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If you love Wendy’s—which, who doesn’t?—you need this app. Get your faves at your fingertips, earn Rewards, catch exclusive offers, and order ahead. Look, we could keep going, but they only give us so many characters here. See below if you wanna dive deep. Earn Rewards Where can you score free food? Right here. All you gotta do to get FREE Wendy’s is EAT Wendy’s. Eat, earn Rewards points, and trade ’em in for anything in the Rewards Store. Exclusive Deals & Offers This app is your hookup. Get app-exclusive offers on breakfast, dinner, and everything in-between. All the deals, zero FOMO. Order Ahead Let’s be real. Speaking to speakers can be rough. Reduce the awkward shouting in your life and order right from your phone. Customize Your Order No mayo? No problem. Choose what you want and what you don’t, and we’ll make it happen. Save Your Faves Have a go-to Wendy’s order? Of course, you do. Save it to your faves for fast and easy re-ordering. Mobile Pay Who carries cash anymore? Load $$$ or use a credit card and pay from the app. You can also add a gift card and never guess the balance again. Get Menu & Nutrition Info Find the deets on local pricing, ingredient lists, allergens, nutritional info, and even count calories & carbs. Support Foster Care Adoption The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption’s mission is to find forever families for children waiting in foster care. Every donation helps. We always love hearing from you. Tell us what’s on your mind by: • Live chatting in-app • Leaving us a message in-app • Texting or calling us at 888-624-8140


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Horrible App, Great Food

This app quite literally freezes out every time I open it. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled. Restarted the phone. All of it. Based on other customer reviews it’s been headed for the trash. I wouldn’t trust putting your card info into this app when it can’t even get orders correct or started.
By QuothNevermore

Customization, why can’t you order without ice

So, every thing on the menu has customizations except soft drinks… Why!!!
By lebyrum

Frostys and lemonades!?!?

I’ve missed out on many frosties and lemonades because the machines aren’t working or being cleaned which is irritating since they give me no refund. Other than that, the app is great. -Darrin
By Darrin87


This is the worst app I’ve ever used. Several errors and if you experience one you can no longer order from the restaurant you want. The worst happens when you try to order something the store is out of. Instead of letting you change your order you have to change locations.
By Decimation4

App Did Not Work on Burger Day

I went to Wendy’s in the pouring rain the get a 1 cent burger and was told I could only get the deal through the app which was not working. I left wet and with nothing.
By Kervvvv123

Can’t use gift amount then pay the rest with other card or cash

Don’t like can’t pay the balance with cash or another card. You have to actually purchase another gift card and the minimum amount is $10. So in other words if you have a gift card with a balance of $1.50 you’re never gonna be able to use that without having to buy at least $10.
By kbw34239

Such a rude app

It doesn’t load at all and it freezes, it also shutdown suddenly
By Jeannetteaz

App is great!

App is really good and well thought out, just a little slow but not slow enough to where I get frustrated!
By softballbay7

Has good rewards and customization, but it’s glitchy

Has everything you expect from an app like this. You can customize your orders, find current prices, and get pretty good discounts. However, the biggest problem with this app is that it’s very glitchy, and it takes a second to adjust itself when it comes to pricing.
By Nowaydardo

This app is HORRIBLE

This app constantly locks up. Takes multiple times of opening and closing the app to place an order.
By Hang side

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