iFly EFB

iFly EFB

By Adventure Pilot, LLC

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2013-10-18
  • Current Version: 12.0.18
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 187.81 MB
  • Developer: Adventure Pilot, LLC
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 4.47
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iFly EFB delivers the perfect combination of affordability, capability, and usability for both VFR and IFR Pilots. Safely and quickly get the information you need so you can focus on flying! Key reasons to try iFly EFB: 1) Ease of use in the cockpit: Our intuitive and simple interface, easy to hit buttons, simple map gestures, large fonts, and more make this the best EFB for in-flight use 2) Pilot focused company: We have staff (pilots) on the ground at our office in Texas waiting to answer your questions. Call 214-585-0444 or email support@adventurepilot.com, we're here to help 3) Price: We are one of the most competitively priced EFBs on the market 4) Capabilities: We are one of the most capable EFBs on the market! See a complete feature list below: •Geo-Reference Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams •3D Synthetic Vision / EFIS Mode •Terrain, Obstructions, Traffic, and Airspaces Alerts •Complete ADSB support •AutoTaxi+ for safe taxing at any airport •RealView airport imagery •RealPlan automatic VFR Planner •Auto-load approach into plan •Complete VFR and IFR databases and charts (FAA) •Sectionals •Customizable Instruments •Public & Private Airports •Winds aloft including forecasts for 36 hours •Hi/Lo-Enroute Charts •Terminal Area Charts(TAC) •World Aeronautical Charts(WAC) •Vector Mode •Weather (Pre-Flight or ADS-B Live) •Hi-res Winds Aloft Optimizing •Rapid Flight planning •Plates & Diagrams (Approach, Departure Plates, Stars, SIDs Airport Diagrams) •Instruments Panel •Day/Night Mode •Online Flight Plan Filing •Custom Instrument Layouts (24 Instruments, e.g. HSI, Vertical Profile, and AHRS) •Vertical Terrain planning and Airspace preview •Find Nearest •History •North Up / Track Up •Pinch Zooming w/ One Touch Feature •Dynamic Distance Ring •Hybrid Compass Rose w/ Nav Function •Extended Course Line •Flight Trails •Past Flights •Rubber Band route modification •Custom Aircraft icons •AutoTaxi+ •Alerts & Warnings •Button Fading (maximizes screen space) •Custom User Waypoints •Customizable Instruments •Simulator Mode


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Great Product

I have been using both, iFly and ForeFlight, I probably won't renew ForeFlight this year. iFly just does everything I need and very user friendly!
By Flyjrg

Very Intuitive and Runs Well Even on Old Hardware

I’ve been using this as a trial for about a month. I’m a student pilot and I’ve been using it in my flights. I’ve tried the following moving map GPS apps: Foreflight, FlyQ, Garmin Pilot, Airmate, and Wing X. Out of all of these iFlyGPS has been my favorite for several reasons. First, the layout and design of the app just makes sense to me. Everything is where I expect it to be and behaves the way I think it should. This alone is a huge selling point to me. Another thing that impresses me is that it runs well even on my old iPad Air 2. The other apps either aren’t supported or the old iPad cannot handle them. Something about how iFlyGPS’s design is just very efficient. Finally the app is very inexpensive and I see them running deals fairly often. I see they are designing a new system called iFlyEFB and they say if you pay for one you will get both. That’s nice as well. My only negative points for this app is that the buttons look like they are from Windows 3 and when scrolling around the app the terrain has to load in, however it is very quick. Neither of these points matter to me very much and I think I will buy this software over the others I have used. This is definitely my favorite and especially if you are a private pilot and don’t plan on going commercial this is everything you’d need.
By Kaz (Hamburger) Miller

Switched from Foreflight

Foreflight just had a really high price increase so after 4 years of using it, I needed an alternative. Gave iFlyGPS a try. After about 10 hours of using enroute im getting used to it. It is different. Some features i miss from FF but overall iFlyGPS is a very good product.
By byecostco


Great information. Very user friendly. I love this device.
By Cielo Tey

Why I fly iFly

Ease of use is amazing and it’s intuitive It has everything you need without user overload. It’s uncomplicated. I fly a 1975 V35B with original KX170B nav com. My main source of navigation and information is my iFly on an iPad and my iPhone as back up I have the iFly actual nav unit which will be installed as well in my radio stack soon. Pilot and Foreflight are good, but for the reasons above, give me iFly. And their support is also amazing. Larry W.
By LarryV35B


Have used ifly for years. Clear and easy to use with great customer service as well.
By 26svnc

The best General Aviation App

I have used pretty much all the aviation efb/nav apps out there. For me iFly is the best to use for GA flying. I fly formation and aerobatics for most of my GA flying. This app brings the most used/desired information within one touch. iFly GPS allows an airport’s, CTAF, Tower, and/or ATIS along with runway/pattern information and wind within one quick touch. Other apps have the same information but you have to dig in different places or zoom in on the sectional chart to get the critical information. The other feature that sets this app apart is the complete customization you can do, any instrument or widget can be personalized and place exactly where you want. I like things a certain way, and iFly allows me to do that. Great work and cant wait until the EFB update comes out !
By 776RV

Very affordable and complete

I tried ALL the popular EFB’s on their 30 day free trials. Back to back IFly was the easiest to use and significantly less money for comparable features. I have been using it for 3 years and have no reason to change. I am private SEL and helicopter.
By Cyhyam

Easiest app to use, tried all the others hands down a winner

Retired commercial pilot, tried all other apps for use in my sportplane, easily the easiest to use in flight. Would be great to get sunset sunrise times in the app. Recommend highly.
By lsaviator

Excellent program

Good program simple to use… safe, effective, and with many good features. Thanks
By drdrspence

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iFly EFB

iFly EFB

By Adventure Pilot, LLC

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