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  • Release Date: 2012-06-04
  • Current Version: 4.39.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: iOS 11.0+
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Over 25 million people rely on to organize their life and get more done. "IT'S A MUST HAVE APP" on any device (NYTimes, WSJ, USA Today & Lifehacker). An all-in-one to do list, calendar, planner & reminders app. Free & Simple. THE #1 TO DO LIST & TASK LIST SYNCS SEAMLESSLY between your mobile, desktop, web and tablet. Keeps all your to do list, tasks, reminders, calendar & agenda always in sync so you’ll never forget a thing GET REMINDERS for a scheduled time, when you reach a particular location or set recurring reminders so you never miss a thing WORK TOGETHER with shared lists and assigned tasks to collaborate and get more done, with anyone. Widget with simple and powerful features to keep your to do list and calendar events always at hand SIMPLE & POWERFUL CALENDAR OUTLOOK EASILY VIEW your events and to-do list & Tasks for the day, week & month SYNC SEAMLESSLY in real-time with your phone’s calendar, google calendar, facebook events, outlook calendar or any other calendar so you don’t forget an important event ALL-IN-ONE APP FOR GETTING THINGS DONE To easily create reminders we added voice entry so you can just speak your mind and we’ll add it to your to do list. For better task management flow we added a calendar integration to keep your agenda always up to date. To enhance your productivity we added cross-platform support for recurring reminders, location reminders, sub-tasks, notes & file attachments. To keep your to-do list always up to date, we’ve added a one-of-a-kind daily planner. TO DO LIST, CALENDAR & REMINDERS MADE SIMPLE was designed to keep you on top of your to do list and calendar with no hassle. Thanks to the intuitive drag and drop of tasks, swiping to mark to-do's as complete, and shaking your device to remove completed from your to do list - you can keep yourself organized and enjoy every minute of it. POWERFUL TASK LIST MANAGEMENT Looking for more? Add a to do list item straight from your email inbox by forwarding Attach files from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive to your tasks. LIFE ORGANIZER & DAILY PLANNER is a to do list, a calendar, an inbox, a notepad, a checklist, task list, a board for post its or sticky notes, a project management tool, a reminders app, a daily planner, a family organizer, and overall the simplest and most useful productivity tool you will ever have. SHARE LISTS & ASSIGN TASKS To plan & organize projects has never been easier. Now you can share lists between family members, assign tasks to each other, chat and much more. will help you and the people around you stay in-sync and get reminders so that you can focus on what really matters, knowing you had a productive day and crossed off your to do list GROCERY LIST & SHOPPING LIST task list is also great for shopping at the grocery store. Right there on your to do list is a handy shopping list option that you can share with others. Forgot to buy post-it notes? Want reminders? Simply create a list on, share it with your loved ones and see them adding their shopping items in real-time. You won’t believe how you’ve done shopping or grocery lists before Auto-Renewable subscription payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period, your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Your account will be charged at the cost of the subscription plan you chose: $9.99 - monthly plan $26.99 - 6 months plan $59.99 - 12 months plan with 7 days trial (50% OFF) You can manage and cancel the auto-renew subscription at any time from the account settings on iTunes (post-purchase), but we are unable to issue refunds for any pay periods that have already been billed. **Please note we do not support Family Sharing at the moment.** Terms: Privacy:

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Buggy and Inconsistent

I want to love this app. But I don’t. The more I’ve used it over the course of well over a year, the more I’ve grown to hate it. Now I’m just waiting to try and find time to find a new replacement app/service, but my whole life is in this thing. Migrating will be tedious, especially since I can’t reliably know I’m getting all my data out. Where to begin with why I feel this way. For one thing, the app is very inconsistent across platforms. I have an iPad, an Android phone, and I use the browser version from Chrome while at my desk. I also have it integrated with Amazon Alexa lists. The experience between versions is absolutely horrendous. Take something simple: search. The Android app, just doesn’t have a search feature at all. You read that right: YOU CAN’T SEARCH in Android. PERIOD. I mean... WHAT?! You can search in the browser version and that is simple enough. On iOS... you can do it, but good luck finding it. I’m on an iPad... to search, I have to first go to the grid view. Search isn’t just an option on the main GUI. Nope. You have to go to a specific place. But, it gets better: you can only see the search option in PORTRAIT mode. I’m in landscape mode most of the time with a Smart Cover keyboard. So this is a royal pain. If you’re in landscape orientation, the search icon just isn’t available. Nice, guys. But that’s not all. Simple things like Tag view. You can’t do tag view from the browser version. At all. So, go ahead, tag all your tasks and get really organized and creative with it. Then become absolutely crippled when you’re at a web browser because there is literally no way to even SEE tags. They don’t exist there. Those alone would be deal-breakers. But there’s so much more like this. If you use an iPad, the dialog for setting a due date/time/reminder doesn’t render right. It never has. In any orientation. The options don’t all fit and you can’t see them and/or scroll to select them. So, simply setting a recurring event is a huge pain on any iPad (and I have 2, a pro and an Air 2). And there are lots of things that just don’t render right, or are moved, or flat out don’t work or don’t even exist in one version or another. So, if you are a multi-platform user of a heterogenous set of devices LOOK ELSEWHERE or else be warned you are in for a frustrating experience as you move between app variants. I should mention that I always keep my apps and devices up to date... just in case you were hoping these were one-off bugs fixed long ago. Even without the variance of features and consistent experience, I would at least expect as a bare minimum for an app like this to offer rock-solid functionality and reliability. If you’re going to rely on this thing to manage and organize your professional and/or personal life, then it needs to work. Well... this doesn’t. It crashes often in both Android and iOS (and has been that way on multiple OS and App versions for the year+ I’ve been using it). Synchronization across devices is spotty. I use Amazon Alexa and rely on speaking my thoughts out into the air so that important tasks are recorded and later, hopefully, followed up upon. Well, there are often big discretions between my devices. With 2 iPads, both with a totally good internet connection, side by side, I just now scrolled through and noted a handful of discrepancies. Despite manually doing syncs on both, forcefully quitting and re-opening the apps on both, and trying again. The order of tasks is different, the revision of notes of the same tasks are sometimes different, and sometimes entire tasks don’t exist on one but do on the other. This is the same app version on the same device type and OS version, side by side. It’s worse when going between my Android phone and iPads and/or browser. Let alone Amazon Alexa. As if all that weren’t enough, the core concepts of the app and its interface are flawed. Tasks lack any way to “postpone” them. So, as you scroll through your “Today” items, it’s not easy to just put things off to focus on what you believe you can get done. You have to either drag items to “Tomorrow” (hard if you have a big list”, or manually set a new due date. The reminder notifications give you an option to get back to something, but it’s unclear and not customizable how long you’re putting it off for. It just puts it into Upcoming. There’s no indication from there when that task is now going to fire again. If you experiment, you’ll find it’s a week. There’s also no distinction between a due date and a fire on date. So, you can’t have reminders notify you of things in advance. You also can’t have a task that you intend on working on that will take longer than a day. You’ll just have to keep moving it from day to day. Sub-tasks lack their own due dates. This is not good for projects... even very, very small ones. The simple act of returning something you bought online is hard with this. I need to call customer service tomorrow when they are open. But then I need to wait until I get a return label, at which point I’ll then need to drop off my package. But then I need to wait to confirm they got it. Then I need to wait to confirm I get my refund. I end up having to either make a task that lives on being manually re-scheduled 4 times to get this done, or else I have to make 4 completely separate tasks. And there’s no concept of waiting on something for a task. But conceptually, the worst thing is recurring tasks. The interface often doesn’t show you when an upcoming task or recurring task is next due. Sometimes it will, but not always. Worse, if a task fires and you postpone it, it seems really odd when it chooses to fire again once you finally complete it. If you let it sit in “Today” until you mark it done, it will use the original fire date. If you reschedule it, it might ask you if you want to reschedule the occurrence or the series. It usually doesn’t ask you this! Most of the time I’m just left unsure at all and end up mystified.
By Logical Paradox

Lots of issues since changing to

Why can’t any app makers get to do lists right? Get rid of assigning tasks that lost people don’t use and get the basics working. I really like that tasks and events can both be viewed in the calendar but that’s where the fun stops. Completed Tasks Keep Reappearing. I have followed all of the instructions but they keep coming back. Tasks don’t show in chronological order, automatically. They must be adjusted each day manually. Seriously???? Overdue tasks are lumped together in the calendar section. There is no cancel but if you inadvertently hit the edit buttons. What’s done is done. Premium support - what is this exactly. There is no way to get person support. This is very misleading.
By Katz's Itunes Accounts

App badge

Just got the app, how do you turn on the app badge?? It looks like I have it set up correctly but it doesn’t show up. It’s a must for me. Thanks!!
By ksaylors

Looks great wish it worked

The app crashes less than 3 seconds after its opened useless wasn’t ed my time
By AMasteroftouch

Keeps me on track

Very helpful and does what it is supposed to do.
By TiwalaPro

Awesome app

It’s great app to plan everything. The list of complete jobs go on and on.
By lionheart2801

It’s OK

It’s nothing to brag about. It does its job. But not exactly user friendly. I wanted to have all my notes/lists in one. I can’t do it with this app.
By kptilly

Good service

Very fast and easy to use app
By My.Craka

A horror...

Buy this app and I promise you'll deeply regret it within days. It is a complete disorganized mess. The so-called support is worthless.
By digoldy

So close to perfect

Want an app that will do everything. I know, I’m asking too much. I’m tired of finding my grocery list, reminder, calendar events on my phone. AND have it visually excite me. This app is so close. I found it wouldn’t accurately post new events. Maybe it was me. But I certainly would pay for this.
By lynn7359