Noom: Healthy Weight Loss

Noom: Healthy Weight Loss

By Noom, Inc.

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2013-05-09
  • Current Version: 11.15.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: Noom, Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 14.4+
Score: 4.7
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Looking to get healthy for the long term? Any program can tell you to eat less and move more. Noom is different. Noom believes in making preventative health available to everyone — to help as many people as possible live healthy lives. The key to lasting behavior change starts with you, and the quality of our lives hinges on the quality of our choices. So, through a powerful combination of psychology, technology, and human coaching, Noom empowers you to make healthier choices by better understanding yourself and your brain. We understand that no two health journeys are alike, which is why Noom provides as much (or as little) guidance as you need in order to create a healthier lifestyle. Whether you are looking to manage your weight or manage your stress, Noom offers the tools you need to take back control of your health. With Noom Weight, you’ll have access to the following features: -- Food logging with over 1 million food items in our food database -- A recommended calorie zone dependent on your weight loss goals -- Over 1,000 interactive lessons that move at your own pace discussing topics like the psychology of weight loss, mindful eating, goal setting, and so much more -- Thousands of simple, healthy recipes -- Circles of community members who share your interests -- Water tracking feature to help you stay hydrated -- Connect with Health App to help yourself stay on top of trends in your activity progress -- Maintenance Mode for those who have reached their goal weight but want to maintain it On average, Noom Weight users lose 15.5 pounds over 16 weeks. Noom has been featured in The New York Times, PEOPLE, Shape, Forbes, and more. Sign up today and join millions of Noom users on their journey toward a healthy, sustainable life! For CCPA: "Do Not Sell" Policy for California Residents, please see


Noom: Healthy Weight Loss ScreenshotNoom: Healthy Weight Loss ScreenshotNoom: Healthy Weight Loss ScreenshotNoom: Healthy Weight Loss ScreenshotNoom: Healthy Weight Loss ScreenshotNoom: Healthy Weight Loss ScreenshotNoom: Healthy Weight Loss ScreenshotNoom: Healthy Weight Loss ScreenshotNoom: Healthy Weight Loss Screenshot


I do enjoy this app…..

I love this app and program. However the app glitches. The menu top left disappears. Some of my orange days have suddenly gone gray. Aside from those things I’m very happy with the concept of this program.
By TatesNona

Buggy, Navigation, and Humor

The app is okay. The behavioral lessons are good but nothing new. Lately the app is really buggy. Enter a meal and the app closes. Been 3 weeks now and they are still working on it. Entering meals is clunky. You go in and out instead of easily scrolling up and down between meals. Lose It has a much easier interface. I didn’t find the humor all that enjoyable in the lessons. It was basic ‘dad jokes’ and was so much that it distracted from the actual learning. Adding humor is a lazy way to make online learning engaging. Also the knowledge check questions are not well written.
By Don't Mess with Mom

Uncooperative Company

Buyer beware. If you do not receive your notification that your subscription is going to renew and it automatically renews, you will be charged and they will not give you a refund unless you let them know within 14 days. Since most people do not look at charges every day, this 14 day period is ridiculous. If you sign up, make sure you put a reminder in your calendar to cancel ahead of the renewal date.
By Beyond the Edge

Great psychology

I’ve only been doing this for one week but so far I have gone from feeling hopeless and defeated to encouraged and empowered. I’m learning a lot about myself and how to take control of my thoughts and environment. I plan to continue and feel that success is possible! Thank you!
By FlowerNana77


Logging your meals and all the snacks that you’ve eaten that day and how much water you’ve drank it really makes you realize how bad you’re eating and how much water you’re supposed to be drinking so I have definitely fixed my diet completely but I still eat what I want and I can go a couple days eating, super healthy and get rewarded with a treat day where I can eat whatever I want that entire day it makes you want to eat more green zone food. I personally love it because it also makes me eat healthier so now I’m feeling healthier and I have adopted some new healthy habits and the recipes that they provide are some of my new favorite recipes for me and my family.
By MarisaD <3

Easier and Way More Effective than Expected

I am surprised at how enjoyable and effective using Noom is. After only 6 days I have not only lost some weight but I’m learning new behaviors and applying them slowly in a fun and engaging way. Glad I invested in myself and gave it a shot!!
By Icy1976

Some pros/some cons

I’m using Noom and I am losing weight, because it is a useful app for what I need. It helps me be accountable for everything I put in my mouth. It helps me track calories daily, which is what I need. Having said that, it has some features that others may like, but that I find very annoying. Constant little pop-up features (‘you’ve earned a Noomcoin!’ ‘Would you like to share your progress?’ ‘Pick an emoji to describe how you feel’ etc etc). You end up having to click four times to make it back to the home page. I also find that the dietary guidelines are not helpful for anyone needing or wanting a diet that isn’t basically in line with the food pyramid. I kind of feel like this app would like to slap me every time I log some cheese. Yes, grapes would have been a better choice according to them. But you CAN lose weight eating nutrient dense foods (e.g.,high in fats), as long as you’re balancing calories in with a bit more calories out over the day. That takes me to logging exercise. It’d be great if the app could remember the common ways you exercise so you don’t have to continually go back and scroll to find ‘swimming’ near the bottom of a list. Last gripe: the ‘units’ of measurement of many foods are dumb and I often have to search around for some alternative way to log a food. You enter ‘rice’ and the first thing that comes up is RAW rice, measured in increments of a cup. No one is eating 1/2 a cup of raw rice. You have to search for COOKED rice. Then you get the following units of measurement: ‘bowl’, ‘big bowl’ etc. without any indication of exactly how much is in a bowl? So you have to search for better units. And the next time you log rice you have to do it all over again because the app won’t remember what you commonly log. So this app might be helpful to you…certainly lots of people use it. But it could be a lot more user friendly/customizable imo. 5/27/23 UPDATE: they will NOT send you any reminder of an automatic renewal. I caught it on the SAME day as the renewal, cancelled my subscription, but they had already taken another $156. I asked customer support for a refund because I have ultimately found the app more annoying than I want to deal with any longer. They refused, and then stopped communicating with me. I was not rude to anyone. Their customer service is the same as every other impersonal Big Corporate Faceless “sorry not sorry” story that values your money over your life. Ill be happy to update this review when I get my $156 back.
By Care&seek

So far pretty good

I’ve been using Noom for about 3 weeks and have lost a few pounds. The app is helpful and fairly intuitive, but has a few quirks. When logging food, you can’t simply go back to the meals page to add more food. For example, if I’m logging dinner and then remember an afternoon snack, I can’t just go back to the meals page to add items to my snack. Instead I have to close the dinner tab and go back to the log foods button. It’s not a problem, just sort of annoying. Also, when you get access to the Noom circles (community pages), the feed only shows maybe 10 or so entries, which forces you to go search for things. Again, not a problem but could be improved. As for the Noom program itself, it’s been helpful so far! I think the best thing is that it’s keeping me accountable.
By Pril2005

Pricy but so good!

It’s a bit pricy but it’s very amazing. Def give it a try.
By windwindchase

Satisfied customer

This process is working for me. I have tried them all and nothing worked. Down 22pounds In first month. I’ll keep on it for now.started last weight loss effort at 256 lbs. now at 234.6. Thanks. John in Minneapolis
By johnlee mn

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