Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation

Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation

By Daily Yoga Culture Technology Co., Ltd.

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**#1 yoga app of 2022**——Apple **6000 million best choice**——Subscribers **2019-2023 Best Yoga App**—Healthline No.1 Yoga App Since 2012, loved by 60M+ people! Would you like to find both a yoga fitness pose video and meditations in one app? Daily Yoga is the platform that provides health benefits for both your mind and body with multiple yoga poses, various guided yoga classes and weight loss yoga challenges. Here are dozens of beginner-friendly yoga classes that are easy to learn and perform. Start your day with a yoga workout. Choose to increase flexibility, improve strength, maintain good posture, or get fit and healthy! WHY CHOOSE DAILY YOGA? - Lose weight & burn fat - Increase flexibility and get fit - Decrease your stress with meditation - Personalized Custom Yoga Program - Beginner friendly with Smart Coach to find courses to meet your goals. MAIN FEATURES: Daily Yoga challenges, Weekly New classes! If you're a beginner, join the yoga challenges and see the result. Daily Yoga provides beginners-yoga series to help beginners learn the basics before diving into more advanced classes, sequences, and flows. If you're advanced, new courses update weekly, so you won’t have to do the same yoga workouts over and over again. Yoga for Weight Loss and Fat Burn! Daily Yoga provides different courses for weight loss. There are easy and efficient full-body yoga exercises that help you get visible results in a few days. From beginners to advanced, the range of difficulty levels makes it possible to practice step-by-step to achieve your goals. Easy to Follow! Everyone, from beginner to advanced, can reap the benefits of yoga. Follow the detailed guidance in the app, and enjoy your exercise. Smart Coach to Keep You Motivated! The Smart Coach feature prevents having to search for a good class every day. Smart Coach creates a 28-day schedule of classes to help you reach your monthly goal. Download Your Favorite Classes! Download yoga class for offline use and take it with you anywhere. Practice in your living room, in a hotel, on the beach, and anywhere. Track and Record Your Progress! Personal data can be tracked if you use different devices. With the smartwatch, you can track the exercise duration, calories burned, and heart rate to contribute to your activity rings and meet your daily goals. We integrate with HealthKit for you to export calories burned and exercise data. Meditation for Mind and Body Specially designed meditation classes to find inner peace. Boost your energy, release your stress, or follow a peaceful voice into a sweet dream. Join The Worldwide Yoga Community! Connect with 50M yogis around the world. Discuss your experience with each class, tag friends or other people doing the class, and encourage people to finish yoga challenges. It brings yogis from all over the world closer to one another. HealthKit Daily Yoga integrates with HealthKit (Apple Health), so you can export calories burned and exercise data from Daily Yoga to HealthKit. We also perfectly support both Intel and Apple Silicon. Daily yoga is a health and fitness app to give yogis around the world a better yoga experience. Join this best yoga app and start your day with morning yoga stretches or practice yoga for bedtime. FOR MORE INFORMATION: Terms of Use: http://api.dailyyoga.com/web/terms.html Privacy Policy: http://api.dailyyoga.com/web/privacy.html CONTACT: Feel free to contact us anytime! · App usage problems and suggestions: support@dailyyoga.com · Business Cooperation: business@dailyyoga.com Come to Life, Come to Yoga!


Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation ScreenshotDaily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation ScreenshotDaily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation ScreenshotDaily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation ScreenshotDaily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation ScreenshotDaily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation ScreenshotDaily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation ScreenshotDaily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation ScreenshotDaily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation Screenshot


About 8 years LOVE

I’ve tried a few different yoga apps and by far this is my favorite app. I have stayed as a member of Daily Yoga for about 8 years so far. It’s at my pace; it keeps up with my activities; it allows me to have yoga buddies/friends here from all over the world. It’s great as a free app and it’s even better with the paid memberships. Daily Yoga!
By jennihayoga


I love this app after a few weeks I started seeing reasalts
By Wensday1883836

Terrible interface

There are a lot of classes so if you don’t care about continuity the app is great. But the interface is abysmal. Smart Coach is a great idea, but instead of setting up a program and letting you simply go through each class, they tie it to a calendar, so its very difficult to figure out which classes you have and have not completed. (Status is not shown). Also, if you change any particular setting, it completely rebuilds the smart coach schedule regardless of what you’ve completed and whether you enjoyed the track you were on. Overall, there is a lot of potential here, but the interface is so difficult to navigate its probably worth checking out some other app.
By Zog Software

No.1 yoga app

I love daily yoga app
By tulonnon

3minute w/0

This was my first dip into Daily Yoga. Thank you.
By 6300 Variel Ave 236

Lots of ads for membership

I’ve used it once and I had to avoid so many ads for membership but it doesn’t bother me, I just took awhile to find the free course tho. I enjoyed the first course so far
By Ktpatterson

App for ads not yoga

I found little to no yoga on this app with or without the premium membership. I read all the great reviews (which I’m now convinced were purchased) and signed up in hopes that the pop up ads, banners, and countless other promotions would go away. They don’t! It’s hard to get to actual content, the app tries to convince you to lose weight even if thats not really the point of your workout. And if you do decide “sure, I could also lose some weight” what you get is bizarre “HIIT” content like someone who doesn’t work out was told to film a HIIT video. Definitely felt embarrassed listening to cheesy music and “tapping my foot” then “raising my arm.” Other apps are much more affordable and better than this one!! Also — I asked for a refund within days of paying for premium, there is no refund, but they can offer you so many add on promotions! Save your money and avoid!
By Nerdine

Great app, one thing,

I've been using this app on and off for a few years now. At first I had most access to all the lessons for free but the second and third time was different. I got quizzed on my goals but I would have to pay for a subscription so I ignored it. Then I go to look at the free lessons and there's 10 or less. None for weight loss/calories burning.
By gamergirl411yeet

Terrible customer support

This app has terrible customer support. I contacted them after I logged in with my iPad and lost premium even though I paid for a year for 49.99 and they sent me back an account email that wasn’t even mine and someone else’s which I’m pretty sure is a breach of privacy and security and it’s in my inbox just sitting there and when I tried to file another ticket they suspended my support account and now I have paid for premium and I don’t have access to premium support has pretty much disappeared and they haven’t been responding to my ticket request terrible app terrible customer service, and obviously doesn’t respect their customers data and privacy because their support team is sending me emails that don’t belong to me saying that it is actually my account and not solving my current issue
By leepaulys

Obnoxious marketing machine

The product could’ve been great only if they didn’t decide to use every gaslighting peer pressure and aggressive marketing bombardment to squeeze out every dollar out of your pocket. Ridiculous how capitalism can ruin everything.
By maxlosk

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Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation

Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation

By Daily Yoga Culture Technology Co., Ltd.

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