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Completely revamped for 2020, StormWatch+ version 4 aspires to be your daily weather app of choice, no matter the weather! Access the most pertinent weather information - like current conditions, hourly and extended forecast, and local or national radar - quickly, then get on with your day! Finally a weather forecast you can trust! Harnessing the local knowledge and dedication of more than 2,000 National Weather Service meteorologists nationwide, our goal is for StormWatch+ to replace the fickle computer-generated, single-icon forecast in many weather apps on as many devices as possible! StormWatch+ Terms: SW+ ALERTS IN-APP UPGRADE For the ultimate severe weather preparation tool, check out our (also upgraded!) alerting technology, SW+ Alerts. SW+ Alerts is a life-saving service that sends you push notifications whenever hazardous weather threatens your specific location. Once again relying on the expertise of over 2,000 NWS meteorologists nationwide, SW+ Alerts compares multiple specific locations you select with weather watches and warnings issued by your local NWS office. Alerts are sent to the app ONLY if you are in the path of hazardous weather, eliminating the confusion associated with county-wide warning sirens or NOAA Weather Radio alerts. Simply tapping on a push alert will show your location with respect to the warning boundaries on a map, as well as display the full text of the alert. In addition, “wake-me-up” audio and voice alerts will sound for the most severe warnings.^ In addition to monitoring fixed locations, the “EnRoute” feature allows you to receive severe weather alerts while on the go! Simply enable EnRoute and the app will track your location and alert you if you drive into a warned area, whether you know your exact location or not! Features of StormWatch+ Alerts include: * Your choice of push notifications in the event of: - Tornado Watches and Warnings - Severe Thunderstorm Watches and Warnings - Flash Flood Watches and Warnings - A suite of Tropical weather alerts - A suite of Winter weather alerts * Notifications sent even if the app is not running and your device is not in use * Push notifications accompanied by audio alerts that will wake you up (for Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings)^ * Alerts for up to 5 fixed locations, which can be changed at any time * EnRoute, which uses your device's GPS location to actively monitor for severe weather as you travel * Map showing warned area and your location * Quiet time – to temporarily stop alerts during a specified time of day * Status buttons to disable individual locations StormWatch+ provides personalized weather alerts in the palm of your hand! ^ NOTE: Audio alerts cannot be heard if your device is manually silenced or in "Do Not Disturb" mode. ****************************** For additional information, visit or follow us on Twitter @stormwatchplus Questions for our support team can be directed to or by using the "Contact Support" link within the app. Please contact us to resolve any issues before leaving a negative review. Customer service is priority #2, right behind providing an accurate, life-saving service!


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Enjoying the 4.0 update

Love being able to check the day’s hourly forecast so quickly.
By Milanracer190

Redesign is welcome but still needs work

The recent redesign is an improvement overall but it still definitely needs to be refined. For example it currently lacks a position map marker or a way to recenter the view to your location if you zoom out or scroll around.
By hallwaygiant

Waste of money

Constantly freezes and crashes. The only part of the app I can actually use is the radar.
By BigGulp26

Storm spotter

I am a storm spotter. I use this ap and RadarScope to chase and spot storms. I have used the weather alerts ap and many others but nothing compares to the accuracy of this one. No false alarms, no alarms about storms out of my range. This ap is extremely reliable vs the competition. Today during a tornado outbreak storm watch went off to let me know a tornado was near, while weather alerts failed to do so.
By ChrisW2364

Costs $8.99 for severe alert functionality

(Response to developer's response: You probably should make it clearer what the free version of the app offers, as this was recommended elsewhere online by someone who lauded the alert functionality for severe weather events. I was ready to probably pay the 8.99 for this functionality, but again, I think this generally should be charged at the outset if its the core functionality an app is providing. That said, if the other features you mentioned are adding value as well (I wasn't aware of them), they should again be pointed out so people are clear on the difference between the free and premium product. Raised review to 3 stars for now - still won't be subscribing as I think the charge should be provided up front (you could also consider offering a separate "premium" app if you really want to make the initial download free but want to have a pay product as well). I'll consider editing/deleting the review later if I have a chance to check out free version - This is essentially just a weather radar app with some basic severe weather safety tips unless you invest the $8.99 in buying the full version, as far as I could tell. The $8.99 is very reasonable for the service (apparently) provided, but it's poor form offering this free version with such limited functionality imo. Just charge $8.99 at the outset and I probably would have paid it & hopefully rated 5 stars.
By Johnnievp

No longer crashes

App has worked since ios8
By ipad news junkie

Ain't nothing in this life for free!

My dog it terrified of lightning. I was looking for an app to alert me to approaching storms, but you have to pay $8.99 to use that feature! Thanks for nothing, delete!
By Fulcrum1

Worth every penny!

The latest update to StormWatch+ makes an already invaluable app, which provides instant National Weather Service severe weather warnings for your exact location, also be a first-class weather app with a great radar and local NWS temps and forecasts. Way to go guys!
By TNWeatherNerd


Never got a chance to try it. App crashed after a minute or two every time I opened it. On iPhone 6+.
By Tippertantrum5678

Fair app

Not impressed! Radar when it does finally come up is the worst I've seen. $8.99 was not spent well by me. My bad!
By Bearded2one


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