Bikemap: Bicycle Route & GPS

Bikemap: Bicycle Route & GPS

By Bikemap GmbH

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2013-04-16
  • Current Version: 29.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 132.15 MB
  • Developer: Bikemap GmbH
  • Compatibility: iOS 14.0+
Score: 4.69
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Do you love to discover, navigate, and track new cycling routes? Then you'll love Bikemap. It doesn't matter if bicycling for you means a leisurely ride with your city bike or e-bike, climbing MTB trails with your mountain bike, or preparing for your next cycling marathon. With more than 11 million bicycle routes and trails worldwide, Bikemap has something for every cyclist. Turn your phone into a bike computer, cycle route planner, and bicycle ride tracker! YOUR RIDE TRACKER & BIKE COMPUTER • The ultimate activity tracker for cyclists. Use as a bicycle speedometer and odometer. • Turn your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch into a bike computer, GPS tracker, and cycling distance tracker. • Get real-time biking stats alongside your navigation—current speed, biking distance, duration, elevation, and the ETA. • Track your bicycling activity and progress over time. • Bikemap supports HealthKit. YOUR CYCLE ROUTE PLANNER • Plan the perfect route for you and your bicycle of choice, no matter if you ride an e-bike, mountain bike, road bike, or city bike. • Search for your destination and filter by route length, ascent, bicycle type, and surface. • You can also use the website cycle route planner, effortlessly sync with the app, and then use your phone for tracking and navigation. YOUR CYCLE ROUTE COLLECTION • Browse through millions of cycle paths and mountain biking trails worldwide. • Discover routes and trails in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, and many more. • Access official routes and trails like the Pacific Coast Route, TransAmerica Trail, Mississippi River Trail, and many more. • Share your favorite routes and trails with our community of cyclists and mountain bikers to make our route library even greater. YOUR CYCLING MAP • Find essential points of interest (POIs) on your ride, including restrooms, restaurants, supermarkets, bicycle parking, water stops, repair shops, bicycle rentals, and e-bike charging stations. • Avoid unpleasant surprises like construction, potholes, and slippery roads by checking out our community reports. • Help out fellow cyclists by reporting obstacles, hazards, and amenities on your route. LEVEL UP • Collect points by planning, tracking and navigating routes with Bikemap. • Cycle more to level up and keep your ride streak going. Challenge yourself to ride daily. GET MORE WITH BIKEMAP PREMIUM • Turn-by-turn Navigation: Get turn-by-turn navigation instructions, including voice navigation. • Offline Maps & Routes: Download maps and routes and ride offline worldwide. • Bike-Type Optimized Routing: Optimize the route for your bike type and cycling style. Give priority to cycle lanes and bike trails. • Custom Bike Computer: Choose from a range of stats for a personalized overview of your cycling data. • Advanced Cycling Maps: Access additional map layers developed for cyclists (3D, Night, OpenCycleMap, OpenStreetMap, Satellite, Atlas, Outdoors, Landscape). • Detailed Route Previews: Preview your route with colored elevation gradients or in 3D mode. • Fall Detection: Stay safe with automatic fall detection. • Premium Support. The payment will be charged through your iTunes account. Your free trial will be automatically renewed to a paid subscription if you don't cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the current period (the same is valid for an ongoing subscription). Any unused free trial time will be forfeited when purchasing Premium. You can cancel your Bikemap Premium subscription anytime during the current subscription period by turning off auto-renewal in your iTunes account settings. Terms of Service: Got any questions? Let us know via anytime and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Bikemap: Bicycle Route & GPS ScreenshotBikemap: Bicycle Route & GPS ScreenshotBikemap: Bicycle Route & GPS ScreenshotBikemap: Bicycle Route & GPS ScreenshotBikemap: Bicycle Route & GPS ScreenshotBikemap: Bicycle Route & GPS ScreenshotBikemap: Bicycle Route & GPS ScreenshotBikemap: Bicycle Route & GPS Screenshot



Every min a pop-up to buy. Going back to garmin.
By Mmvv11233

This app gives up too easily

If the starting and ending points of your planned route are close to each other, it won’t navigate: as soon as you start navigating, it says “you’ve arrived,” and stops navigation. If you deviate from your planned route (e.g. because of a detour) and then rejoin, at the next waypoint it says “you’ve arrived,” and stops navigation. If you turn off your screen to save battery, when you turn it back on it sometimes won’t update the display to your current position. One thing that would be helpful is if the Lock Screen could display a minimap of the current location. I came to a point where it told me to take a right turn, but there were two trails leading off to the right. I had to stop, take off my sunglasses, unlock the phone, find my current position on the map, and see which trail I was supposed to take. A minimap showing the current intersection and which route to take would be really helpful in that situation. Update: went on another ride. The app randomly loses all sense of location and direction, so it places me somewhere I am not, and tells me to “continue onto” the trail I am already on. The only way to deal with that is to stop navigation and restart. I have 6 saved “routes” for a 19 mile ride. This was easily the worst $50 I’ve spent on the App Store.
By Ambiorickx

Not there yet.

Well, I got the premier version paid for that and tried this out. It is just not ready yet in my opinion. The one thing that is needed is being able to connect to Garmin radar units. Like a lot of the other apps do and this doesn’t so I’ll quit using it even though I paid for it until maybe sometime they have it. there’s things I like about it and it’ll work for most people but the way I see it if you look through the reviews and the reaction of the developer is to say they’re sorry to hear that and could they give them information on where it happened and what it happened all that kind of stuff which to me is nothing more than a beta test so it’s just not ready yet. Also, it’s difficult to get it to point the map in the direction you’re going and you have to move there a little computer window out of the way to change it and it’s hard to do while you’re riding. Sometimes it just doesn’t work at all as far as moving on the map the way you wanted to move. They have recently fixed a bunch of bugs which was helpful but I’ll put it away for may be a few more months maybe next spring see how it works.

App crashes

Looking up locations this app crashes. Not paying for non working apps.
By MSD1282


Love the app but oddly when I type Tra in the search bar, the app freezes.
By Jmme jzz

I wanted to like it, but this app needs a lot of development to perform as advertised.

I really wanted to like this, and used it for a long bike ride this past weekend in Southern California. I thought the app had great design, and it was an easy signup process. However, there are a few key areas that I’d love the development team to focus on: Turn by turn directions — The Apple Watch app was pretty useless. Instead of telling me when the next left turn was going to be, it told me my current speed and heart rate. While that was ok, every few blocks I had to stop my ride, pull out my phone, and check the app to see which direction to turn. The phone app also shouts at you the turn by turn directions, but when I was traveling at high speeds, I couldn’t hear it at all, rendering that feature pretty useless. Battery Drain — After the first hour of my 2-hour bike route, my iPhone 13 phone battery had drained from 100% to 18% while using Bikemap. Didn’t track any data — Because of the significant battery drain during the first half of my ride, I had to end it on Bikemap and use my memory for how to get back to the start of the route. When I got back to the car, I wanted to check my stats for the first half, and Bikemap didn’t save anything. I expected Strava quality and got something much more elementary. Again, I really wanted to like this, and hopefully your development team can take my experience and make improvements.
By tavinb

Shady App

WARNING! This app will log your route from your home and back. Is what they don’t tell you is that the route will be uploaded for people to see, including your exact home address. What kind of app does that? It didn’t ask me but my bike route with my home address is online for anyone to see. Stay away from this one.
By Brosiff42

Great Map

Excellent mapping plus stats
By Bruce Macgregor

Had me riding in circles

Im not sure if I took a wrong turn by mistake but the app worked great directing me on my ride to work but in the way home, I just threw in my ear bud and started listening to each turn it said, at one point going through a windy neighborhood i noticed i was passing a st i already turned onto and i open the map to see that i’ve ridden all around the neighborhood when there was a much more direct route cutting right through it (mind you not a busy road that would make sense to avoid). and the route it was suggesting me to go to get back to my way home was basically to turn around and cycle back around the circle i had already ridden instead of just making a turn onto the correct route. very frustrated as this neighborhood has lots of hills and is not the funnest neighborhood to just cruise around. I don’t understand why these apps are so bad with their intended purpose of giving the safest and most efficient route for a bike. only giving two stars because the layout and tracking is nice but the directions are sub-par by far.
By Jaaauuhhh

Great app

I tried this app and I love it!! It is very easy and simple to use and so affective. I highly suggest you use this app if you bike.
By HotRod453

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