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Hilton's Realtime-Navigator Mobile Navigation Application. Navigate on almost real-time imageries such as sea surface temperatures, chlorophyll, surface currents, altimetry, and salinity using your iPad, iPhone, and/or iPod device(s) as your chartplotter! Features include: -Ability to create waypoints/routes "On the fly" -Waypoint creation and editing -Map zooming -Point to point navigation -Real-time GPS location -Ability to change chart selection "On the fly" The RT-Nav app interfaces with the RT-Nav.com website to provide a platform to allow subscribers the ability to navigate on desired RT-Nav.com images using youriPad, iPhone, and/or iPod device(s) as a chartplotter. View your real-time position on dynamic maps outside of cell/internet range navigating to temp breaks (probable weedlines), color changes, or default/custom waypoints by using our touch-screen technology!


RT-Nav ScreenshotRT-Nav ScreenshotRT-Nav ScreenshotRT-Nav ScreenshotRT-Nav Screenshot


Can’t even open the app

Try to sign in and it goes to a blank page. Try to view stuff without logging in and you get nothing. Seems like I wasted my time.
By Drfwed18

Okay attempt but not great

Okay first attempt but needs more features. Pro: Ability to see scaled temp charts on the iPad. Ideally Hilton's would make this available by teaming with iNavx but they have not. Con: Nice to be able to create Waypoints but how do you save them? Am I missing something?
By Mawrob


Does not work on iPhone 5. After logging in and clicking on the link to pull up the maps it closes.
By Offshoresc1

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By Hilton's Fishing Charts, L.L.C.

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