Tapas – Comics and Novels

Tapas – Comics and Novels

By Radish Media

  • Category: Book
  • Release Date: 2012-11-28
  • Current Version: 7.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 60.02 MB
  • Developer: Radish Media
  • Compatibility: iOS 14.0+
Score: 4.58
From 38,926 Ratings


Tapas connects readers to the stories they crave. Tapas has diverse, unique comics, novels, manga, manhwa, and more – with new releases every day and free episodes every three hours! Dig into international hits like The Beginning After The End, Solo Leveling, and Little Rabbit and the Big Bad Leopard. Check out the original comics behind popular TV series such as Heartstopper, A Business Proposal, and Navillera. The Wait-Until-Free system allows you to read our top stories free of charge. When you join Tapas for free, you'll be joining 10 million other subscribers and fans in supporting talented artists and authors. When you download the Tapas Mobile App, you'll turn your phone into a portable library full of stunning art, vivid characters, and gripping plotlines – all in the palm of your hand. Read simply by scrolling and turn your daily phone time into story time with top stories from all your favorite genres! From your favorite villainess to action hero, romance fantasy to action fantasy, Tapas has content for everyone. With your Tapas mobile account, you can comment, connect, and engage with readers and creators as you read. You'll get notified about updates on your favorite series and creators, and you'll enjoy exclusive app-only promotions and perks like Free Monday Ink and Fortune Cookies. Want even more out of Tapas? Try publishing your own story with Tapas Community. Become one of the over 75,000 talented creators — from established, award-winning authors to independent user creators – who share their work with the supportive, contemporary audience on Tapas. Stay in touch! Website: http://www.tapas.io E-mail: feedback@tapas.io Instagram: http://instagram.com/tapas_app Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapas_app Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tapas.io


Tapas – Comics and Novels ScreenshotTapas – Comics and Novels ScreenshotTapas – Comics and Novels ScreenshotTapas – Comics and Novels ScreenshotTapas – Comics and Novels ScreenshotTapas – Comics and Novels Screenshot


Nice app

Nice app
By Ruby barker 1

Not good

They sell your information I have Apple Pay and they charge you randomly and I don’t even get the inks 21 to 27 dollars worth
By Lisa04402

Very good comics platform, but with significant issues

I genuinely love reading comics through taptastic, and many of my very favorite comics are posted here. However, the app has significant issues that have not gone away, despite the app updating. About half of the time when I open the app nothing loads, and the rest of the time there are connectivity issues that are not caused by anything on my end. Sometimes when I unlock an episode, the app freezes or just displays a blank page. And recently, the app has started crashing a few minutes after I open it. This app is a convenient way for me to access the content I adore, but the problems have begun to outweigh the benefits for me. I want to keep up with my favorites, but it becomes difficult to do that when the app is constantly having trouble loading or crashing. Edit: some of these problems have been resolved, but I have some other problems with the new update. The first is that the continue reading feature no longer shows me what comics I read most, only the things I have read most recently. This is not very helpful, especially when events are happening where I am reading a bunch of things I normally don’t and cannot remember the titles I usually like to read. The second is that the formatting is difficult to navigate and slightly overwhelming. There is very little variation in the shape and size of the elements, and as such no hierarchy of information and no way to break things up. The main section of events and things are confusing and obtrusive, and everything is scaled to be so large that it is frustrating to use. It’s also kind of boring. Overall, it *is* functional for the most part, but I don’t feel like the changes provide any benefits over the old format.
By TardisLuvr

It’s good BUT

No lie I love this app. Literally gets me through long trips because I travel a lot. But the Wait Until Free thing, ya I get it.. but the thing is that after you unlock a chapter, after a certain period of time, I’ve been noticing it’s after the start of a series new season, the chapters you’ve unlocked will look unlocked but you actually have to spend more ink to UNLOCK them AGAIN. Idk if it’s just me but I just kinda find that to be a complete bummer. Again it could just be me. But it just kinda bums me out that you can’t go back to the very beginning of a series and re-read it without having to pay for it again. But other than that, they have a great variety of novels and manwha to read.
By NekoRita3

Great app

I use it all the time, everything’s nice about it. My only worry is that after I complete an ink event, it sometimes takes awhile for me to receive the ink. Like I finished an event at 8 PM and it’s 11 PM and I have yet to receive it. I always get the ink in the end, but the slowness of it makes me wonder if I’ll ever receive the free ink.
By RubieRedRubies

Discontinued Stories vs. “Completed series”

Mode II Queen in the Shadows Villainess’ Reprisal Boutique All of the above are names of a few comics available on Tapas, but they have something else in common as well. Do you want to know what that, “something else they have in common” is? They are all exclusive Tapas-published discontinued webcomics that were marked as “Completed series” by Tapas. On Tapas there are tons of “Ongoing series” and compared to that there are much fewer “Completed series.” When a series or story reaches it’s finale, on Tapas, they often times get featured on the dashboard to celebrate and then get marked as a “Completed series” shortly after. Now, considering all that, isn’t it odd that these completed and celebrated series are sharing the same “Completed series” label as the various discontinued stories? I certainly think so. Why are all these incomplete discontinued stories silently and inconspicuously being given the “Completed series” label??? It feels like Tapas is trying to scam us into buying the episodes of these incomplete stories that would otherwise be unprofitable because they are discontinued… it’s blatant false advertisement and a scam. Remember those series I’d mentioned above? Well each of them have around 50 episodes- all of which are priced the same as episodes of other series despite them not being completed stories. What’s worse is that 50 episodes could reasonably make up a simple story… meaning a person would have no reason to conclude that this is anything other than what it’s labelled as, a “Completed series.” There’s also no way for a person to know that the series is discontinued until they purchase the final episode and are met with a cliffhanger and (sometimes but not always) a note from the author informing the audience that the series won’t be updating. It’s a whole load of bull, especially since every other aspect of Tapas is superior to an app like Webtoon- I expected better out of them and it makes me mad they do this. If it weren’t for this I’d be giving it a full 5/5 stars, but until they stop this weird scam I can’t recommend this app.

Getting better!

I love the comics on Tapas, the opportunities for free ink, the 3hr wait to unlock, etc. The newest UI update is great and includes a handful of features I’ve been wanting (I love the counter for WUFs) It definitely still has room for improvement (namely adding sort capabilities for the completed comics section please!!!!) but so far every update seems to make the app better which I really appreciate! It is still a but buggy, but the bugs aren’t consistent so I believe they patch fairly regularly. The tags on comics don’t work which is a bit annoying but generally not a big deal. The comments section could use tweaking (if you reply to someone’s comment you get a notif every time anyone else replies, and @-ing a user doesn’t seem to do anything) but I think that should be a low priority compared to improving the search and browse functions. Overall, it’s a good app and I would recommend trying it out!
By catherinelinnea


I was really enjoying the app until I realized that comics I paid for in ink were missing from my subs. I went into the check on them and just *poof* gone. I am highly disappointed I have lost access to something I paid for.
By E.vilcan

New update

The home screen looks terrible 😩 like a Tappytoon knock off without any character. Like a blank wall with a bunch of choatic rounded squares all shoved together 😬 I really hate that I updated the app and want to go back please 😭
By Jggart

New version needs work

I’ve used this app for quite a while and there have been some bugs that seemingly never got fixed but with the new app style a new one came up that is a larger inconvenience than others. I have a lot of comics that I read however some are on the backburner for now so when I would open the app I would automatically see which comics got updated in the “Continue Reading” section with the backburner ones left out due to me toggling them as hidden. The section was also almost the first thing I see when opening the app. Once I read the comics and refresh the page by scrolling up the comic is then removed from the “Continue Reading” section. Now with the new app, I have to scroll further down to see it(minor inconvenience). The comics displayed however are not the updated comics from the day but from the previous day. They also are not removed once you’re all caught up with the comic. So, in order for me to located the updated comics I now have to go to my library, click subscribed, then filter to updated and sort through the ones that I am currently reading vs the backburner comics I am not currently reading. This is a pretty big inconvenience considering the extra steps necessary to get the convenience that I had before this new app version. I wish I could revert to the older version, so if you haven’t updated yet. Don’t.
By Tavayee

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