Tapas – Comics and Novels

Tapas – Comics and Novels

By Radish Media

  • Category: Book
  • Release Date: 2012-11-28
  • Current Version: 6.7.8
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 98.79 MB
  • Developer: Radish Media
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.0+
Score: 4.58
From 37,051 Ratings


Tapas connects readers to the stories they crave. Tapas has diverse, unique webcomics, webnovels, manga, manhwa, and more – with new releases every day and free episodes every three hours! Dig into international hits like The Beginning After The End, Solo Leveling, and Positively Yours. Check out the original comics behind Netflix series such as Heartstopper, A Business Proposal, and Navillera. When you join Tapas for free, you’ll be joining 10 million other subscribers and fans in supporting talented artists and authors. When you download the Tapas Mobile App, you’ll turn your phone into a portable library full of stunning art, vivid characters, and gripping plotlines – all in the palm of your hand. Read simply by scrolling and turn your daily phone time into story time with top stories from all your favorite genres! From your favorite villainess to action hero, modern romance to action fantasy, Tapas has content for everyone. With your Tapas mobile account, you can comment, connect, and engage with readers and creators as you read. You’ll get notified about updates on your favorite series and creators, and you’ll enjoy exclusive app-only promotions and perks like Free Monday Ink and Fortune Cookies. Want even more out of Tapas? Try publishing your own story with Tapas Community. Become one of the over 75,000 talented creators — from established, award-winning authors to independent user creators – who share their work with the supportive, contemporary audience on Tapas. Stay in touch! Website: www.tapas.io E-mail: feedback@tapas.io Instagram: http://instagram.com/tapas_app Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapas_app Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tapas.io


Tapas – Comics and Novels ScreenshotTapas – Comics and Novels ScreenshotTapas – Comics and Novels ScreenshotTapas – Comics and Novels ScreenshotTapas – Comics and Novels ScreenshotTapas – Comics and Novels ScreenshotTapas – Comics and Novels Screenshot


Love it, but

There are a bunch of comics that I enjoy reading on this app, and I don’t really mind the WUF system, though I preferred when the wait time was longer and the chapters were unlocked permanently. I like being able to earn free ink by reading new series and other challenges. Some things that I wish were different: sometimes I’ll accidentally swipe left or right while scrolling through a chapter and it will automatically unlock it if I had a free coupon for that series, which makes me sad to waste them because I like saving them for later. A lot of comics go on hiatus for months at a time, and there are a couple that I’m subscribed to that are currently 6-8 months long. There aren’t really any updates between the initial hiatus and when the series returns, so it feels like you’re left in the dark and kinda makes you doubt if there will be any more updates. I understand if the source comic itself has an extended hiatus, but sometimes the original will be completed and the Tapas version is still paused. I wish the hiatuses wouldn’t be so long, or if there was at least more communication about when to expect the series to return. All in all, there are a lot of comics that I really enjoy reading on Tapas, and I want to support them by reading the licensed versions, but it can be frustrating at times.
By Psp>


After the newest update I have been unable to buy more ink? My payment info is correct and my balance is over what I need to pay so im not sure what to do!? Other than that LOVE the app
By leyleydawolf

App keeps saying I don’t have internet

Immediately upon opening the app I’m notified that I don’t have internet. Which, I know I do because I’m able to access the internet just fine. I’ve tried reinstalling the app, logging in and out, and the issue doesn’t go away. I just switched to iOS after having an android and the app worked just fine for me on my galaxy. I can still open my app on my old phone and read my comics just fine. This seems to be exclusively an iOS app issue. Update: it’s been months since I’ve heard anything from the app support team and I’ve decided to delete the app. I hope I’ll be able to find some of my comics I used to read elsewhere.
By The_o_phany

Bring back the games for free ink

It use to be sort of fun to get ink but now you have to do all the stuff and spend money
By bring back free games in

The comics won’t unlock at every three hours anymore.

The comics I am reading except one us stopped unlocking themselves at every three hours. I think all the comics should unlock at every three hours no matter how far you have read into the comic.
By Rodobutton1991

Character limit

This app is great to use. It has many features that are great for writers. The Wait Until Free option was amazing and saved me a lot of time. However, there’s an issue that I want to bring up. I tried uploading my story on Tapas, and everything was fine. But when it was finally ready to upload the first chapter, it said there was a character limit of 15,000 words. This was really inconvenient for me because my story was already written perfectly and it’s usually on the longer side. I wish the developers would remove or at least increase the character limit on stories writers can upload.
By v i r g i l

Stole my money

I was charged for 5$ ink 3 times and 1 time for a 10$ ink and I only got the 5$ink there is no way to complain about this on the app until I get my refund or get the ink that I was so-posed to get I will keep my rating as 1 star
By AKHALOElcrac_k

Bonus ink expires too quickly

I hate how i cant save my ink. Being a student makes it hard to read a lot so my free ink is constantly expiring.💔 at least have it available for 2 weeks …
By Torimonsterx

Great content… Huge rises in prices

First love this app and their content. I buy coins because I’m inpatient. I started reading from Tapas mid last year. During mid last year with one-tap it was 300 coins then at end of year ~345, and now ~380 keep in mind this is for one tap not for just a single chapter. If you unlock a single chapter it’s 450 coins … At this rate I’ll stop buying coins.
By cheesymacandcheese

Evil Company

Be very careful paying for tapas original comics on this site. Some of the creators’ contracts were manipulated to cancel their profit sharing. So buying the comic only funds the company who scammed the artists. Consume comics ethically! Check artists’ Twitter or instagram for ways to support them directly.
By Etcetrachel

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