Speed Distance Time Calculator

Speed Distance Time Calculator

Speed Distance Time Calculator

By Danny Connell

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  • Release Date: 2011-07-16
  • Current Version: 1.7.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Danny Connell
  • Compatibility: iOS 9.0+
Score: 4.87
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Calculate either speed, distance or time by entering the other two measurements. ► EASY TO USE - Tap the name of the measurement you want to calculate (Speed, Distance or Time), then enter your values by tapping the empty fields. Your result is updated whenever you make a change. ► SPEED UNITS GALORE - Many speed units are supported and you can quickly switch between them: mph, km/h, min/mile, min/km, min/m, m/s, cm/s, m/min, feet/m, feet/s, inch/min, inch/s, furlongs/minute, leagues per day, knots, mach, % speed of light, Mm/s ► DISTANCE UNITS GALORE - Likewise, many distance units are supported: miles, km, meters, cm, mm, feet, inches, yards, furlongs, nautical miles, leagues, light years (ly), parsecs (pc) and megameters (Mm) ► STOPWATCH - Easily record your time values directly into the app using this highly accurate stopwatch. "How long will it take me to get there?" "What was my average speed on that journey?" "How far can I travel in an hour?" Find out quickly and easily with this app. CUSTOMER REVIEWS ***** Great app for anyone that needs a time/distance/speed calculator "App is excellent and very easy to use. Love that I can easily switch between rates of speed." Mdelesd1, United States ***** Great App!!!! "Amazing app this is exactly what I was looking for. Helps You avoid a lot of calculation!!! Good job" 05kub@, UK ***** Very Helpful "Easy to use - all the info in 2 clicks" Travelworks4me, United States ***** Great app !!! "Essential for any sailor too tired and wet to do simple math! Highly recommended!" William16538, United States ***** Great for Running "Had this app for 5 or 6 months. Great for walking and running. Very handy" Local celeb drummer, United States ***** Must have for all travel situations "In short, this app is worth the money in gas and time saved!" Tonebg, United States ***** Law Enforcement Applications "Most recently I have taken a law enforcement radar class at which point we are required to calculate a persons speed over a specified distance and this application is perfect! Big props to the "developer. Aub'r Dean!, United States ***** Brilliant! "With the inclusion of the in app timer it's even better. A must have app!!" - Yorky Mike, UK ***** Thanks "Great app I'm using this for long journeys with the car and time trials for my bike. does what it says on the box :)" - ipodalong, UK ***** Does what I need, and does it well "I use this for flight, and flight simulation purposes among other things. Having units such as Mach, knots and nautical miles means that it is perfect for what I need and it can be used for many things. Thanks to the developer, great having this on an iPhone" - Donald Webb, UK


Speed Distance Time Calculator ScreenshotSpeed Distance Time Calculator ScreenshotSpeed Distance Time Calculator ScreenshotSpeed Distance Time Calculator ScreenshotSpeed Distance Time Calculator Screenshot


Nice App

Good app, simple and easy to use. That said, something that would be very helpful to auto racing fans would be the ability to time consecutive laps as well as see the average speed of each lap. In other words once you start timing, the ability to stop the lap timer at the end of each lap so you can see that lap’s time and average speed but in the background the timer continues to run collecting both the total time and the next lap’s time.
By Annoyed In Denver

Great app

Very neat and helpful app!
By PhillipJayFryy

Great app

Use it for duty with uscg all the time!
By USCG_DeJesus

Great for race fans

Easy to use. Very useful at races!
By Bill5673

Try to get in shape!

Great app for calculating speed and distance, a tad confusing when it come to the plugging the numbers in though.
By jLeoneHayes

Use daily

Im a Trucker and use this app on the daily!
By Canyonamarys

Time speed distance great planning tool

This app is a great planning tool for those who aren’t great with numbers but are planning a long trip
By dlac29@gmail

Great App for calculating time/distance/speed

This app helped me understand just how much time I’m saving (a real eye opener). For example, this app showed me that I only save 2 minutes and 5 seconds if I speed up 5 mph over 27 miles on the interstate. It’s not worth the stress and lost mpg to ram & jamb for 2 minutes. Thanks for making this tool.
By dggytfg


Great Ap as a Tugboat Captain this is a great way to get your ETA down to the min as a backup to electronics, here in Hawaii there's a lot of Tugs with ETA's of the same so this helps a lot!!!
By Edshannah

Super useful

Easy to use and great way for this mathematically challenged sailor to figure out speed, ETA, etc.
By MateyB


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