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Get award-winning commentary on global news daily with the Foreign Affairs app. About the App: Download the Foreign Affairs app to stay up-to-date on the latest international news, commentary, and analysis from influential thinkers and world leaders. The Foreign Affairs app offers insightful articles, digital issues, podcast episodes, videos, and audio content optimized for an ideal experience on iOS mobile and tablet devices. Users can access new, relevant articles on international topics of interest daily at no cost. Subscribers get additional access to digital magazine issues. For access to the app AND the Foreign Affairs website, subscribe at Features: -New articles every weekday on international news topics -Subscriber-only access to Foreign Affairs magazine issues -Audio for select articles—perfect for listening on-the-go -Podcasts and videos featuring insightful conversations with leading scholars, editors, and authors -Accessibility tools for a better reading experience for everyone, including light/dark viewing mode and text resizing tools -A bookmark tool for saving or sharing articles later -Download options for offline reading and listening -Sharing capabilities to keep friends and family updated on current events About Foreign Affairs: Foreign Affairs offers cutting-edge commentary on international relations and foreign policy. Since 1922, Foreign Affairs has driven the conversation on critical topics related to geopolitics, trade, economics, science and technology, climate change, and more. Foreign Affairs has published globally renowned thinkers and leaders over the past 100 years from around the world and across the political spectrum, including W. E. B. Du Bois, Eleanor Roosevelt, George Kennan, Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger, Nelson Mandela, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama, Jill Lepore, Condoleezza Rice, Mitt Romney, Fareed Zakaria, and more.


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Not a Full Subscription

App does not make it clear that this subscription does not include desktop access to FA. As a result, any attempt to access it outside the iOS app forces you to re-subscribe for an additional subscription, even if you're already paying for one through the app store. This makes no sense, given that you also cannot transfer subscriptions from the app to desktop. This is important since you can only access archival articles in desktop mode.
By SWangCT

Balanced Ojectivity

I’ve been reading the FA Magazines since I was an International Affairs undergraduate student (Almost 50 years). While I acknowledge that emotions, politics and societal tides sways that very often shape the opinions over time, I held on the hope at least some of the academics would be guadrailed by their discipline and true knowledge to remain objective. I am afraid the recent articles do not reflect this. FA Magazine platform apparently does not see it as your duty to nourish Objectivity?
By XiaoMao6

Love this magazine

If you’d like international relations there’s no better magazine than foreign affairs.
By Dave64y

The magazine is wonderful but the app has some space to improve

I love the magazine, but if I could give 2 suggestions for the app it would be the following: - Add a side or top bar that could indicate progress through the text. Sometimes in a long text I feel like I’m almost finishing and I am not even halfway through. Thus, it would help to have a small indicative of progress - allow for users to set larger or smaller fonts. The current font size is fine in general, but still I would like to make it a little larger sometimes. Another nice feature that I would love to see being more explored is the audio stories (ideally all stories in audio), but I understand it takes more time to get it functioning.
By phtagliari

Great News App

Quality material ! Love the audio capabilities… I just wish you could listen to any article. Love to listen to something when I am in transit.
By cur george 313

World Class World View

The title says it all.
By NoMoSquint

Are You An Armchair Policy Wonk?

Foreign Affairs is not just for seasoned diplomats. It’s for the geo-politically thirsty of every stripe. It’s also less expensive than some other choices out there. Enjoy!
By dousley

None Better

See title.
By jhatpro

Could be better

After unlocking my screen, my article fails to reload and I have to search for it again before I came resume reading. Please fix this glitch. Also, I like the bookmark feature but please add a highlight feature. When a highlight is made, it could be added to a searchable log that the reader can keep forever and browse any time.
By dpaulhess

An Insightful App

This is an insightful app for anyone curious about how the world works; from the price of gas, to migration crisis, and supply chains.
By Gazorpazoooooorp

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Foreign Affairs Magazine

Foreign Affairs Magazine

By Council on Foreign Relations

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