Couchsurfing Travel App

Couchsurfing Travel App

By CouchSurfing International Inc.

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You have friends around the world, you just haven’t met them yet. Couchsurfing is the best way to stay with amazing locals, make lifelong travel friends, or host travelers coming to your hometown. Over 12 million travel enthusiasts use Couchsurfing in more than 230,000 cities around the world. Use the Couchsurfing app to plan and manage your trip itinerary. Find hosts in your next destination • Browse the millions of local hosts offering a place to stay in thousands of cities and towns • Stay with and meet locals and have an authentic travel experience • Explore accommodations options near where you are right now, or near your future destination Make New Friends • Discover thousands of fun events planned by other Couchsurfers in your hometown or in your next travel destination • Use Couchsurfing Hangouts to show you who’s nearby your current location and available to meet up right now Meet Travellers Without Traveling • Host or meet up with incoming travellers coming to your city • Can’t travel right now? Let new cultures and friends come to you And More • Easily create and manage a Couchsurfing profile • Manage your incoming or outgoing requests, messages, and more • Add pictures to document your travel adventures • See which of your Facebook friends also have a Couchsurfing account


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Its terrible now

The app really went downhill since I last used it a few years ago. Moreover, now they force you to pay to even browse the app to find how terrible it is. You paid and updated the app? Oh, we forgot that you paid soooo pay again. What, you want to restore purchases? Nope we don’t remember that it happend. What a joke.
By hshdhfge

Amazing app with minor issues

I have been enjoying this app. It’s been the best so far and really appreciate all that the developers have done. Few minor issues is that a lot of us don’t get notifications. I thought it was just an unimportant bug until it affected me in a recent trip, where I reach out to a lot of people and they don’t see my messages. This also has happened to me a lot recently where people reach out to me and I don’t get any notifications. And it seems to be happening to a lot of the users. I checked my settings to confirm it’s all set to receive notifications. Kindly fix this bug in your next update. Thank you very much once again!
By N!ctar20


I canceled pay every month but they continue to take my money and support doesn’t answer
By anstery

It’s pay to use now

You have to pay just to login. I’m out
By LzJei


It’s not professional suddenly force your users to pay for having account! I see that you need some money to keep your app working but there are several options for earning money! You can have ads, make some features premium,….
By m1m-2m-3

Best app for travelers and meeting new friends

I absolutely recommend Couchsurfing for travelers or people who would like to meet new people and make friends anywhere in the world.
By MarksM2022


Used Apple ID for my email but gotta verify a email , obviously not going to my email enjoy my $3 gfy
By hdusgqva

CS is the best Community for Travel & Adventure!

I don't know how the app is. I find the mobile one to be clunky at times, but it gets the job done. A bugger just left an unwarranted 1 star and that's all there here I am 🫥 What this app/idea brings to the table is leagues above anything else if you want a genuine not-so-touristy experience or just meet interesting people.
By Art Vandalorean


App made me pay $15 but then the search bar wouldn’t let me search any location other then “current location” waste of money.
By gabridbdh

Must download

This app is life changing. You will meet life altering people who connect you to so many possibilities. I am beyond pleased with my adventures as a solo female traveller.
By SalmontheBrave

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Couchsurfing Travel App

Couchsurfing Travel App

By CouchSurfing International Inc.

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