Binnaz - Real Psychics

Binnaz - Real Psychics

By Tasdelen

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  • Release Date: 2012-05-12
  • Current Version: 4.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Tasdelen
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 4.5
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Binnaz brings the future at your fingertips! Fortune telling and psychic reading has always been a part of the ancient tradition and human culture. Now at Binnaz, you can enjoy services ranging from palm reading to tarot cards, from astrology to coffee cup reading, dream interpretation or clairvoyance. Binnaz, an online marketplace that connects fortune tellers, psychic readers and clairvoyants to customers seeking fortune-based entertainment, and guidance, awaits you. Binnaz provides a fast and simple way to reach hundreds of well-rated psychic advisors online and on mobile that provide services in different methods of fortune telling. Product lines consist of Coffee Cup reading, Tarot Card Reading, Katina Cards, Astrology, Horoscopes, Dream interpretation, and Clairvoyance. All services can be received via e-mail, voice recording, instant chat or telephone chat.


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Robotic responses

So if you look at the responses the developers send it’s almost always the same and one time it was saying they were disappointed in the app and they hated it and they said something like. I’m glad you’re enjoying the app but you know they weren’t what the heck? This is a scam stay away DONT BUY CREDITS THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME
By ------rose-----

Very disappointed

Still waiting for us to receive free credits but nothing 🥺😪💔 this app is definitely not the same anymore 😭👎
By Marieeeeee02

Psychic kitty

I had a psychic reading from psychic kitty she was very detailed and spot on she was straight forward and very honest towards me and she has helped me and given me the guidance i needed and has told me things no one else knows thank you psychic kitty
By mom country

Ripped off !!

You have psychics who aren’t real on your app and it’s not fair to others for wasting their time on giving them credits . Also I’ve been waiting for a reader ( Luna York )she stole my credits and never did my reading . With your app please make sure these people are actually people and not somebody who Isn’t real, wasting other people times with not true Readers .
By niyah77

I can’t get my free coins anymore

It was doing so well until I could get anymore free coins every day I got in the app. It always says that I already got my free coins and I haven’t been able to get my readings anymore. To me it would have been 5 star but after that it’s just a 2 star. I would fix my rating if I’m able to get my free coins once again
By DarkSizz1e

You have to pay

So I downloaded this app and I try to get a reading. I am very disappointed to find out that you have to pay for credits which you need for everything. So unless you want to pay money for these things, I would not recommend this app
By person19473


At first I really enjoyed this app! I also loved that i could spin the wheel for daily credits. For the past 3 days however i have not been able to spin the wheel as the app says ive already spun. What a bummer. I’ll probably have to stop using the app
By DahliaMW

Psychic kitty

Kitty was awesome she told me everything past present future love business and marriage, she did not sugarcoat anything it was a real and honest reading thank you Kitty
By TheCatLady50

Love it💖

I love this app honestly I got readings from a lot of amazing people and from a lot of none amazing people not gonna say no names but yeahhh. Alana luckey is my absolute favoriteeeee she is always spot on in any reading I get from her.. I usually go to her for her to connect with someone that’s very close to me that has passed 10 months ago it just helps me cope with it and it’s also like therapy hearing from him idk his words always soothes me. Anyways I recommend this app very much the credits are cheap and there are a lot of amazing psychics that share their beautiful gifts.
By Kykywashere

Cold reading techniques

Save your money and just get on with your life. Believe me, I don’t want to be a skeptic. I want these to be real, and for the predictions to come true, but they do not and are not genuine. The readers will absolutely tell you what you want to hear, or what sounds best. When asking about an ex, I was told he’s with someone else (I know this isn’t true, I am close with his friends and family). But if you google the number one reason for breakups? Infidelity. That was a guess on the psychic’s part that I’m sure a lot of people would agree or resonate with, so it’s probably usually accepted as her being skilled even though it’s just a safe guess. I was also told he would be back with me in 3 months. Impossible, since in that time frame I will have left the country. Another prediction? That by *next year* I will be married to a “rich man.” Wow, how about that! Little does she know (even though she is supposed to), I don’t need or want money so that prediction did not make me believe in her accuracy despite its grandeur. For most people though, I’m sure the sound of Mr. moneybags sounds very alluring and they’ll want to believe it’s true. I also will be studying abroad over the next year, and absolutely would not date, get engaged to someone, or plan a wedding in less than a years time. I’m sure psychics will argue that this is my ‘free will,’ not them being inaccurate. But the decision to go abroad was already made when I asked for the reading. At the end, she assured me everything will work out for me- fancy that! And she asked repeatedly for a five star review. Please, please be aware of confirmation bias when receiving psychic readings. For every hit, there are many more missed details. This psychic has a 98% rating on the app, I’m assuming because of her positivity and others’ need for hope. But like I said, save your money. Wanting to place trust in what they’re telling you will result in you believing false information. It’s fake, fake, fake. People cannot connect with you through an app! Look into the Barnum effect, the statements these people make are largely based on that phenomenon.
By ucent247


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