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A source of endless inspiration for the everyday explorer and the insatiably curious, the National Geographic app reveals new insights into cultures, ideas, and discoveries through high-definition storytelling. Your free account gives you access to a personalized feed of the topics you love. DISCOVER groundbreaking articles by pioneers in storytelling. GET INSPIRED by award-winning photos. WATCH over 3,000 captivating videos. EXPERIENCE our rich history through curated archives dating back to 1888. --- National Geographic App subscription offer details: - Annual subscription: $19.99 (12 issues) - Monthly subscription: $1.99/month (1 issue) - Single issues: $4.99/issue - Subscriptions do not include content from magazines published by National Geographic Partners, LLC other than the National Geographic magazine. • Payment will be processed through your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. • Your subscription will automatically renew per the billing cycle of your subscription (i.e., monthly or yearly) 24-hours before the end of the current period, and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. • The renewal charge for your Subscription shall be the same as the original purchase price, unless you are otherwise notified in advance. • To avoid the billing of fees for the next Subscription period, you must switch off your monthly or yearly Subscription at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. • You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. • You will not receive a refund for the fees you already paid for you current Subscription period and you will continue to have access to your Subscription until the end of your current Subscription period. • National Geographic provides no refunds and you may cancel auto-renewal at any time. All sales are final. • After purchase via iTunes, you will have unlimited access on this device.


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Removal of downloadable content a disaster

The removal of downloadable content was a complete betrayal of the their user base. I have been waiting a few months to see if they would bring it back, however it appears that the uproar of dissatisfaction from the masses is not enough to undo this mistake. Unfortunately, they will be losing my business.
By Vanhooshenstine

Can’t Read on the Plane

I thought I was doing something wrong for months, but now realize I can’t download the magazines anymore and already paid for another year. Subscribed to the app to save paper, but just want to read these amazing articles. Please change it back. Happy to pay for it, just want to be able to read on the road.
By Icehouse McGill

Continued dismissal of users concerns with 3.1.10

3.1.0 February 20, 2020: blah blah blah. Still not addressing the largest complaint in the reviews. Credibility zero. Here’s an idea for those of you who have/had a digital subscription. (I’ve already let my subscription lapse after some 30 years) Have you considered a lawsuit? This so seems like theft to me. 3.0.14 January 14, 2020 update: bug fixes, stability, blah, blah, blah... Still not addressing what people want apparently. I still won’t resubscribe. 3.0.13, November 25 update: “Readers can now go back to previously viewed articles when offline” NG Still doesn’t get it, do they? 3.0.12, end of October: Well, it continues with no indication NG is taking users complaints seriously. Are you guys proud of yourselves? 3.0.11 October release: NG continues to ignore what the subscribers want. I continue to refrain from renewing my subscription. Bye bye NG, you used to be a good magazine. So, with this release (9/4/2019) we get a fix for “lengthy wait times” and “sometime crashes”. No mention of what most reviewers here want addressed. I called customer support a week ago and requested to talk to someone from the app development team. I was told I would hear back. I’ve heard crickets. My subscription is now officially lapsed.. What a shame. P.s. I’ve just read a number of other reviews with “developer responses “. Who hired mr. response man. What a flippin’ tool! —————— A comment from the developer (by email 8/13/2019): “Thank you for contacting us here with your feedback. Please be advised that we have no way to delete reviews on our end and we apologize for the inconvenience. We are sorry to see you go, but your concerns regarding being able to download issues and our layout have been present to our product team. " Right! My previous version-stamped incremental reviews are gone. Someone deleted them! And I’ll accept the “apology” when functionality returns. Until then it’s an empty platitude. Sorry NGM, there is no credibility here anymore. Your loyal customers don’t like being lied to. It’s been too long and too many dismissals of your users complaints to believe you are honestly restoring any functionality. ———————————- So, my running tally of the latest updates, and my continuing criticism of this now useless, but formerly excellent app has been removed? Apparently the app developers, and NGM suits don’t like to be told they screwed up... but then, I understand this is now a Murdoch owned publication, so they probably relish the angst they have provoked. But yet I see new “developer responses” from other unhappy reviewers, so what gives? I’m now officially letting my subscription of some 30 years, due imminently, lapse. What a shame. Bring back off line viewing and the magazine format, and I may reconsider. Otherwise, the respect you give to the opinions of your long time subscribers, is the respect you have returned.
By j footprint

Video on iOS 13

I think you might have an issue where video won’t play on iOS 13. I’m seeing the Video Unavailable popup on embedded and feed video. Works fine on an iPad running iOS 12.2. iPhone 6s, iOS 13.3.1 👍
By idiotech


This app no longer allows to you to read the magazine you subscribe. What’s the point of using it? I’ve unsubscribed. I think everyone should to let the management know this is a terrible.
By Jerry0240

Destroyed a perfectly good app

The old app worked great. Offline reading, video streaming worked. Now video is barely viewable, and when you can get a video to load, it freezes. Horrible app now. Would give zero stars if that was an option.
By wmb215

Keeps asking for login every article

I hoped paying for content would provide uninterrupted reading and viewing, but within the app every link I select brings up a “sign-in” request for credentials.
By mpc123matt


When the app worked you can not down load any articles or the magazine. The app does not work for me once again.
By John TWA

I give up

I was a subscriber for years, and for the past few years a digital subscriber. The previous app was excellent and allowed me access to a digital library of issues I PAID FOR. The new app is a disaster, but more importantly National Geographic wiped out my entire library of PURCHASED digital issues. After many months it’s clear they have no intention of fixing this. National Geographic, you broke my trust. At this point I don’t care if you fix the app because I’m done.
By nwmtnguy

Does not function properly

I purchase a year subscription of physical + digital. Every time I open the app it asks me to subscribe, even when I am already logged in to my linked account. Whether on the app or on the website it tells me I only have 3 complimentary articles left to read. I paid in full and I am getting the unpaid experience. Not fair.
By nlipere


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