IntelliList - Shopping List

IntelliList - Shopping List

IntelliList - Shopping List

By Mario Zullo

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date: 2011-05-25
  • Current Version: 9.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 71.79 MB
  • Developer: Mario Zullo
  • Compatibility: iOS 14.0+
Score: 4.58
From 524 Ratings


The best and easiest shopping list on the App Store, WITHOUT monthly subscriptions, WITHOUT recurring fees and WITHOUT advertisements. If you want (and it isn't mandatory), you can unlock advanced features with a single one-time in-app purchase. WHY CHOOSE INTELLILIST? ● Browse hundreds of preloaded items, scan a barcode or insert your own items. ● For each item you can save all the prices you want and compare prices of various stores. ● Share and synchronize your lists on multiple devices by enabling the sync. Or send your lists via email, WhatsApp, SMS or iMessage. ● Add a photo to your items and never be confused about what to buy. ● Reuse archived lists, add items to your favorites and browse your purchase history. ● Organize items in aisles, and change aisles order to suit your local store. ● Archive your lists to reuse them and to see statistics about your purchases (for example you can identify cheaper and most expensive stores, overall and grouped by aisles). ● Insert the package size, see the price per unit and easily compare item packs. ● See how much money you can save or waste for each list. ● Identify on the fly items you're paying too much thanks to color pricing. ● Backup your data to avoid data loss. ● Customize IntelliList by choosing among 46 color templates, 22 different icons and 20 fonts. ● Use IntelliList on all your devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch): it’s an universal app. USERS AND BLOGGERS SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT INTELLILIST ● 'Thanks to saved money I have already recovered the app cost' ∗∗∗∗∗ ● 'I have been trying different apps to find a great shopping list, and now I've found it' ∗∗∗∗∗ ● 'IntelliList is an uncluttered, well-organized shopping list that is surprisingly easy to navigate and use' ( ∗∗∗∗∗ ● 'I don't see myself without this app' ∗∗∗∗∗ IN-APP PURCHASE The base version lets you create or customize up to 30 items. To create or customize an unlimited number of items you can unlock a one time in-app purchase. NOTE The matching between barcodes/photos and items is managed in a social way, through the community of IntelliList users. Inevitably, in the beginning only few barcodes/photo will be recognized. But the more people use IntelliList, the better IntelliList will get. SUPPORT If you have problems or suggestions please contact us via (you can do this from within the app itself). We are not able to help you if you simply leave a comment on the App Store. We give the greatest importance to the quality and reliability of the application, and we will be happy to solve any problem.


IntelliList - Shopping List ScreenshotIntelliList - Shopping List ScreenshotIntelliList - Shopping List ScreenshotIntelliList - Shopping List ScreenshotIntelliList - Shopping List ScreenshotIntelliList - Shopping List ScreenshotIntelliList - Shopping List ScreenshotIntelliList - Shopping List ScreenshotIntelliList - Shopping List ScreenshotIntelliList - Shopping List Screenshot


Love this

Best app for a simple check list for grocery or anything else.
By Ana_hole


Helpful app. Been using it a few years now. I appreciate that product pic sizes are a bit bigger now -thanks for that. I’d like to be able to scan my receipts for each purchase.
By MichePie

Love this

Great app....easy to use! I’d be lost without this while shopping!
By SSGalosi

Responsive Support and great app

I had questions regarding the recent update of IntelliList. Emailed support and received a very quick response. They took the time give a clear and understandable explanation of my inquiry. My wife and I use IntelliList constantly and are very happy with the app. It is a great time saver and keeps us on track when shopping. I continually up date and to the items, IntelliList makes this very easy. One of my favorite options is being able to list the items by isle which makes shopping so much more efficient. Flynn
By ShoreRaven

I love this app!

I can never remember how much things cost, so I use this app mainly to track prices between stores. Manufacturers are constantly changing the package sizes of paper towels and toilet paper for example, so I am consistent with the units when I record items so I can compare the per unit prices. If I was not happy with an item, I record it in Notes. Maybe other people can just remember these things, I need a place to write it down!
By SuoreAngelina

Great app!

I especially love that you can customize your list for different stores. I wish the location of items would follow the stores. Example: canned tomatoes are in Aisle 3 in Publix but in Aisle 11 in Ingles. Is there a way for me to save that info so that when I switch stores the aisle info is correct? Also, are there any plans to make this app work with Alexa? THAT would make it SIX stars!
By Suzy1940

I shop sales

I found myself looking for an app, after Walmart stopped ad matching. I like to stock up when my favorite items are on sale. Intellilist allows me to track items to find the best price and when to stock up. I love that it is totally customizable. I haven’t found any feature that it’s lacking. Mario is quick to respond and very helpful.
By Gibnzmom


Great for budget planning, very helpful being able to add up prices quickly while shopping. Only additional feature I’d like to see is an option to apply taxes across all products instead of manually entering on each item. I know you only have to add it once, but it’s a pain when tax rates change and you have to go through and change them individually.
By rsvilla

Great, Solid, Syncs Well, Data Helps You Efficiently Shop

Update October 2020: Had something go wrong where sync dropped my lists while in town, but my iPad at home still had the correct version with my lists. The data was there, just the lists themselves were somehow gone. Contacting support was easy, and the response gave me step by step directions to save the good version and restore it to the other two devices. What a relief to get help that was fast & considerate — another great feature I had not needed nor known about for all these many years previously! Update: July 2020: Still, going strong with this app. And it’s a two-way street — the developer keeps improving & maintains providing this app without constant upgrade costs or going to costly subscriptions. This is a jewel in the rough. I appreciate being able to use it now for over three years without fail. HINT: If you sign up for a separate dropbox account you can share the list with your partner and still maintain individual dropbox for each device not related to the Intellilist dropbox account. Free tier dropbox allows three devices — fine in my situation. This is another example how this app really “gets it” without trying to rape you with continuous charges. New folks: invest the time to work with it. It pays off with a much improved shopping experience. Not just for groceries — try it for Amazon, try it for hardware store projects, it is truly flexible. Update Nov. 2017: Still very happy with this software, use it every week at least. Syncs between all our iphones so no matter which of us in the family is out to shop (or where) — we have all our prices (history) & where items were purchased & what we need. Many times what I though was a good price the software advises me otherwise. Recently a pet was diagnosed with diabetes — a snap to make a list for that, & make sure I’m never out of critical medical supplies, literally a life saver! Prior review: I used to use GroceryG (liked it but had to look for replacement when it depreciated). I had seen a few featured as free promos that I had already looked at -- but really good shopping apps are few and far between. With some research found this one and the demo lets you take it for a spin. This one does have the odd programming that once you are done shopping the list can't be re-set like we'd think you could. But for me, I used that oddness to establish my own process: first, to visit each item and check prices to my receipts; second, then I either keep in the cart if I'll need it next shopping trip or I "move" it to a "count list". This is 5 minutes of work but also keeps my items ready to look over before next trip by putting them into count lists when checking prices. By being able to look at the count lists -- I can be extra sure we don't forget something we are out of. I have a count list for the freezer, for foods on the shelf, for foods in the pantry -- I just check in the areas that fit my house and way we store things. We also have count lists for such things as camping and for hardware needs, etc. I am sure if I were not looking at the receipts (to click the items off the active list) I would not keep my data up to date otherwise -- and I am amazed how many times prices are inched up a few cents several times a year even by those places that claim so loudly they are slashing prices daily (yeah right!). So this software, has made me keep the data up to date and I am a much more informed & better shopper because of it. I am often surprised when I discover what I would think would be a "warehouse" bargain turns out to be just a big overpriced pitch -- but if it were not for me sitting down with my receipts & keeping the info up to date I would never know. This software shows me the cost breakdown by ounces or pounds -- something the other softwares before, although perhaps faster to click and dismiss also were enabling me to spend extra and never know it. I can check -- while shopping -- if a product is a higher price from the other stores I've bought from (or I know the prices and entered) -- and yes, I do have "online" lists which in some cases can save me $10-$50 if I can wait! This software has remained solid over these many months (since March 2017) I've used it, syncs well between devices, and was well worth the upgrade fee is the way I see it. You may have to adapt a bit, but it is really in your best interest to put this to work for you, as your data will reveal information to save you lots of money, if you take the bit of effort to use it!
By KonaHIMike

Great Shopping App

This is the best shopping list app I have ever used. Love all the features!! I have used this app for several years and would not want to be without it! Thank you for all the updates!
By Berries01


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IntelliList - Shopping List

IntelliList - Shopping List

Mario Zullo