Udemy Online Video Courses

Udemy Online Video Courses

Udemy Online Video Courses

By Udemy

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2012-10-16
  • Current Version: 7.10.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 95.07 MB
  • Developer: Udemy
  • Compatibility: iOS 12.0+
Score: 4.77
From 71,123 Ratings


"Skill up to success. Udemy is the world’s largest destination for online courses that empower you to grow professionally and personally. Get the app to explore our expansive library of 3,400+ topics with cutting-edge online video courses in Coding, Development, Python, Java, Business, Marketing, SEO, SEM, Design, Drawing, Photography, and much more. Tap into knowledge from around the world by learning from real-world experts. With countless 5-star courses in over 65 languages, you’re sure to find the right course for your goals. Here’s what makes learning with the Udemy app so valuable: LEARN OFFLINE: Download courses and learn even when your internet connection is unreliable LEARN ON THE BIG SCREEN: Watch courses with AirPlay and Chromecast DARK MODE: Stay focused in any lighting condition LEARNING REMINDERS: Build your learning routine with customized push notifications that fit your schedule NOTES: Maximize your learning by taking notes and adding bookmarks to remember more of what you learned QUIZZES: Take in-course quizzes to reinforce your learning Q&A: Ask instructors your burning questions to increase your knowledge or get a little extra help PICTURE IN PICTURE: Watch courses and practice skills at the same time MULTITASKING: Watch courses and take notes from your iPad. Ask questions from a single screen LIFETIME ACCESS: Take courses on your schedule. Revisit them as needed. Many instructors update courses (at no extra cost) to bring you the latest knowledge as it becomes available. Making learning with us a short and long-term investment in your success. Other popular topics people are learning to achieve their goals: - App Development: iOS, Swift, Java, Kotlin - Data Science: R, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence - Marketing: Mobile, Social Media, SEM, SEO - Art, Music, Drawing, Photography, Health & Fitness Learners around the world trust Udemy to launch new careers, advance in their current field, and reap the benefits of lifelong learning. Take control of your future with online courses that deliver practical, professional skills. Prepare for certification exams in IT, Project Management, and more. Earn certificates of completion for paid courses to showcase on your resume or impress in your next interview. Join millions of learners around the globe and improve your life through learning!"


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Good app, mobile version missing functionality

Overall, this app is good and I’m glad I found it. There are a lot of courses to choose from and pricing is great when you hit a sale. That being said, the mobile app is missing some functionality I’d like to see. A few suggestions below: I use a lot of music theory and instrument lesson courses. I wish there was an option to loop/automatically repeat a video for backing tracks in lessons. I’m sure this could also be useful for other course types as well. It would be great to be able to save individual lessons into a Favorites section for easy reference later and maybe even be able to organize them into handy playlists. Favorites could also be marked and categorized as favorites within the main course lesson list for even more visibility of lessons you want to be able to find quickly. I also don’t see a Downloads section to easily access lessons that have been downloaded. The auto play feature is temperamental and some times just doesn’t work. The lessons I’ve completed often reset and look as if they haven’t been finished. And scrolling through the sections and lessons of large courses can become cumbersome when nothing is highlighted or marked correctly. Adding a Favorites feature and fixing up the completed lesson highlighting would help a lot with being able to organize the course structure.
By MGfromVA

Video performance is awful

I haven’t been able to get through a single video on the iOS app without stuttering, freezing, or buffering. No other streaming video apps are having the same issues on my mobile device. And I’m not able to replicate the issues on your desktop site when I use my PC either. My internet connection is stable, and the issues occur whether or not I am connected to wireless or my cell network.
By Lolly1192

After a year of problems they keep making the app worse

Latest update broke the link between my app and downloaded content. As in I have 36 gig of saved videos but the app says I have 0. Udemy keeps getting worse and worse. I used this app because of the download component, to do things on the road which consistently doesn’t work, and keeps getting worse. They add things like reminders to continue courses. But are consistently bad at video replay, downloads, and even accessing the course at all. Video replay, the video immediately starts where you left off when you open the app. Even if it’s minimized. The problem with this is when you maximize the screen the video the restarts where it was originally but keeps playing the audio that started when you opened the app. So now you have two audio streams playing 15 or 20 seconds apart over each other. Downloads have lots of issues. Accessing courses; currently I have 4 downloaded, my “my course page” opening it up today is empty. Can’t see or get to things I paid for. The courses on here are good if you find the right instructors but Udemy itself is a big failure, and keeps adding little features without fixing very important basic problems.
By SilverFoot Studios

Please fix this app

I have used Udemy for years. Love the product. However, the mobile app often is very unresponsive. If I’m mid-way through a video, leave the app and come back the video we not resume. Just a spinning circle forever. I have to select another video and the return to the one I’m watching to get it to play. Very frustrating.
By Rexyooper

Hire a course instructor to build your app

The course content on Udemy has been really great overall. 5 stars for Udemy content. 1 star for the iPad app. It’s very buggy. Why don’t you hire some of these app developers that teach iOS development courses to rebuild it? - Frequent pauses to load video, even with a blazing fast internet connection. - Downloading videos and watching offline doesn’t always fix the issue. Downloaded videos jump around sometimes as well. - The video viewing size changes constantly and unpredictably - Doesn’t save your place in your course. If you shut the app down or view another course you have to scroll through (sometimes many hundreds) of lectures to find where you left off. - Frequent forced logouts, like within minutes of each other
By Mikesotherphone


I have 15-20 courses through Udemy. Their content is great. The problem is viewing what you purchase. I can not watch 4 minutes with out something going wrong. I have the app on my iPad Pro and my iPhone 12. If I need to pause or hit the rewind button. Crash. If I don’t touch anything, 4 minutes later... crash. “Video can not play.” If I download a video. Error. If I stream on their website. Error. Somehow my payments always go through with no problem. Uninstall and reinstall the app. Works for 4 minutes.. then error. How can an app not play a downloaded video?! How can your website not stream a 5 minute video without an error?! I go to Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, prime, twitchtv, Lynda.com, any other platform and I can watch videos. I have tried chrome, safari, Firefox. Does not matter. If the stars have aligned properly on a misty morning I might be able to get through a video uninterrupted . I have seen reviews from 4 years ago with the same problem and their response: “Our engineers are working on it.” Come on, who is your engineer? “Billy the high school intern?” Just a warning that the frustration of watching a video is ulcer inducing.
By Andylane82

Doesn’t work

The search function no longer works. I type something in the search bar and nothing happens. Guess I’ll be signing up with Skillshare instead.
By Daniellestlouis

Where are my courses???

I bought 9 courses with lifetime access. After couples of weeks I stop using the app because of my busy schedule, but you guys took back my courses from my purchase list? Then why you’re saying it’s lifetime access before I bought it??? Can anyone explain it please?
By dhllks


The course was awful and when I tried to get a refund, it defaulted to credit. Now the only way to contact them is by a mailing address! What kind of online service communicates by snail mail?! I REALLY feel scammed!
By Andy in NE

Chromecast support broken

The last couple of updates have completely broken Chromecast support. I don’t get the icon anymore and the iOS application is now useless to me. Please fix this.
By Akhiris


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