Kitchen Dial

Kitchen Dial

By Infinite Prospects, LLC

Score: 3.85
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Kitchen Dial© allows you to make measurement conversions easily with a neat Dial. Filled with great features like Portion Adjustment, Ingredient Weights for Volume to Mass conversions, Number Input, Celsius to Fahrenheit, and US, Metric, Australian and Imperial measurement toggles all for $1.99 per year! Best Kitchen Measurement Converter on the App Store since 2010! Terms of Use:


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Excellent App

Great app, been using for many, many years. It never fails. It is so helpful. The customer service is stellar. Can’t ask for more.
By MSR20

Was working fine

Working just fine add support but then they wanted you to subscribe no warning or anything and you can’t get around it.
By Cubfan2317

Very easy to use

I’ve used this app almost from version 1! It’s very easy to use and very versatile. The developer is very responsive answering questions about any issues. Worth the subscription price.
By MidwestSmallBiz

Charging for app

I refuse to pay for this app. I have been using this for years and now there is a fee. I can giggle search what I need or find another free app.
By dontchageforapps


I don’t disagree that the developer deserves compensation (although aren’t the ads for that?) But I feel like the sudden change to a paid app could’ve been handled better then all of a sudden a pay wall coming up when I tried to use the app in the middle of a recipe.
By Chicmadesimple

Bye bye Kitchen Dial….

I can live with pop-up ads but will not be forced into subscribing to your new and improved (???) service. Although I have enjoyed this app, I lived without it for many years and will gladly go back to old methods or seek other sources for this information. Nice knowing you….
By Ex User #10,000

Don’t like the new changes

Are used to use this app all the time and relied on it. Now they’re wanting me to subscribe for a year when I was able to use it without subscription. I don’t like having to sign up for this new app that has been changed and was wonderful the way it was.
By Punky3m

The developer deserves compensation for such a fine tool

I’ve used the app for many many years without any failures. Half the time I use it in the field for converting chemical measurements. The developer answers questions and email with minutes and is thoughtful and helpful. $1.99 a YEAR is very reasonable and will hopefully allow the addition of more food items in the future.
By Robertmat

Kitchen dial disappointment

This was the best!!!!! I have used it for years. Simple & easy to use. People on a budget can’t keep adding $2.00 here & there. Young people don’t realize some don’t make big salary’s. Am sad & disappointed of your price hike.
By cooks good

Very Disappointing.

Been using Kitchen Dial for years but now they want to charge me a subscription charge. Bad form. Will be deleting. Conversions via Google search does the same thing.
By 69fgeggdew54

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Kitchen Dial

Kitchen Dial

By Infinite Prospects, LLC

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