Couchsurfing Travel App

Couchsurfing Travel App

By CouchSurfing International Inc.

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You have friends around the world, you just haven’t met them yet. Couchsurfing is the best way to stay with amazing locals, make lifelong travel friends, or host travelers coming to your hometown. Over 12 million travel enthusiasts use Couchsurfing in more than 230,000 cities around the world. Use the Couchsurfing app to plan and manage your trip itinerary. Find hosts in your next destination • Browse the millions of local hosts offering a place to stay in thousands of cities and towns • Stay with and meet locals and have an authentic travel experience • Explore accommodations options near where you are right now, or near your future destination Make New Friends • Discover thousands of fun events planned by other Couchsurfers in your hometown or in your next travel destination • Use Couchsurfing Hangouts to show you who’s nearby your current location and available to meet up right now Meet Travellers Without Traveling • Host or meet up with incoming travellers coming to your city • Can’t travel right now? Let new cultures and friends come to you And More • Easily create and manage a Couchsurfing profile • Manage your incoming or outgoing requests, messages, and more • Add pictures to document your travel adventures • See which of your Facebook friends also have a Couchsurfing account


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Great app to meet people with terribly policy

A great app to hang out and meet with locals, but they will charge you $60 without warning for verification. There was no indication I would be getting this charge for only getting a green check mark by my name. Who does this? I have never used an app that charges money for verification. What is the point of verification then? Are people who can’t afford that cost, not worthy of verification? A really dumb policy and I will strongly advise anyone to not do this.
By 0000000000simon

Great selection

This app is like Uber eats for serial killers
By pignic120

Best traveler community ever!

Love this CS community— it transformed my travels and experiences! The app is mostly good but quite slow in loading sometimes. Also the “search members” function is very bugged and inefficient.
By pric1009


I love this app
By AlirezaAlireza

Nice idea- severely overpriced and scares me away

I downloaded this app to add to my portfolio of travel utilities, along with Servas (which I highly recommend), WorkEx, and WorkAway. All of these don’t cost nearly as much. When I first signed up, they “asked” me to “donate.” Isn’t much of a donation when you are forced to pay to continue. I paid the yearly subscription because it was cheaper. Then I continue on the site and I see you can get a verified profile to help you get find hosts faster. I thought it was a good idea because then they would know I’m a real person. I click on verify then it asks you “PayPal or Credit Card?” I thought very strange. I clicked PayPal, it then put a $60 “Verification Charge” in my cart. I thought this was absolutely absurd. They say it is to verify your payment method so it will be tied to your account, but I already paid a charge from PayPal immediately when I signed up and entered the site, so they already have my payment information and know I am tied to that account. They are just grasping for money. I thought it would be a simple verification process like Tinder has, where you take photos of your face to match your profile. I was severely disappointed. The more I think about it the more dissatisfied I become, knowing that I must pay $60 to have a legitimate profile, when I already paid an entrance fee. I will try to use the site since I already paid a fee, but if you have yet to do so, I highly recommend, as it is safer and a better company that isn’t for profit, but for people, unlike this site.
By Fourthly

Scammers don’t download

Don’t verify your identity by your card I have been charged for contributions without any approval of me
By Aero fighter

Did not like the attitude

I wish I had the chance to explore the app before getting “forced to pay”! I only wanted to see how it works and what the situation is in my destination then I will be happy to pay! It doesn't seem like you “believe in something greater than money” to me.
By Badhayer

My personal view about this app

There are a lot of scammers and people are starting to cheat with there own relationships kindly ban it
By jaguar799

This App allowed me go to Australia!

I used this app the first time in 2015 to find a friendly place to stay on my first trip down under. I was scared on traveling so far away. In this CS app, I found community and yes, free place to stay. This helped me stay safely, lower cost if my trip and since then, i am paying it forward by hosting others and making new friends all over the world. I even contribute now monthly to support this app and this CS community.
By R. Alfonso Nin

Stay away! Scam to get your money! No longer operating properly!

Couch Surfing (CS) has gone completely downhill, everyone is abandoning it and with good reason! I recently got locked out of my account (I’m a paying user, but no longer will) for sending a link to a CS event to another CS user, using the CS app. After contacting them to unlock my account, I still haven’t heard anything back from them after almost 15 days (and counting!) My suggestion is to join the WhatsApp groups that used to be for CouchSurfing, but are now filled with ex-CS’ers. These are much better, and don’t have weird policies (you can actually chat with people, not like in the CS app), even if you have paid.
By bdjrnfnfnfj

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Couchsurfing Travel App

Couchsurfing Travel App

By CouchSurfing International Inc.

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