@Timer - Countdown Timer

@Timer - Countdown Timer

@Timer - Countdown Timer

By Contrast

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2012-05-30
  • Current Version: 2.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 62.96 MB
  • Developer: Contrast
  • Compatibility: iOS 8.2+
Score: 4.15
From 427 Ratings


Setting a timer shouldn’t be a chore. Tap to start, tap to stop, tap and hold to edit. That’s it. That’s Timer. Lovingly crafted to provide the effortless management of up to fifteen customizable reminders. Your time is limited and shouldn't be wasted trying to decipher complicated apps. Get Timer today and get on with your life! For news and updates, follow @Timer on Twitter.


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Update needed

The app is in desperate need of updating. The UI is terrible and the glyphs are pixelated
By TBluntz

Please Update

I really like this app. It appears to be abandoned, but I hope it is updated eventually.
By Robert Nowlin

Great multi-timer app!

This is a nice alarm/timer app that is fully programmable. I’ve used this app for years, thanks!
By chriseldred

Edited: timer does not always sound

EDITED: Sometimes the timer does not sound when it reaches zero. This can happen if the mechanical sound switch on the side of the phone is set to off or if the timer reaches zero just as the phone screen is auto-locking. There may be other times the timer fails to sound. The timer built into the operating system is more reliable. ————————————————- The user interface is simple and intuitive. The colors look nice. Most of the free sounds are jarring, but the paid sounds are pleasant, so if I end up using this timer a lot, I will probably buy some sounds. I would like to give some tips for users. First of all, you can create a timer of any duration; to access a timer’s settings, just press and hold on the timer until the settings appear. Second, if you want a timer that counts up, pre-set a timer to a duration of 0:00:00. When timers reach 0:00:00, they begin to count up. This app would be even better with a few modifications. Being able to reposition already-set timers, such as by dragging one to another’s position in order to swap them, would be very convenient. It would also be great if there were a notification on the icon saying how many timers are running, since a user might set a timer by accident and get a surprise alarm (especially since the alarms run even when the app is closed). More sounds of short duration would be great. One more suggestion, which is just for looks: I would love to see a theme like Halcyon or Clicky but with black or dark grey text, or a light version of Midnight.
By DragonFractal

Nice App! Clean interface. Simple, beautiful, elegant.

I’ve been looking for an app with a soft, pleasing appearance. I love it that the screen is not busy with a bunch of extraneous design elements. To the developer: wonderful job! For sure, I would love it if you would make one that fills the iPad screen, instead of only having the ability to enlarge it from the phone format.
By ChloeNikee

Your Kitchen Timer Search is Over

This timer is application is artisanal and well designed. Up to 15 timers can be programmed and act independently to count not only down, but then up after the programmed time has been reached. Activation of timers is “one touch” and makes tracking cooking times a breeze. You can automate the times for various processes, taking the guess work out of your cooking times, kind of like the process they use at McDonalds when they need to precision-time their French Fries. Once you start to really use this app, you begin to realize what a “killer app” it is for the kitchen.
By IndyDoc


By SuperBlaq

Great for multiple timers, but must keep your volume cranked and not on vibrate

This is a handy timer app, useful for keeping track of laundry (what's in the wash, what's drying, do I need to check on something partway through the cycle, etc.), cooking (oven timer(s), how long was the pasta supposed to boil, rice, etc.) and much, much more. I have to make a point of flipping the switch to make sure my phone isn’t on silent/vibrate (how it lives 98% of its life), and crank my volume up so that I can hopefully hear the alarms when they go off. They’re pretty good as long as my volume is above 40% or so. I do wish that it was updated not to be letterboxed on my larger screen iPhone... but it’s not the end of the world. Some Siri shortcut action would be great, but I suppose I could just make some Siri Shortcuts that use built in timer functionality. I do like having a screen I can pull up to see that my delicates have 18 min left on their wash cycle so I don’t leave them in the machine all wrinkly for too long, and that I should check on the dryer in 15 minutes but I’ve put enough quarters in to keep it running for 36 more minutes, etc. the glyph icons (an optional purchase) are a great idea for labeling your timers. Unfortunately, they're the exact same icons present in LaunchCenter Pro—a problem because only a third of them (at most) are useful for what people might want to set timers for. I'm sure they're not a huge amount of the 49MB file size, and choice is good, but perhaps the developer could add more glyphs that might be appropriate for activities the average person might want to set a timer for? [a washing machine and a dryer would be great - for now I'm just using the shirt icon for both]. Thanks.
By dustininsf


It’s not perfect but it comes close. With most timers, once the alarm goes off it just keeps going and going until you manually stop it. Either that or the alarm sounds for two or three minutes before it finally shuts itself off. I don’t always want that. Sometimes I will be in the middle of something and I don’t want to stop and take the time to fish my cell phone out of my pocket to turn off the alarm. With this timer, the notification sounds briefly and then it stops. They give you a nice selection of notification sounds and a variety of color and design options. The only feature that it’s lacking is an option for an auto restart so that the alarm loops on the designated time interval. They give you 15 different time setting buttons so that serves as a partial workaround solution. For example, if I want to hear a brief chime every 10 minutes, then I set the first button for 10 minutes and then the second button for 20 minutes and then the third button for 30 minutes etc. and then I start all 15 timers together. That gives me a chime once every 10 minutes for the next 150 minutes before I have to do a reset and once each button is programmed, it remembers it’s settings so you don’t have to keep reprogramming. Ideally, with a looping option, I would only have to set up one of the 15 buttons. Overall, I am very happy to have found this app. I paid for the upgrade package to support the developer even though the upgraded package didn’t really have the one thing that I was missing. I’m hoping that the next incarnation of this app will have a looping feature.
By A Freddie Scott Fan

Very nice with one exception

This is a fantastic application and is indeed my go-to time app. However there is one major flat so I feel, and that is the alarms which are extremely obnoxious don’t shut off once you acknowledge the timer. In other words timer goes off you select the button to say “yes I realize time is up“ but the alarm continues to go off until it finishes it cycle. Worse yet the default alarm is the most obnoxious of them all and I cannot put into words how embarrassing it is to be at my office or at a hospital or someplace and simply not be able to even shut this alarm off. Well I doubt they will ever do this enhancement please consider either having a no alarm option or one that says shut the alarm off as soon as I acknowledge and turn off the timer. Ugh
By Note_Luver


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