The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks

By Domus Technica

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  • Release Date: 2012-05-30
  • Current Version: 9.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Developer: Domus Technica
  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
Score: 5
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The Wonder Weeks worldwide bestselling baby app is a personalized weekly calendar of your baby’s mental development that will keep you informed about the leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby. KEY FEATURES - Keep track of your baby’s mental development - Learn all about the leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby - Read the bestselling Wonder Weeks book here in this app - Take notes about a range of topics in a comprehensive diary - The leap-alarm service - The calendar sync option to show the leaps in your agenda Extra's ============================= - A full HD 4G / WIFI baby monitor - The complete Audiobook of the Wonder Weeks (English) - The compete eBook of the Wonder Weeks in several languages - a proven white noise library to help you baby doze of - a proven library of classical music and sounds to help you baby relax - Extra content such as over 400 milestones and over 200 games and activities. International experts on The Wonder Weeks:
 “This is a very practical and entertaining window into the baby’s first year and a half. van de Rijt and Plooij have observed and found the vulnerable times in an infant’s development that I independently came to in my research. The authors’ observations and practical suggestions are wonderful.”
 -T. Berry Brazelton, M.D., professor emeritus, Harvard Medical School
 "Anyone who deals with infants and young children will want to read The Wonder Weeks. This book will open parents' eyes to aspects of their children's growth, development, changing behavior, and emotional responsiveness that they might otherwise not notice or find puzzling and distressing."
 -Catherine Snow, Ph.D., Shattuck Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
This App is developed with the greatest care. Neither the developer nor the author shall nevertheless be liable for any damages arising from any inaccuracies or omissions in this app.


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Not worth it, confusing

This app sometimes makes me more confused about my baby. As others have mentioned the timelines don’t match up within the app and when trying to clarify with customer service they just stopped replying. It’s a waste of money and I won’t be recommending to anyone.
By Stephi B.

Not really necessary/helpful

I don’t think the app is worth $3.99, especially given that all but the most basic info costs additional $ per month to access. While the app alleges child is going through a leap, only a brief discussion of what that means/entails is included, and no truly helpful tips are provided on how to help your child during this time.
By DCG Esquire

Issue with sleep chart

The app is great, but often the sleep chart does not match the entries
By eleBUF

ZERO!!!! Didn’t find it useful at all

IF I COULD GIVE A ZERO RATING I WOULD........I didn’t find this app useful at all for a first time parent. I’m disappointed I spent money on this app. The symptoms/signs to look for at each developmental “leap” are exactly the same and i feel they describe a baby, that is tired, hungry or overstimulated. I don’t feel it describes anything close to what to prepare yourself for or how to comfort your baby that is obviously unhappy. Each section that describes the “leap” your baby is transitioning to doesn’t tell you anything specific about what new skills or sensations your baby will/ should be developing. I do feel each section describing a leap provides you with very vague signs/symptoms of fussiness or being a baby in general. I’m sorry I purchased this.
By vanillahny17


This whole theory has been widely debunked. I wish I’d known that before spending money on the app. The whole calendar doesn’t align with my baby at all and the list of leap symptoms or behaviors doesn’t describe my baby. She is developing normally and perfectly healthy and born on her due date. Every baby is different and trying to map your baby into a standard calendar like this could lead to unnecessary stress or ignoring things that should actually be checked out.
By Rhea Z.

Format Change Ruined It

When my son was born in June, I found his app incredible useful. It provided examples of what to expect, was concise and easy to use, and even had video examples of what he might be experiencing. Now all they have are endless checklists of useless crap that don’t give you any idea of what to expect - just an endless amount of data to fill out and super minimal information with additional reference to some book. It’s like they went from providing information to collecting it, but not for my information or assistance. I find it essentially useless now and have recommended against it when a half dozen or so friends have asked about it.
By Laurena18


I highly recommend this app and even more is the book! The two go hand in hand, and ha proven priceless is saving my sanity as a new mom
By ITouchUsernyc01


The information is not communicated clearly and the timeline is confusing. It will tell you “5 days til the end of the leap” and “you may see signs of this leap in 26 days” at the same time. I look at the calendar but that’s about it, the content is not helpful to me at all.
By Terathompster

Would like a refund

I’ve heard great things about this app but didn’t realize it stopped at 18 months old. So I’m out $4 now for an app I have no need for. Not sure even how to contact the developer.
By mmmc87

Prefer older version from three years ago

I used an older version of this app with my first child and it was a much better design. You could read from the book and the functionality was clear and organized. This version is confusing and navigation is complicated. This developer needs to hire a UX designer. The chart is also pretty tiny and hard to read.
By skim272


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