Map Plus

Map Plus

By Miocool Inc.

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2011-05-27
  • Current Version: 2.8.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 55.45 MB
  • Developer: Miocool Inc.
  • Compatibility: iOS 8.0+
Score: 4.5
From 343 Ratings


The most powerful and versatile tool for viewing and editing custom maps, surveying, editing or managing mass of your geography or travel data. ● You can use Map Plus as a professional GIS tool for geographic data gathering, editing, measuring, cartography, surveying, planning, online/offline viewing and many other management. ● You can also use Map Plus to help your outdoor activities and global travels, for trip planning, offline map downloading, track/photo/video recording, or sharing memories with friends. Besides common map features such as locating, searching, Map Plus has many more special: ● Supports importing, viewing and downloading thousands of custom online maps, such as OSM, GoogleMap, BingMap, USGS, or any WMS/WMTS map services. Both XYZ pattern and Javascript could be used to define maps. ● Supports importing offline map files such as MBTiles. ● Supports both EPSG:4326 and Web Mercator (EPSG:3857) for raster maps; Supports offset maps using China GCJ-02 datum. ● Importing and exporting KML/KMZ files with full styles, extended data and "gx" extension support. ● Importing and exporting GIS vector files, such as SHP, TAB, GEOJSON, GML/GZ with all EPSG projections/CRS. (using GDAL) ● Importing/Exporting AutoCAD DXF files with blocks, mtext, xdata and affine transformation support for coordinates mapping. ● Importing files of CSV, GDB, MPS, WPT, EVT, PLT, PNT, RTE, etc. ● On-map Editing with Drag-Drop and Magnetic Snap support for all places, tracks, lines, polygons, circles, rectangles, text overlays, etc. ● GPS Track Recording with auto-recovery, custom time zone and background mode support. ● Path Following with voice guidance for own lines/tracks or searched out direction routes. ● Displaying photos and videos on the map based on locations. ● Managing mass data with multi-level folders, layers, bulk operations, shortcuts, tags and fuzzy searches. Advanced Search supports expressions and property conditions. ● Using Feature Class for bulk editing and managing on similar (same kind) features and layers all together. Supports bulk Attributes Merge and Link Relationship Building between features of different classes. ● Conditional Style, Script Property and Expression provide dynamic content of rendering, attributes and text labels. ● Customizable pop-up panel for selecting items on the map with HTML, JS and CSS support to make your own forms, layout and rich-formatted content. ● Displaying coordinates in MGRS or UTM. ● Photo Markup enables you to add arrows, texts, shapes, icons and free-hand draws to a photo. ● Browser Access enables you to upload and view data from a web browser on PC/Mac within a Wi-Fi network, or play slideshow on your TV for travel photos. ● Sharing or transferring data via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, iCloud, SMS, Email, QR codes, Open-In, AirDrop or many other ways. ● Backup & Restore function helps you backup/restore data to/from files or iCloud easily. ● Many more fantastic and free functions could not be fully listed here, such as Guide Mark, Arrival Notification, Photo Mode, Map Level Adjust, Custom Icons, Photo/Video Attachments, Image Overlay, Text Overlay, Fast Editing, Distance/Perimeter/Area Measuring, Custom Time Zone, etc. User Manual: User Forum: Contact Us:


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App crashed my phone. I can’t believe that it’s a new iPhone XR
By Hangie36753485489459536

Sorry, rating Nag

one stars are the only way to end this rating Nag nonesense. You’re supposed to be using the new api, the one that lets us opt out of nags. If you don’t care about my preferences, I won’t care about yours. Sounds pretty fair. Why would I open a map program when what I really want to do is type a review? Makes no sense.
By Seattle Rex

Need service

Sometimes it’s slow to update when running the outlaws
By Wgiannot

Powerful and well designed

I test apps for a living and I’m a GIS professional. This app kept me engaged for hours building layers and changing thematics.
By Krisanderson

I’m not the typical user and STILL find the app awesome.

Before running out to a store to buy an “old” paper map to draw on and mark-up, I figured I’d check in the AppStore to see what kinds of maps were available to be marked up with unlimited “pins” and locations. After downloading a few apps and quickly becoming disappointed with them, and thus deleting them from my phone, I was leaning towards going with the “old” paper map purchase. I came across this app and wasn’t expecting much for what I wanted to use it for, which was the placing of unlimited travel destination “pins” all over the world, I downloaded it because it was free. I quickly came to the realization of how powerful this app is and decided to purchase the full-featured app, justifying the cost as being similar for the paper map idea I had. I have no clue of what most of the tools do, but for my purposes, this is absolutely perfect. Thank you for this open-ended map!!
By L8yKatie

Russian Map Plus?

Russian language app also called ”Map Plus” showed up on my phone. What’s that about?
By Lynn’s ID

Does not Include a tilt-pan view.

Does not Include a tilt-pan view while locked onto my live-location. I’m certain that every map app on iOS except for google maps and ways, does not include a tilt-pan, one of the most critical elements of what makes a gps map awesome other than graphical resolution. I would greatly appreciate it if you could include a tilt-pan at the same altitude of distances that google maps provides.
By Western Justice

Great GIS App

The interface is a little clunky and some things are pretty complicated for the uninitiated but it's definitely feature packed. Since it's a little expensive, make sure you take advantage of the trial period.
By aiwetir

Field Surveying

Professional note: When i found this 2 years ago we were stuck using google earth to read our offices .kmz files. Now all field personnel use this. Its become an invaluable tool to get our work done. Also being able to create and send your own .kmz to the office helps explain difficult terrain or situations. Personal note: I use this when we go camping and off-roading creating my own road map through the wild so to speak, using the trip recorder. I pretend to use my compass when we need to find our way back to base camp but no one knows ;)
By Defoliator.

Amazing! But there’s a learning curve

***** Review update: This is still the best, most comprehensive mapping app available. ***** Still amazing. I can’t believe how much this app can do. It’s like peeling the layers off of an onion.* I almost gave up on this app before I realized it’s potential but I’m glad I didn’t. I was looking for an app that could pick up where google fell short and I found that and more with this program. Still, I feel like I am barely scratching the surface of what this app can do. I think it would be a very good investment if the developer were to invest more heavily into the tutorials - perhaps geared toward material that is not too challenging to those of us that have absolutely no background in IT, programming, coding, etc. I had this app for almost a year before I actually used it and almost never tried to use it again because of the difficulty I was having with the learning curve. I still probably only know how to use about a quarter of its functions once I buckled down and read the tutorial that is offered online, though I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a challenge. Some of the information on there is quite advanced. Developers: I suggest investing in a video tutorial series in addition to your online tutorial. I think the customer base would benefit greatly if they offered a video tutorial. This would lessen the chance of some folks getting frustrated and never getting far enough along to really see what this app can do. Oh, and THANK YOU for this app. What a god send!!!
By Deeashley


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