features: - Play & chat with millions of Online Players from around the world in 32 different languages – all in real-time. - Be part of a Global Alliance where you can make friends, co-op with Alliance members & become the all-powerful King! - Train vast armies to lead into action packed battles & watch the fighting in real-time on the stunning World Map. - Attack & conquer the Wonder to become the King! Use your power to give special Titles to your Friends & Enemies in the Kingdom! - Talk & strategize with your Alliance & friends in Chat – Alliance Chat, 1-on-1 Chat, or Chat with the Entire World. - Team up & join Forces with friends or smack-talk & burn your enemies! - Forge diplomatic alliances to Conquer enemies & become the most POWERFUL Alliance in the Kingdom! - Build & Customize your Empire - Upgrade buildings, walls & weapons to strengthen your Empire. - Train, level-up and deck out your Hero – Craft legendary weapons and embed them with powerful Gems to rise above the competition! “I found Game of War – Fire Age more engaging than its closest analogue, Clash of Clans” - NY Times review 5/5 “I love strategic RPG games like this. I first started off with Clash Of Clans and wondered if there was anything as similar to this and found Game Of War. It's easy to get started with and addictive.” 5/5 “This is the best MMO and game ever. I have played other MMO games but this is the best one yet! You can battle other players and collect resources and build really cool buildings. If I had to rate this game it would be 10 stars. But, there is no 10 star rating.” 5/5 “Best real-time Strategy game I have ever played!” 5/5 “If you like games like Boom Beach, Clash of Clans or Mario I think you'll like this one!” Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Game Page:


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Bad game

It’s literally a bad game They update new gear new buildings levels new training every other day. They make it where you can’t keep up unless you buy then and only then will you maybe stay up until one day someone hits you and zeros you so bad that you can’t rebuild not heal your men. They change recently the heros where you have more different heros new buildings excessively upgrades. They don’t give you any way of understanding of they game of how it works. If you ask MZ about what this new building does or how it applies to They tell you sorry we can’t say anything about that to ask an alliance member or someone from your kingdom but they don’t know either. Yes I am mad because it used to be a good game not anymore unless you have money to blow. This game is crazy unfair; the cost of research is crazy for resources are outstanding out of reach to complete any I reached out to one of the players they sent me some and even with there help it was impossible; they told me the only way to catch up to all the stuff was to buy a pack and even then I wouldn’t have all of the stuff to catch up because of how far I am behind; ive never ever have played an such of a game that was so unfair in the gameplay is crazy so I will leave my little comments and leave this
By Homers ruling the world

Beware of in game purchases

This developer goes for the jugular pretty fast! first purchase is $4.99, then sedona purchase is $19.99 & you think you can catch up a bit to bigger accounts but after that $19.99 purchase, the “packs” then cost $99.99 & you get knowhere close to being relevant in a game that evolves/has new releases every week! Don’t waste your money, many alternatives out there!

Dragon dimension

I played GoW fire age until It became to fast and glitchy. It was constant new drops and upgrades. Hi not catering to the big spenders(platinum players). When MZ came out with GoW dragon dimension lots of us started playing there because it was like the old GoW. The gameplay was more slow like the original GoW that everyone loved. But now it’s all about the platinum players and constant new drops. Game full of glitches and lag is crazy bad during events. MZ is losing players by the thousands daily. We have tried communicating with them but they don’t seem to care. I won’t be playing much longer if MZ doesn’t try to fix all the problems with gameplay. 😡
By JuStiNbiEbErSWiFeYxoxo

Game is but performance and glitches are major issues

I have played for years. It’s true that it’s free to play, but requires you to buy packs to keep current. Every time something is added, glitches in the game follow. Lag during major events, glitches, no notifications, and cost are big negatives. Every time they add something new, requires buying many packs to achieve. Packs cost for packs is ridiculous at $99 each. Don’t recommend game to new players. Spend money on tangible objects!
By BurningAsh202

Trash money grab game

Played this game for years when it wasn’t all about the money. Now you have to take a loan out from the bank just to compete. Mz is a trash company and only cares about money, not the players at all. Don’t waste your time folks or hard earned money.

It was perfect.

Was one of the best mobile games ever but they ruined it. Got too greedy and they made it impossible to use strategy or even have fun playing without paying hundreds of dollars on it. All the add-ons were just dumb.
By Towwjdhfnueua

Poorly advertised products.

I recently made a purchase on this app, a habit I don’t recommend getting into. I was made to think that I would be receiving special rewards along with the specific items listed in the pack but I received no such thing in the game. I contacted mz to ask about a refund and am waiting now for a reply so my review may be subject to change. This is not my first purchase and might not be my last if it is handled accordingly. I do enjoy this game but if the developer thinks that it is appropriate to mislead it’s followers I will no longer be a part of GOW.
By John. 1

Use to be great. Greed!!!

It used to be awesome until they got greedy just be a mega million company they went for billion dollar company. You will throw so much money away just trying to survive. There are people in the game where money is no object and they are the ones who can’t be beat. What a shame. I played for 5 years and happily quit. If they had left things the way it was it would be awesome.
By Hwy1378

Stupidity at its finest, worse than EA!

If a research would take me 550 years to complete, you know it’s a BAD game. Game makes you buy ridiculous number of speed ups for insane amount of money. This game is for freaking lawyers and millionaires, not the common middle-class citizen. You will spend hundreds of dollars per month if you wanna get competitive. Do not buy.
By PnoyTexan73

Wasted days

UPDATE- GOW WILL NO LONGER SUPPORT THE FOLLOWING MOBILE DEVICES- iPhone 4S, IPad-mini, ipad 2, ipad 3, iPad touch 5th generation!!! What a bunch of nonsense. Apple should stop allowing MZ from selling their garbage. Update- left the game! Never again will I play a game such as GOW! Apple should be ashamed for allowing this type of model to continue to exploit their customers. This game is addictive and a horrible waste of cash and time. The only way to progress to a point where you are victorious is to expend ridiculous amounts of cash. The game freezes, crashes at the most in opportune times and customer service is worthless. It's all about the Benjamin's. The game has so much potential, but through the greed of the developers and the domination of a few players with extremely deep pockets, what once was an excellent war game has devolved into an expensive version of FarmVille. Watching the timers click off as you wait patiently for skills that take upwards on 50 days to complete, unless you purchase gold to purchase speed ups, is as much fun as mowing the yard. I expect to join the cadre exiting the game and sell my acct soon. Excellent at first, blows now. 2017 update -things have gotten entirely out of control and impossible to follow. Items gifted or purchased are measured in TTTT, what the heck is a TTTT? How long is TTTT DAYS? High priced packs, the hundred dollar packs, typically go on sale within the week, to be replaced by a new and improved $99 pack. Truly sad. Seems like more and more players are bailing.
By FredBoeheim


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Game of War - Fire Age

Game of War - Fire Age

Machine Zone, Inc