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birth date

for the people leaving bad reviews about the new update and pinterest requiring a birthdate, there are predators on pinterest who are saving photos of children into boards with explicit names and trying to contact minors so the birth date being required is so children will not be exposed to any potential pedos now it may be infuriating but they're trying to prevent minors from being in contact with weirdos
By OverweightWife


Ok tbh I love Pinterest it’s good for finding, fan edited photos of any celebs, many audios for edits, and even more! But I usually use it to find BTS Jimin photos to make collages and many more so I def love Pinterest and would recommend to anyone!
By @abby_sartorius12

great app, horrible customer service/help desk

I speak for many other pinterest users when I say that I am beyond frustrated and devastated by the recent events that have occurred regarding the mass deactivation of pinterest accounts. with absolutely no warning, pinterest deactivated my account (and many others. I lost over 60,000 pins, 50 boards, 6 thousand followers and a community of people that truly I enjoyed and cherished. all of my hard work was completely destroyed in a matter of minutes. with that being said, I have been trying to get it back, hoping that Pinterest would be helpful and understanding in all of this, but alas they were anything but. the emails I sent to the help desk have all gone ignored. this company has made a horrible mistake and is doing absolutely nothing fix it. the very least they could do is make a public announcement or apology for these events.
By Taniya💖

Birthdate now required to use Pinterest

I am deleting the app. It has progressively gotten worse and this honestly is the last straw. No big thing for me. I will do all I can to delete my account and forever remove myself from the Pinterest community.
By brucdoo

where did messaging go?

love this app so much and i loved sending funny videos to my friends. then they took it off. please bring it back i wanna be able to send videos and stuff to people. kinda mad about this ngl.
By ShadowFox0736

Crashes all the time

The day you demanded my birthday is the day it was deleted. Too many other options out there for these demands! It’s my information and my decision whether or not I want to share it.
By DRoessling

Birthday requirement

I think the birthday requirement is uncalled for. I am a mother and it won’t let me search ‘little girl hairstyles’ because of my age. I can’t even search ‘teen hairstyles’ for my teens. This is a ridiculous update and I hope that changes quickly. Thanks to the update a handful of people I know are deleting the app. The birthday update limits your searches and I know a lot of people won’t like that. I’m unsatisfied with the app and won’t be using it if it keeps this new limit update.
By JennyCdances

Privacy infringement

I have been using this app for years basically for finding recipes to try. Now they are demanding my birthdate. They say it is to enhance the enjoyment of younger users…WHAT…my birthdate enhances younger users…read that again slower. My birthdate is non of their business and by demanding it to access my photos and recipes is an infringement on my privacy. There is only one reason Pinterest requires your birthdate and that is data sharing with other platforms. Shame on these people. Wake up America!
By Kassnar

Love it, but a couple of major flaws

I love this app so much and I use it practically everyday. There are two reasons, however, why I cannot give this app 5 stars: pin removal and banned words. Pretty frequently, I’d say once every couple of months, I will receive an email that informs me that one of my pins has violated their community guidelines and has been removed. That is all fine and good, if you need to protect the app and keep it a safe place, I’m all for it. However, a day or two later I will get another email informing me that they conducted a review of the pin, found that it does not violate community guidelines, and, therefore, has been reinstated on my board. Every single time. This process seems to point to a major flaw in the reporting/removal of pins system that should be further looked into. Lastly, I just learned last night which is what prompted me to make this review, that certain words are flagged on this app as either dangerous or inappropriate, and if one of those words is used in the name of your board, Pinterest will no longer give that board the option to find “More ideas” like the pins in the board. I had a board titled, “Beanie Baby”… BEANIE BABY, and it used to give me the option to click the “More Ideas” button and show me pins that mirrored the ones in this board. Last night, I went to go through that very process only to discover that the option was gone. I checked my other boards and found they all still had the option to find more pins like it. A thread on Reddit informed me that I just needed to change the name and it would return to normal, which it did. It is, however, deeply disturbing that this level of “censorship” exists. If you read that specific thread, you’ll find that words like “gay” and “sad” were also flagged in others’ board titles. I have major beef with this system for obvious reasons, but also because I literally have multiple boards with swear words in them that are seemingly appropriate enough to bypass this flagging system, but my board with my boyfriend’s nickname is an issue. Absolutely ridiculous.
By AmariahTasiana

Why Do You Need My Birthday?

That’s very intrusive and I don’t appreciate being forced to put in my birthday to use this. Deleting immediately.
By Amy's Little Phone

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